Monday, July 16, 2007

The Consequences of an open mind-

An open mind allows the acceptance of new thought, a natural consequence of which, an opinion will change.

I recently changed my mind on gun control. I married a man that carries a gun. I’ve always been pro-gun control, but when there was a shooting at the mall down the street (Trolley Square) and the first response was an off duty police officer that had a gun, my opinion changed. After the Virginia Tech shooting, my opinion changed again. I think that this country needs stronger gun restrictions, but the idea of taking guns out of the hands of private citizens is suicide, due to an already strong black market.

I thought that diesel engines were bad for the environment, hybrids good. A bit of research showed that with a Hybrid I’d be replacing a battery every 15,000 miles for $6,000 a pop, which out weighs what I’d be saving on gas. In addition, I’m sure those dead batteries aren’t the best for the environment. Looking at diesel cars, they get on average 40 miles to the gallon, which not only surpasses that of a hybrid, but there is no battery to change, diesel is currently cheaper than gas, and a diesel car is less expensive to purchase than a hybrid. Brent loves his diesel Jetta.

I’ve been reading about people who have changed their minds about abortion. First Jane Roe- Norma McCorvey is now Pro Life. Another Pro- Life activist is Bernard Nathanson, the co-founder of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. With the invention of the ultra sound, he saw the other human he was operating on, and has done everything in his power to undo the work he had done, but it has been slow moving. He has openly admitted that he falsified all the statistics his organization used to push forward the ‘Pro-Choice’ movement, but the national media doesn’t want to hear it. Other abortion surgeons of note, who have changed their opinions, are Anthony Levantino and Beverly McMillan.

In short- don’t drive an ugly car because Leonardo DiCaprio thinks hybrids are good for the environment- he’s not a scientist, he’s an actor. Mitt Romney isn’t the only one who has changed his mind about abortion, and let's face it- all of us with open minds are inherently flip flopers.


Lauren said...

oh so true. I love a good open mind. On the abortion note, did you know that Margaret Sanger (the founder of Planned Parenthood) was an ardent eugenicist? Eugenics believed that there were certain people whose genetics were far superior to others. Planned parenthood was designed so that those with weaker genetics (the poor, those with some deformity, those with bad eyesight, those who didn't perform well on a heavily culturally biased IQ test, those of "inferior" races, etc.) would be stopped from mucking up the gene pool for those educated caucasians from "good" families. Just thought it was interesting.

f*bomb. said...

Don't let those extremist-right-wing-conservatives poison your mind, Kory!
Next thing you'll know, you'll be spouting off on how commerce is good and profit is king. STOP THE MADNESS!

f*bomb. said...

Everyone knows that Asians are genetically superior. Surprised you didn't mention THAT.

Salt H2O said...

I'm not surprised about Margret Sanger. There are some strong corrilations between early abortion activists and Nazi Germany.

It's interesting when you learn about the Planned Parenthood Policies as well, the way they consult the girls, who they are funded by and how they refer to the fetus as a growth or a blood clot.

Sherpa said...

Flip-flopping isn't a bad thing. Staying the Course isn't a good thing. Bumper sticker politics pretty much sucks, except for the fact its entertaining.