Monday, August 20, 2007

Nerd Power

Years ago, on a train in Europe, I ran into a member of my graduating class from high school, but had never met during our school years. We started talking about who we hung out with in high school and he started naming off the guys that were the self-proclaimed 'cool kids', that is if you think failing basic English and getting drunk in Tiajuanna on weeknights is cool.

I told him I was in student body and emceed all the high school assemblies. He didn't GO to high school assemblies. I said in sarcasm, "oh, that's right, you guys were 'too cool' for assemblies” His reply, "You know it, you worshiped us"- and he was dead serious.

So I asked what he was up to. He was in his 4th year at a 2 year community college, surfing and partying yo. As he started to realize pathetic his current life was he ended with an arrogant, "yeah, but you still worship us"

I smiled, "you're right, and 5 years from now when you're pumping my gas, I'll still be worshiping you"

With a glased over look in his eyes he responded, "yeah"

My cousin Emily forwarded the following clip, and it immediately reminded me of Lori (she'll understand why when she sees it), and that being “cool” is severely over-rated.

Shakespearian insults naturally appeal to the inner speech geek.


crazy4danes said...

That clip was awesome! :) What I don't understand is why there has to be such a dramatic swing to each side. Why can't you be smart and well read AND have some fashion sense and be cool. Have you seen the show Beauty and the Geek? K you have these intellegent guys that are completely social skills and no fashion sense. Then you have these beautiful girls that don't even know who the first guy on the moon was! I like to think that I sit right in the middle. I love being smart and I love learning...however,I also like dressing well...looking nice...and doing "cool" stuff like hangin' out with my friends...waverunning...laying out in the sun, etc. The key I think is balance...and by the way I would totally have a cataloged library in my house...but I would also totally like to have Kate Spade and Brighton purses cataloged in my what does that make me??....FREAKIN' RAD!!! :)

Vanilla Vice said...

I worshipped that guy, and I don't even know who he was, cause he didn't go to the assemblies, where I was scoping the nerds that would eventually have something interesting to say as well as a job to support me and my family. Oh, and I just remembered that I totally would never see them again except at the high school reunions where they would still not be cool, or probably even there because they got too drunk to drive there before hand. Those guys are such vile, malodorous stolid sacks of pig vomit.

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Kory has the coolest clips EVER on her blog!

Salt H2O said...

I wish I could take credit for finding that last clip, but Emily Plicka sent it to me. Good thing I have funny friends.

f*bomb. said...

I think I am in love with that guy. He has such a big...vocabulary.

Lauren said...

my last boyfriend spent hours finding photographs of libraries and compiled them artfully in flipbooks for me according to the architectural styles. I put everything else he gave me in a box under my bed (way too many boxes under my bed now- I sleep atop a graveyard of lost love emblems, but that's beside the point) anyway...I couldn't put them in the box. I had to have them available to look at. I'm in love with libraries. I'm in love with big piles of books (some of you have husbands in bed with you; I have four books on the other half o my cozy queen right now). So I get the nerdy book love. I wasn't into the video that much (my students are often better at Billy S.'s insults) until he scanned the books and I salivated a little. Kory's right. I'm a nerd. But I don't like to bash on stupid people. The world's tough enough.

Salt H2O said...

He's not bashing stupid people, more poking at those that mock his nerdness.

"it's not that I mind being insulted, it's that I mind being insulted so poorly"

98% of the youtube comments utilize four letter words, and textmessage like comments (which one can't quite understand because hello, you have a full keyboard)

World religions being separated by a wicker basket so they don't fight- that's pretty funny.

Jolly said...

My two favorite things about this video:
1. Freakin awesome hand/arm gesture he uses to express his excitement at organizing his library
2. The wicker basket.

;-) But it is all funny.

What kind of NerdFighter are you? Lately I've been a Harry Potter NerdFighter. NERD!

crazy4danes said...

Here's a good quote I found today while at my mom's house...kinda goes with what I was trying to say in my earlier comment:

It's a Mark Twain quote in a Mary Engelbreit picture with girl sitting in a chair surrounded by books, but her back is turned to the world. And the famous Mark Twain's quote is above her: KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT EXPERIENCE IS JUST INFORMATION. This is so true! I love Mark Twain!!! What's the point of being book smart if you can't connect with people and the world.

Salt H2O said...

If a library in your pants isn't connecting with the world, then I don't know what is :)

crazy4danes said...

HeHe! You got me there! LOL ;P