Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adventures in Internet Dating

In January of 2005 I decided it was time to get married, my checklist was completed, my friends were gone- time to find the husband. I wanted to get married at 28 and this was my year. I set a goal to date as much as possible. Huntington Beach doesn't offer a vast supply of driven, successful, LDS men- so I decided to ‘out source’.

Three friends, beautiful women in their early 30’s, met attractive, successful men on an internet networking site- ldslinkup. LDSLinkup is like myspace for mormons, minus the porn. I put a profile on the linkup, and began meeting random LDS guys, at first it was with the intent to find a mate, but it quickly just turned in dating for sheer entertainment value.

There was the sociopath, the guy who had been accused of rape (but was found not guilty by the courts), the stalker, the drunk, and the otherwise personality deficient. Most women that have ventured into the world wide web to expand their social lives have experienced all of these, and worse, there is a story that is particularily entertaining.

I started talking to a guy in Florida on a Wednesday evening, we had instant chemistry, by Friday he decided he HAD to meet me and bought a ticket to fly out Sunday- since we had a few mutual friends, I figured I was safe, he asked if he could camp out on my couch and I said no problem. Stupid, I know stupid. However, I was pretty flattered that after 2 days of conversation I was worth a $660 flight across the country.

Within the first 30 minutes we knew this was a mistake, not just because he didn’t look remotely like his picture, but because he had 4 kids, was an alcoholic and oh yeah, ex-communicated from the church (how a minor thing like that gets left out of conversation…I don’t know) personality wise, he was about as entertaining as rerun of Mama’s Family. I wanted to dump him at bus stop- but his return flight was Monday night.

We suffered through Sunday, I went to bed calling myself an idiot. I woke the next morning with that sick feeling at the bottom of my gut- I had to entertain a stranger for an entire day- who wasn’t cute, funny, moral, or even rich. What happened next was nothing less than a gift from God- he was gone. No note, no message, no voicemail,no text, his bag was gone and so was he. I went out into the street, no sign of the dude. After I checked to make sure nothing was stolen, I erupted with uncontrollable laughter. This had to be the most random experience ever, andI had to immediately share this with everyone. I called friends, none answered. Strangely, the first person I talked to was some other dude I had met on the linkup. We were friends, we had never met, and we talked often. Brent thought the story was hilarious, and immediately called his friends to share with them this internet dating disaster. I never heard from Florida linkup dude again (he did however contact my friend Lori to see if she was interested..).

Eight months later I married Brent.


chloe elizabeth said...

Oh the joys of the internet dates...although it looked like it worked out for you in the end. My first thought was totally that he had stolen something.

My question is why not just be honest in the world of the internet date? I mean, eventually, the truth has to come out if the relationship ever has potential?

Love your blog!

f*bomb. said...


You just made me laugh so hard, I snorted. Mama's Family...You funny.

Salt H2O said...

Seriously, why is Mama's Family still on TV?

Vanilla Vice said...

This is a great story. I think we both dated the same sociopath. Perhaps the rapist too, who knows. We probably dated all those same guys as they seem to make their rounds to all the pretty girls. That's why I just joined facebook. I know them all!

Aaron, Ari and Baby Dakota said...

Very very xute welch. did you know Aaron and I met on LDS singles??? Sweet dude- i remember the wierdows. Glad that dude didnt come up stairs that night he spoent the night!! I online dated kinda this australian dude who came out to cali and stayed with me!!! My parents were furious- he was divorced blah di blah- anyways- glad you met your man.

Salt H2O said...

Ari, I didn't know you guys met on singles. That's now 5 friends that are awesome girls, who met their spouces on line.

cropstar5 said...

this is such a great story!
i've always been so scared that one day i'll have to utter the words "i met my husband online" even though the last two guys i've dated were from linkup. i'm coming to terms with it.
anyway... you made me feel better about every having to say those words.
ps- love your blog! and love your comments on other people's blogs. and yes, i realize that sounds like i'm stalking you... maybe i am ;)

Salt H2O said...

Cropstar & Chloe- I'm so flattered you like my blog. I need an outlet for converation with like minded individuals.

I use to be embarrassed, now I own it. There aren't that many cool people in the world, and we're spread out over such distances, we'd be fools if we didn't utilize the internet to find one another.

I figure it's better to say that you met your match on the internet than to say you're a 40 year old virgin...

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Ah...the beauty of internet dating. Of course you know I too met my husband on LDS Linkup, and I too ran into the occasional Psycho, stalker, looked nothing like his picture, etc. etc. But I kept trying because I just KNEW there had to be at least one non-weirdo on the entire site. I don't miss those days, however - should I sent the email, should I not; should I let him fly out to see me or should I not. Anyway - what I'm trying to get at here is glad not everyone online is a total weirdo!! And also happy to report that I have numerous friends who have met and married wonderful guys they met online!

crazy4danes said...

You are a brave is sooooo easy for people to make themselves look "cool" on the internet. Not to mention it's easy to talk it up on the phone about everything BUT your freaky issues!!! I'm glad it worked out for you though...I would be one of those people who if I hadn't met my cutest hubby and was still single...I probably would be so forever, because I just don't trust people especially ones I can't see!...oh you said for some people it works and I'm glad it does. :)

Kam said...

That's freaking amazing. I love it! You know I honestly think between the both of us we could write some pretty amazing stories on just our dating life alone. Ahh Mormons.... SO WEIRD!