Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To my friends of total Radness.

To my friends of total radness. I'd be ever so grateful if you'd all get your own blogs, and share that radness with all (except Lori, I'm still surprised that she knows how to use myspace)

1. I work from home, and have little human interaction, which drives me nearly insane.
2. I look forward to door-to-door salesmen. I had a lovely conversation with a Jehovah’s Witness today, and last week I sat and chatted with an Obama supporter for nearly an hour.
3. Marriage is AWESOME, but also boring. (I now enjoy going to bed before 930)
4. I'm so desperate for drama that I read KSL message boards (that's really bad) and TMZ.com is marked as a favorite.
5. How am I supposed to plagiarize your jokes if you don't put them on line?

Free dog food AND tampons?!? Only in America

Yesterday, I got some free dog food. The day before a diaper. Last week- tampons. Be jealous, be VERY jealous. I have an array of Oil of Olay samples taking up space in my bathroom, and if I ever need a travel size box of tide detergent- oh, I've got one. Every day there is a new happy free sample in my mail box.

You see, this great plethora of wealth came when I decided that instead of playing spider solitaire and myspace spying on people, I found a website. totallyfreestuff.com. Be wary, there are some sites that require your participation- ignore those.

My brother should be getting some adult diapers in the mail this week. If you ever need a sample of hemorrhoid cream- give me a call.

Monday, June 25, 2007

You wouldn't worry what people thought of you...

You wouldn't worry what people thought of you if you knew how seldom they did.

Everyone is concerned with #1, themselves. They don't care what you're wearing, as much as they care about what they're wearing. They aren't so concerned about what they think of you as they are as about what you think of them.

"Enough about me, let's talk about what you think of me" is a fundamental truth of human interation.

So when you're at a party, and you think everyone is noticing you, they're not, they're hoping that you'll be noticing them.

Bush, Clinton, Bush....Clinton?!?!

Is America on GLUE? We're clamoring for change, so how do people think putting another Clinton in the White House will do it? I'm waiting for a valuable piece of Fact presented by Hillary's party as to something she has accomplished that gives her credibility as a Presidental Candidate- I've heard nothing.
How is she not labled as a 'flip flopper'? How can we forget whitewater?

If she wasn't married to Bill, would she be running for President? She's breaking new ground as the first woman running for president, which is great, as long as she doesn't win. Maybe, a few years down the road, we'll have a more qualified female presidential candidate, that can thank Hillary for paving the way to new thought. For now, the only advantage I see in her candidacy is that she already knows how she'd like to decorate the whitehouse.
What impact on the nation did she have as First Lady? What did she do when she was married to one of the most powerful men in the world?Why do we think she'll be any better as president? Let's get off this Merry Go Round and put someone in office that hasn't already screwed it up.