Friday, August 10, 2007

Why wear black?

I just got a forwarded mass text message saying:
"President James E. Faust just passed away, please wear black in respect"

Who takes it upon themselves to ask other people to wear black?

My response, "It's 11am, I've already changed my clothes twice today" I love President Faust, so much that I'd wake up during general conference to listen to his talk, take copious notes, then get right back to my nap when the Primary President took the stand.

Faust gave some great talks, chalk full of insight, and love. There has to be a better way to pay respect than dressing like you work at a NY ad agency. Maybe, the best way to pay respect to President Faust would be to re-read his talks and live his teachings.

At my mother's funeral, she wants us to wear white, listen to the Supremes and eat Sees candies. My funeral has a time limit of 1 hour, followed by a day wakeboarding in my honor. We may want to re-thing mourning someone's loss, and instead celebrating their life and their legacy.

I'll miss President Faust, he was like your grandpa, who twice a year gave you really good advice.

When you pass how would you like people to remember you? Tears and moaning or celebrating that you lived?


Lauren said...

that's so sad (not for him-he's in a better place, but for those of us who'll miss his talks). he was like everyone's favorite grandfather. As for when I die? I don't care much. I'm gone. I know that I'd be really angry if people spent a bunch of money on a casket. (I just might come back to haunt them) The funeral is for those who are left. When my grandfather died, my aunts, uncles, cousins, and I hung out in his kitchen, told our favorite stories about him, and then rode the rollercoaster in Belmont park a whole bunch of times in his honor since he always liked taking us there and watching us ride it. I liked that. I guess I'd want some sort of poetry or literary allusions, and if possible for some money to be donated to charity so the world would benefit from my death.

crazy4danes said...

I love Pres. Faust but I don't see the need to wear's a depressing color and death shouldn't be marked with such a dark color. When I die I want everyone to wear yellow...I love yellow and it's so cheery...I want people to remember me by petting a dog, riding a horse, or swimming in the ocean...not sitting around crying and wearing black!

Chelsea said...

I think that the way people remember me will be dependent on a number of factors. First, what phase of my life will I be in when I pass on? Second, how much money did I leave behind? Third, did I leave Daniel behind or was it the other way around? Fourth, did I pass on suddenly, or was it a long, drawn-out process?

If I leave a lot of my immediate family behind (Daniel, Bella...), then I would want to be remembered in a way that was sensitive to them and their needs. Nothing funny and nothing expensive.

If I'm 97 years old, Daniel's been gone for 30 years, and half my kids have passed on, then you'd better believe that there won't be a traditional funeral. Nope. My great-great grandkids will all get a ride on a space ship covered in a giant picture of my old, wrinkled face. My friends will be asked to wax political at a local cafe in my honor, and my admirers will hopefully donate their flower money to a cause designated to increase birthrates in China.

Vanilla Vice said...

I want their to be a pleasant hymn, and then all of the sudden the lights go out...Beatles music from all four corners of the room. And Cirque Du Soliel performers start coming down from the ceiling. And then my body comes down suspended from wires as the performing artists dance about in jest as a tribute to my life. It will be the greatest show on earth.

chloe elizabeth said...

I'm all about the celebration. When my mom died, we were able to laugh through half of her funeral. It was funny. Part of it was the horrid song that these women from my ward sang (yes, I realize that I'm going to hell just for writing that), part of it was the kind words her best friend had to say about my grandmother to keep her calm so she wouldn't get up and spout off her two bits.

Anyway, when I die, I want it to be about the people who were closest to me, coming together and remembering my life. Not a bunch of random strangers that my grandmother insists have to be invited because she knows them and they would feel slighted.

Apparently, I have some deep seeded anger. ha ha ha.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I don't believe in wearing black at funerals.

Kam said...

wakeboarding it is... i will remember that!

Salt H2O said...

Chloe- it must be a generational thing. My grandmother has some similar traits.

f*bomb. said...

I want a lot of singing.
And no, I don't want it to be funny or a joke...If I could have everyone take a moment to take the time to really consider what life means and what we can accomplish in the short time we're given here, THAT is what I would like. Like a New Year's Day party of resolutions and introspection. And a lot of singing to remember our relationship with God and each other.

I always liked black, but I've noticed it's become trendy for people to look like they're going clubbing instead of paying respect. Besides- I thought Mormons didn't believe in wearing black?

Jolly said...

My mom wants us to wear bright colors. I'm sure she wants us to eat Sees Candies too. I remember after Grandpa S's funeral, we women gathered in Grandma's giant bathroom (the one with carpet and a big chest of drawers...) and we opened a huge box of Sees and cut them all in half so we could see what they were and chowed down. In the bathroom. I know, it sounds weird. Uncle Doug was in the back yard organizing relay races for the little kids. That was perfect. ;-) It runs in the family.
-cousin Em