Friday, September 21, 2007

For my brother, who doesn't read blog, only watches the videos

Robert Goulet is the root of all evil

Be more constructive with your feedback...please

Only a Nija could be funnier than Will Farrel

Do what you wanna living color


f*bomb. said...

So THAT explains it! I was wondering why my desk was such a nightmare...

How sad is it that I actually SAW THIS Vanilla Ice move when it was first broadcast!?! It STILL gets me every time.

crazy4danes said...

Love Will Ferrel and I LOVE IN LIVING COLOR!!!! And I'm proud to say I still watch it on DVD and LOVE IT!!! :P Good times!

Vanilla Vice said...

All great videos. It's like you read my mind. And I don't go to cougar bars because I want to. I go to them because unlike Utah, California is crawling with cougars. Especially in the rich divorcee capital of the world: Newport Beach, which is where I reside. It's an unfortunate side effect of where I live.

Aaron, Ari and Baby Dakota said...

Hey welch- check out your touchy touchy note from me- totally funny!! And by the way she wouldnt get offended by seeing hearing you bag on Saturdays warrior- she realizes it was lame- but how rad to be in it!!!