Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Is there a 12 step process to breaking up with blogging?

I’ve had this blog like what? a month maybe? And suddenly I’m all over the internet spouting my wisdom and keen insight. I’m the political defender of truth, with my sword of witt, and my spelling errors, I construct logical arguments and raise important questions that could shape today’s society. I converse with others via the internet discussing topics like disease, gun control and crocs (the ugliest shoes on the planet)

I feel like the 15 year old speech and debate champion (note my subtle way of tooting my own horn) has found an outlet! I get to engage perfect strangers in debates via the internet!

Only there are three problems with this addiction:

1- I can’t tear myself away from my computer. There’s like 600 other things I could be spending my time on- work being one of them, cutting my toenails being another- even if I attempted to pick up quilting it would prove more valuable than indulging my argumentative nature.

2- After constructing a well thought out argument as to why the state of Utah really should consider a recycling program instead of ‘encouraging’ the state to stop drinking bottled water- the general response I get is “It's the MORMON's fault we don't recycle”. Which brings me to another topic- Utahan's will drag the LDS church into any concievable argument. There was a message board about landscaping, and some guy STILL found a way to bash the LDS church on the message board. I’ve asked people to explain why they support Hillary Rodham Clinton as a president- their response,“Girl Power”. Is there a website for 15 year old debaters? We would find more logic than I do on the likes of ksl.com, or latimes.com.

3- And the last issue: Caring is depressing! The more I learn about government and politics the more depressed I get. I’m starting to understand why people would rather read about Paris Hilton than about Harry Reid (he’s an idiot) I’d rather learn about the spending habits of the rich and famous than the spending of our government.

So I’m trying to wean myself off of message boards, especially those in Utah. When you use big words like “Fiscal Policy” Utahans get confused-


crazy4danes said...

I love reading your blogs Kory! I hope you take some time away from all those message boards and come check out my blog. I'm really not the best at this yet, but it's fun, and if Lori can do it....so can I!!! :)

Hadz said...

I have a hard time getting too involved in politics. Truth be told, I cannot stand politics. I stay informed enough to know what is going on and to vote appropriately. However, the logic and wisdom of some of these political big-wigs (let alone their constiuents)leaves something to be desired. Keep blogging Kory. It is refreshing to hear the ideas of someone with half of a brain.

"Who’s touching these monkeys? Please Leave these poor sick monkeys alone."