Saturday, October 6, 2007

How To Receive More Presents

1. Top of Mind Awareness = More Presents

It's easier to remember the birthdays of the friends and siblings that call often, visit frequently, or respond to emails. Send pictures, or post recent pictures on networking sites, and keep blogs.

2. Big Reaction = More Presents

You like to give gifts to people who show happiness in receiving the gift. Naturally if you make some one really happy with one present, you're more likely to buy them two.

When someone gives you a gift, light up like a Christmas tree.


3. Thankfulness = More Presents

When you have bought some one a present and it hasn’t been well received, your immediate response is along the lines of “ Ungrateful Bast&dD!" No likes giving presents to Ungrateful Bast$%ds.


4. Expecting Presents = LESS presents

Most people don't know it, but it's socially unacceptable to put where a couple is registered in a wedding invitation- it’s a presumptuous act thinking that because some one is attending your wedding that you’re going to receive a present (check an wedding etiquet book-I'm dead on) Those ‘for your convenience the couple is registered at Target' go in bridal shower invites only. Besides doesn't everyone register at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond?

6. Pictures WITH the present = More Presents

This works well with close friends and family, and it’s GOLDEN with baby pictures. If some one sends you a gift, take a picture of your child using that gift and email it to the giver. People seeing you use their gifts, want to give more.

5. Thank You Notes = A Life Time of Presents

The thank you note is a forgotten art of our generation. This tradition of having a generic typed out thank you note given to everyone who attends the wedding with a little white baggie of Jordan Almonds- doesn't cut it.

The thank you note not only makes the giver feel good, but those good feelings you generate with in the giver makes them want to give again.

"Gratitude is a mark of a noble soul and a refined character" and a sign of some one who gets LOTS of presents.


No Whining said...

This is a very good piece of writing. All parents would appreciate this. your blog...keep them coming

crazy4danes said...

You got it nailed on the head! Good blog!

McEvoy said...

I have not been keeping up with your blog. Since we are stuck in doors due to the fire Ive got lots of computer time. great blog. I think people are not sincere in their thank you's and in general we really expect allot. and ipod, cell phone, clothes, this that. can we ever be satisfied?????

I must brag that my daughter madisen loves to draw her thank you cards, and now that she is writing she gets more excited to script it her self. we have always given thank yous after gifts and service.

later Kim