Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fabulous Item of the Week- Chocolate

Not just any chocolate, but a chocolate that once you taste it, your mouth will find a Recess Peanut Butter Cup offensive. It becomces unthinkable to waste valuable calories on peanut M&Ms. Godiva? Please. Ghirardelli? Might as well eat brown crayons. Sees? Amatuers.

Chuao Chocolates comes in a close second. Chuao is extremely unique in flavor and tastes, HQ is in Encinitas, so they do have the home court advantage. But no amount of wierd chocolate combinations (Prickly pear tahini enrobed in dark chocolate topped with sesame seed d├ęcor) can compete of the simple goodness of Lake Chaplain Chocolates. I was introduced to these morsels of heaven by the book Candy Freak (with a title like that, how could one NOT buy the book)

It's been a hard month, you deserve a treat. Splurge on yourself, and buy a five star bar. Happy Halloween.


ThomCarter said...

Tell me about great chocolate that I can't get and then say Happy Halloween . . . what kind of Blog Friend are you???

Now I will open my desk drawer and eat some peanut M&Ms!

Aaron, Ari and Baby Dakota said...

Dude- are they really that good? Your gonna have to send me a sample:)

Mikie said...

Oh my. You know, I have one reason for not trying these-- and that's just to not risk finding something better yet less accessible than the Ritter Sport bars I've been munching on lately (cornflakes corn crisp...mmm...)

But hey.. if it's an American brand that can beat out the European stuff (not the American European stuff with all the wax in it), then that's awesome.

Chelsea said...

I seriously doubt that it can beat the prickly pear tahini. Maybe I'm a little biased (I helped invent that chocolate - no kidding!), but come on now.

You'll have to prove to me that Lake Champlain is better than Chuao. Next time you're in town, I expect a five star bar and a box of truffles dropped off at our house.

Sherpa said...

I'm not so sure if Lake Champlain chocolate can make me turn to it instead of the European chocolate that's easy to find around here. prickly pear tahini though? That I can get behind!

Salt H2O said...

Chelsea, you might be right, better is probly not the right word. I remember the first time I stood in the Chuao store and tasted what ever that bizarre chocolate was. It was delightful, and really did take me momentarily to a land of chocolate bliss.

Maybe it's because Lake Champlain is less exotic, that I am more apt to recommend it than Chuao. Chuao appeals to a very specific chocolate lover while Lake Champlain can be enjoyed by the masses.

Either way, it looks like I'm going to be ordering a bunch of Five Star Bars to share. :)

crazy4danes said...

I am one of the crazy people who do not find chocolate to be that appealing. Yeah, it's good once in a while but it's nothing that I crave! I me crazy...however, Dan is another story. My husband could live on chocolate alone!!! :D I'll definitely have to get some of those bars and suprise him...I'm sure he'll die and go to chocolate heaven! lol :P

Chelsea said...

Sherpa! How do you know Kori??????????? Long time!

Sorry to hijack your comments section.

Chelsea said...

I'm even more sorry that I just misspelled your name. Please don't hate me!!

Salt H2O said...

Any one that helped to invent the prickly pear tahini can hijack my comments section anytime.

No worries, when everyone misspells your name, you get over it pretty quick!

Sherpa and I were mission comps in Chile together for a DAY. Has she ever told the story about the fat chilean ghost that followed her companion around? CRAZY.