Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why my husband doesn't think I'm funny

'nuff said.


f*bomb. said...

Ususally, if someone doesn't get a joke, it's because they weren't really paying very good attention.
Whether you think something is funny or not is irrelevant to whether or not you respond properly to someone else's attempt to BE funny.

Also- if "age" has anything to do with it, as your article suggests, I submit that it's because we are more prone to giggle at nothing when we're 20 for no good reason, like, ALL the time, vs when we're 50, simply because 1) we probably weren't paying attention to someone's silly behaviour and 2) we really don't care if we make someone feel stupid/funny/good or not.

Jolly said...

I can totally relate to this...It has been pointed out to me (by my dear, hilarious husband) that I lose my sense of humor when I'm pregnant. He's right. I totally lose it. He'll crack a joke, and I'll just be like, "What? I don't get what you're saying. Are you serious?" and he say, "The fact that you have to ask if I'm serious just proves that when you're pregnant you don't have a sense of humor." Of course I denied it at first, but now I embrace the truth. Oh! The things we sacrifice! By-the-way, my sense of humor came back afterwards. I think if you have kids, you HAVE to have a sense of humor, right? ;-)
-cousin Em