Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Senator Harry Reid Leaves The Axis Of Evil

Call me a flip flopper- but yesterday Senator Reid was in my Axis of Evil and now he's out. I still don’t believe the government is our friend, that the war is lost, George W. caused hurricane Katrina, talk radio should be banned, nor should we be giving 50% of our income in taxes which help to provide education and health care to illegal immigrants that burn our flag, refuse to learn the national language and spit on our country. However, I no longer think Harry Reid is evil- misguided maybe, full of clichés and hot air, yes- Manipulative- dead on. Standard democrat- absolutely. Evil? - Not really.

Here’s my summary of his words on how his faith and public service correlate:

“I’m a democrat because I am Mormon, not in spite of it”

Great line Harry, but like most politians, you give a tag line, a catchy phrase but no explanation as to why or how. I liked where you were going with this statement- but prove it. How is it that Mormonism made you a democrat?

“Social Security is the most successful social program in the world”

If you say so Mr. Reid, but it’s common knowledge that it’s beyond bankrupt- what about that bankruptcy? If it’s so successful how are we going to keep it around for when WE get old and need it?

“In the times of disaster people have only 3 places to turn, family, the government and God”

The family- agreed. What about the community? What about your church? What about throwing your own hands into the work? This is the crux of why I am not a democrat- I do not see the government as the solution to disaster.

“Government is our friend”

This the dividing line between democrats and republicans, between socialism and capitalism. The founding fathers knew that the government is not our friend, it's a necessary evil.

“Iraq was the worst foreign policy blunder in our nations history”

This statement generated applause, which must have come from freshmen who have yet to take their US history credits.

“I am Pro-Life”

Anyone can say they are pro-life, or pro-choice, but he didn’t prove it. He didn’t talk about his voting record, nor how he has helped the pro-life movement. Probably because he hasn't

“Global Warming..blah blah blah..Energy Conservation”

Agreed, agreed- but how are we going to remedy this? A little less conversation a little more action please….

“I hope Mitt Romney is evaluated by his political prowess and not by his religion”

So how did religion affect you Mr. Reid when you ran for office? Did anyone ask you about your underwear? Why haven't we seen "A Mormon in the Senate" on the cover of Newsweek?

Lastly he encouraged the students to get involved in public service, not just religious service. Which is easy to agree with.

Two things I would have liked to have seen- 1- How he corrilates his religon with his stance on homosexual marriage and 2- a Q&A session.

I learned a lot about Mr. Reid- mostly where this idea that the government is our friend and socialism is the ideal came from. He had extremely humble beginnings, parents had no education, he hitch-hiked to High School. But just as Harry was able to work hard, and leave those humble beginnings- I don't understand why he and his party would like to remove that element of work, and replace it with a hand out.

I'd like the opportunity to hear more political figures, especially those running for office, speak for a 45 minute stretch as to who they are, where they came from with out the media spin. Harry is out of the Axis of Evil, I now see him as more misguided than evil, but Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Rodham and Math are still in.


chloe elizabeth said...

I'm a fan of your soapbox.

Salt H2O said...

Thanks Chloe- I appreciate having a fan. I thought I had 6 fans, the rest of them must be sick, had their typing fingers broken in some freak mass hand acident...or are democrats.

cropstar5 said...

Harry Reid is an idiot. I'm totally qualified to say that because I live in NV and I've traded emails with him about political issues (ok so maybe it was with one of his staffers, but whatev). Idiot!

This is a great post. I second what you said.

Lauren said...

Yes. He's probably an idiot, but I think almost all politicians are idiots. Idiocy and/or lack of morality are some of the only viable ways to get elected to office. I'd say it's because of our campaign finance regulations in the US, but historically politicians have been cross-culturally loathed. I know you still have optimism for certain candidates (okay a certain candidate) but I'm a forced member of the NEA; I have to be skeptical.

Salt H2O said...

I completely agree with you Lori, I don't believe any candidate is perfect, I pick my hot spots and find the candidate that will best meet my needs.

My primary focus right now is which candidate will let me keep more of the money I earn, protect this country from terrorists, protect America from being wielded every which way by foregin interests, and cut down immigration. Mostly, I want to keep my money, so naturally, I like Mitt.

Allie said...

I didn't really think one way or the other of Harry Reid, but I really enjoyed reading his speech.

But, I'm probably in the axis of evil myself (or I would be if I was more powerful...)


Mikie said...

I don't think of Reid in terms of mormonism. To me he's purely a politician-- socialism is great because the more we depend on government, the more secure is job is, right? Forget all the talks that have been given by GA's denouncing socialism.

I just finished watcing a History Channel special about the Revolutionary War. George Washington... there's a man of God. Leads the war without being paid to be a leader. When it ends, in a situation where most revolutionary leaders would assume a position of power, he steps down and goes back to his home, asking only reimbursement of expenses. He wasn't in it for money or for power, he was in it for true principles and freedom. These are the kind of people that should involved in public service.

Anonymous said...

You may want to consider welcoming Harry Reid back into the axis of evil following his comments about the San Diego fires! All of that ridiculously unfounded left-wing rhetoric about Iraq being the reason for the severity of the disaster has prompted me to formulate my own axis of evil-- current inductees include Reid, CA Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, and Nelson from the Simpsons (hah-hah!)