Monday, October 8, 2007

Captain Happiness to Speak At BYU Tomorrow

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to present BYU forum Oct. 9
Will discuss "Faith, Family and Public Service”

WOW. I'll give my review tomorrow.

BYU has had both Dick Cheney and Harry Reid come to speak- props to the Y. I'm anxiously anticipating hearing his thoughts on his faith and his public service, and how they can possibly coinside.

Maybe this will inspire mainstream media to MENTION that we already have a high profile Mormon in government, and electing another one isn't ground breaking.

How is it that Newsweek writes an entire article on Mitt Romney and Mormonism, and a Mormon in the White House but fails to mention Harry Reid? Where were the news breaking headlines when Reid ran for office? Did anyone ask him about his underwear? Baptisms for the dead? Anyone?

Check out KSL.COM or BYU.EDU for the story


Zach said...

Is there going to be an "alternate" address held somewhere else for the students who don't politically agree with the policies of the democratic majority in Congress?

I didn't think so.

Salt H2O said...

LOL! Zach- you need to update your blog more frequently! I need this kind of humor to keep me sane.

Frank Staheli said...

Good point Zach! The one good thing Bob Lonsberry said on KNRS AM was that there probably wouldn't be nearly as many protesters as there were when Dick Cheney came to campus.

I went to the speech, and quite frankly I liked it. I think I could come to like Harry Reid, but it would be in the context of often disagreeing with him politically.

Salt H2O said...

I was really impressed with the BYU Repulicans and how respectful they were to Senator Reid. If more people could show their discontent with such lack of emotion and respect we might be able to get something done in our government.