Friday, September 14, 2007

Touchy Touchy

A good friend of mine posted about her recent trip to Utah, in which she complained about the heat, absence of nightly activities and lack of good looking, single, educated, LDS men. After which she was slammed by a number of Utahans.
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My recent post about a weird week in Utah, prompted an anon poster to get majorly defensive about where they live (if you’re going to try to put me in my place, fight like a man and post your name!) The strange thing is, I posted a list of events, and in no way slammed the state itself.

I marvel that the people of Utah take critics of their state so personally. Any criticism, of any element is taken to heart. I have good friends that were born and bread in Utah, and they are some of the coolest girls I know. The reason why, they own it! They love Utah for what it is, and can laugh at it when it’s being ridiculous. They are normal.

I love Utah for a number of reasons, let me say this again I LIKE UTAH. How could I not find things to love about a state that sells eggs for $1.20 a dozen? I grew up skiing at Alta, temple square at Christmas time, and I have the most wonderful neighbors in the world. My husband and I could buy a house, and not go into so much debt we have to live on cheerios and mayonnaise. That being said, I reserve the right to mock things about this state which are silly, stupid and absolutely ridiculous.

The common response for any negative comment, dating back to the early 70's was “If you don’t like it then leave”- logic which is not only flawed, but representative of the mentality of the majority of the state. Why look at making things better? Conform or Go Away.

I moved to the Mormon capital of the world, I accept that. If I was to move to Rome, I’d expect to hear about Catholics, if I was in Jerusalem I’d expect to hear about the Jews- so I’m in Salt Lake City, and every time something ‘Mormon’ is on the news I think “When in Rome.” Because it is the Mormon capital of the world, and I am indeed very Mormon, it's not surprising that I may point out all things silly in this state. However, it's not about YOU!

If I can’t handle the weeks of inversion, I’m not calling you retarded for wanting to live in Utah- the facts are- the sun really doesn’t shine in Utah for about 6 weeks straight in the winter time, the heat in the summer is sometimes unbearable, everyone in this state looks exactly the same,Salt Lake City did elect idoit mayor Rocky Anderson to office- twice, Kirby Hayborne is a local superstar, Saturday’s Warrior IS being performed at the local community center in Bountiful and Utahans do take themselves far too seriously.

The Church must know we take ourselves too seriously, it explains this month’s ensign article on Laughter: Click Here

Lighten up.

Warning: the Following Video is kind of Creepy

Does it give me street cred that I know Kirby Hayborne, personally?


Zach said...

That video is kind of strange.

Being a Utahn that grew up in California, I too find many things about our subculture amusing. I think I'm the only one I know that got a kick out of the movie "Sons Of Provo". I even have "Diddly Whack Mack Mormon Daddy" as a ringtone on my cell. Is that bad? :-)

crazy4danes said...

HeHeHe...Zach's comment was funny :) Nice post though for sure! People do take things a little too personal when it comes to Utah. It's not like I ever took it personal when people would make comments about Southren California girls being spoiled, stupid, blonde and tan...or assume that we will all have plastic surgery by the time we're 30. I laugh about it...because I know plenty of girls from back home that fit that sterotype to a tee :) Like you said OWN IT! There is NO "perfect" place to live (other than Encinitas of course), and if you can't laugh about the flaws of the state and not take it seriously,then you seriously have a problem. I say get a sense of humour...wake up...and realize this is a CRAZY state! :D LOL

Salt H2O said...

Zach- I too love Sons of Provo Soundtrack probably because making fun of the subculture- "Sweet spirit, you're so...nice"


Chelsea said...

You know, I almost want to see Saturday's Warrior now! Other than the hair, clothes, acting, sets, and story, it wasn't half bad!

I lived in DC and was working almost exclusively with Southerners (no, not people from St. George; people from South Carolina and Kentucky) when California was having the recall election and the Ah-nold was running for office. If anyone thinks that what you said about Utah was in any way horrible or derrogatory, then they need to get out of their Happy Valley bubble a bit more. And you LIVE there. None of these people had ever set foot in California.

Needless to say, California is an odd place, but at least we can take divergent opinions in stride and occasionally even laugh at ourselves.

chloe elizabeth said...

I am so enjoying all of the posts and commentary about Utah (and not because I hate it).

Being a NorCal girl myself (natively) and doing my second round in Utah, I have to say that there are many things to mock in both places and there are things to love in both places. And that is the beauty of any place you live.

Being LDS, I find Utah quite bearable because I can make fun of it and appreciate it both at the same time. Of course, having moved here most recently from Phoenix, the heat of the Utah summer has not bothered me a bit.

Generally (here goes) I think defensive behavior often (not always) stems from ignorance. And the defensive comments just confirm some of the things people don't like about that Utahns are a bit close minded.

For my part, having grown up a northerner, I was taught to loathe SoCal from my infancy. Of course, I've become educated since then, but there are things that would make living in southern California hard for me, just as there are things about northern California that are weird and quirky (and expensive).

And why can't we all just have our opinions? I mean, as a freshmen at the BYU I, for one, absolutely loved tunnel singing (it's true...if you gave me a hymnal and a group of zoobies willing to sing, I was a happy girl). Mock me if you will (I mock myself at this point), it's not for everyone. But that's just it. Just because I loved it and someone else hated it (and no one has said that they hate Utah that I have seen) doesn't mean either of us is wrong.

Anyway, I love your posts about Utah. They are seriously funny. If one can't look at where he or she lives, or oneself, and see the oddities for what they are and just accept them (and laugh at them), well, that's a very sad life they have. And they should not be mocked, but pitied.

No Whining said...

Saturday's Warrior is awful. It was when I saw it 32 years ago and couldn't stand to stay for the entire thing...although I did because my husband wanted to stay. I am disappointed to know that it still goes on...weirdness of Utah. There are so many others to choose from ... try this store.

It has been around for many, many years. Certainly there is something better than the awful Saturday Night's Warrior.

No Whining said...

Saturday Night Live came on as I wrote the last sentence. Sorry Saturday Night Live to include "Night" in Saturday's Warrior.

Aaron, Ari and Baby Dakota said...

Yes!! if your talking about the kirby in all those church movies I think hes great in that he has been in so many and is a great actor- man your the bomb now welch!! (Like you werent before:)

Aaron, Ari and Baby Dakota said...

Better watch out girlfriend!! the chick who played Emily ("jImmy, dont gorget your promise" Has a blog link to mine!! Shes my bud from study abroad in new zealand- how crazy is that that were linked!!!