Friday, October 19, 2007

Is The Office Jumping the Shark?

Is the office becoming less funny as this season goes on? It can be funny for half an hour, but the full hour is lacking. Each episode grasping for plot lines and struggling for jokes. What's happening?

Steve Carrell gets too much play, Rain Wilson doesn't get enough credit (Though the Beet Farm last night dragged). Take away Dwight Shrute, the show is flat and painful. It's the lack of the Dwight- Jim relationship that has taken away the entertainment value this season. And Jan, I hate Jan- all plot lines involving Jan must go. Ryan and Kelly too- I find them cumbersome. Keep Toby.

I hope it's just a phase, and it gets the old humor back. I'd hate to look back a year from now and think that Pam and Jim hooking up is when the show jumped the shark. There's just not enough good comedy on television to let this show go just yet.

*For those that are younger- the term 'Jumping the Shark' stems from Happy Day's, a show that was great and very entertaining, until they had the episode when The Fonz jumps a shark, on waterskiis- and it was all down hill from there.


ThomCarter said...

My brother and I have been discussing this as well. We agree that the hour is too long. They were fine at 30 mins or even 45, but that extra 7 minutes of TV time make it difficult.

Next week it will be back to a half hour and I hope that this will be a good thing.

Word to Happy Days though.

crazy4danes said...

Jumping the crack me up! I love it!!! I too have lost interest in the Office these days...I've kinda jumped ship on the comedies and am all wrapped up in my crime dramas now...CSI Las Vegas! My favorite! :P

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Kill Jan! Seriously, get her off the show ASAP. She ruins every plotline she's involved in. And I agree, Michael Scott gets too much face time. I think making Dwight a lovesick/depressed puppy is bringing the show down. Bring back the snarky, power hungry Assistant Regional Manager (to the) that we all love!

And I'm sure this shows how totally lame I am, but I still love everything about Jim and Pam hooking up. I think I'm the only one though, since I've heard numerous people complain about that part of the plot.

Oh! And Oscar, Toby, Stanley and Kevin should TOTALLY get more lines. And 86 the Darrell/Kelly thing. (But keep Darrell coming around since he's awesome).

And Ryan, for the love of Pete, SHAVE!

cropstar5 said...

I totally love pb&j!
But I totally agree about the hour long episodes being TOO LONG.
The great thing about the 1/2hr eps were that you were left wanting more. Now about 45 mins thru I'm thinking "shouldn't this be over by now??"

Salt H2O said...

This my friends, is why I love blog. I agree with all of you.

chloe elizabeth said...

The hour has been a regular discussion at my office. Seriously. Too long. Word to the HD. I remember watching the original airing of that show. I was little. Very little. And I even new that was the end.

Jolly said...

The Office...ahh...where to start? I think the first two seasons were perfect. But in order to keep it going, the show is going to have to grow and change. Lots of shows have done this--I think of "Friends" and how it was a funny sitcom, and by the end (I totally quit watching it) it turned into a love drama with cheesy one-liners for laughs.

I think what made the Brittish version so great was that it had a beginning, a middle, an end. I loved the first two seasons so much, that instead of seeing the show go on, I would have rather seen it end with a very satisfying conclusion of Jim and Pam getting together--THE END.

But now it feels anti-climatic.

I will continue to watch it though, because even though its suffering, it still has good moments.

f*bomb. said...

"Every time I typed my name, it typed 'diapers.'"

And, PS, I REMEMBER when the Fonz jumped the shark, and it. was. AWESOME. In a leather jacket AND tighty shorty-shorts? The Fonz could've freakin' RODE the SHARK and I would've been okay with it!

Hilary said...

I have begged for Jim and Pam to get together for years now. Now that they have - I really am happy for them (like they are real people really living every day of the week in Scranton). I do feel bad for Dwight and wish there was some way to reincarnate Sprinkles and the secret love of he and Angela. I would like to see more of Kevin - never been a fan of Meredith - she could have stayed on injury leave longer in my book.

Sherpa said...

I'm pretty much over the office, but then I wasn't ever more than a casual fan.