Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Food for thought

Don't you think it's a little messed up that liposuction exists in a world where people are starving?


Vanilla Vice said...

In appx one year you'll be able to get a procedure in which you can have fat removed from your posterior and inserted into your breasts, and return to work. Within 6 months the fat cells will regenerate and enlarge your breasts a few cup sizes. It's considered a minimally invasive procedure where it takes 45 minutes and you can return to work. A lunchbreak breast augmentation. It's called Celution and it's based on stem cell research. Glad to know that stem cell research is now being used for breasts.

crazy4danes said...

It's sad...more money goes into advancing the cosmetic surgery industry than Alzheimer's research. Good to know we have our priorities in check! :(

f*bomb. said...

I just got sick to my stomach.