Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Still Wish I Was In San Diego

I don't know what's harder, watching your childhood go up in flames on television or in person. San Diego is the center of the universe- or at least my universe. I have a better understanding of the emotions that flowed during Katrina. I understand why Harry Conick Jr. went on tour giving all proceeds to the rebuilding of New Orleans, Elen Degeneres spends time promoting new businesses in New Orleans, and the hords of people that want to move back to a city that is covered in mold and prone to disaster. Now nature's wrath has been let loose on my town.

I'm not going to go on tour to promote my hometown, people tend to pay me NOT to sing, and my talk show deal has some minor details to work out. So all I can do is ask you, my six readers, if you could offer a prayer for San Diego. Ask that the winds might stop just long enough to contain the fire, I'd be very grateful. My friend's homes are encircled by flames- the sky is cloaked in black soot, and one of our countries prettiest cities is covered in ash. If you're planning a vacation next year, think about giving your tourism dollars to San Diego, or New Orleans.


Lauren said...

Oh Kory.
I wish I were in Utah. Here it's hard to breathe and I'm just as powerless ten miles from my still-off-limits-condo/sanctuary. I still don't know what's really going on; I just smell more like ash. It's a strange hovering place. It's not terrible though because everyone here is so helpful. So pleasant. So San Diego. I do love this smokin' city.

Kimberly McEvoy said...

I am a new lover of San Diego, Kory I was almost brought to tears. IT is so crazy to watch it on TV and go . ."wow" that's my city, Especially the satellite from NASA, Carlsbad is barely peeking through the gushing wind on its top and bottom.

trust me We are praying, thanks for your words.

ThomCarter said...

We are all worried for Southern California here in Jersey. We are praying.

I hope your family and friends are okay.

crazy4danes said...

It's funny how you stay so connected to a place you love so much! I haven't lived in San Diego for 4 years now but it still feels like home! I too hope that people will plan vacations to San Diego and pump some money into the economy that is surely going to plumit after this disaster! I'm glad your families house is OK this time around...and I feel bad for Lori. Well all we can do is pray and think positive and continue to love the best city in this country...SAN DIEGO!!!!

Hilary said...

I have been thinking so much about you! You are the only person that I know from San Diego - so every time I see something on the news - I wonder about you. Let us know how your family and friends are doing. I will honestly be praying for you!