Monday, October 15, 2007

Fabulous Item of the Week...

If you enjoy getting naked and having a stranger rub you- look into Massage Envy.

Massage Envy is the BMG Music Club for massage. You sign up for a membership, the first month is $79, which includes a 1 hour massage. Each month there after they charge you $49- which includes the monthly hour massage. Additional massages are $39.

A 3 month membership- paid upfront is $200- a little more than what you spend on one massage plus tip at a spa. I get 3 massages for that $200. Saturday the husband wanted to go, a guest is $39, we paid a total of $100 for the two of us, including tips.

You don't get the spa atmosphere, you don't get a robe and slippers, the orange flavored water or the steam room, but to save over 50%, I can live with out a robe.

Give it a try, the first massage is no commitment and only $39.
Massage for the Masses


f*bomb. said...

O, Man! O, Man! Am I ever excited to learn about THIS!

For those of you in Huntington Beach(ish), my new friend, Becci, is a massage therapist in a chiropractic office. She's fabulous and she's only $45 an hour.

No Whining said...

So you enjoy getting naked and having a stranger rub you?

Oh my, where did I go wrong?

Salt H2O said...

These are very highly TRAINED strangers.

ThomCarter said...

What a great find. I heart the massage . . . but I had an awkward experience with an Asian massage place when I lived in DC. I guess I should have known there might have been a problem when they only took cash!

crazy4danes said...

Sounds like a great deal...however I am one of the few who doesn't enjoy having a stranger touch me...anywhere! (Getting naked really isn't the issue) ;P