Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Free dog food AND tampons?!? Only in America

Yesterday, I got some free dog food. The day before a diaper. Last week- tampons. Be jealous, be VERY jealous. I have an array of Oil of Olay samples taking up space in my bathroom, and if I ever need a travel size box of tide detergent- oh, I've got one. Every day there is a new happy free sample in my mail box.

You see, this great plethora of wealth came when I decided that instead of playing spider solitaire and myspace spying on people, I found a website. totallyfreestuff.com. Be wary, there are some sites that require your participation- ignore those.

My brother should be getting some adult diapers in the mail this week. If you ever need a sample of hemorrhoid cream- give me a call.

1 comment:

f*bomb. said...

I'm still waiting for my free iPod.

If they send out any iPhones, FOR SURE let me know...