Friday, November 2, 2007


I have been tagged and in order to not offend the tagging community I will comply with terms in said Tag post. 'TAGS' are chain letters of the blogosphere, except you don't have to send a pair of underwear to the person who tagged you. Six facts about myself:

1. I can sing Row Row Row Your Boat by myself, in rounds.

2. I have fallen on the treadmill at the gym TWICE this week and scraped the same knee both times.

3. I love puppets.

4. I buy maternity clothing on sale, even though I’m not pregnant.

5. The Great Muppet Caper is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time.

6. All I've had to eat today is left-over halloween candy.

I’m suppose to tag six other people, I think most of you have already been tagged, I'll tag Lori three times (that means she has to post 18 facts about herself), along with Angela Riddle, and Elvis Costello. I leave my last tag as open ended meaning if you're reading this and you haven't been Tagged yet- tag you're it.


No Whining said...

Ahh, that's my little girl. Always anxious and willing to make something a bit more interesting. You make me laugh. I think I have heard you sing Row, row, row your boat in rounds, by yourself...truely a gift.

By the way, I refuse to be it.

ThomCarter said...

Thanks for throwing me under the bus!

I know that you had fun doing this . . . so if you are blaming me for fun I am cool with that.

Kimberly McEvoy said...

Oh the wonderful memories of College come rushing back.

I got a Muppets movie from net flix. the kids loved it. I am trying to get more. I remember Getting Kermit as a detective for Christmas one year, my sister Britt got Mrs Piggy. the Muppet Caper, I'll queue it up.

Jolly said...

I want to be tagged! I want to be tagged! I need attention!

1. today I voted for an "Independant" for Mayor

2. my least favorite housekeeping duty is: putting things, this is a big problem...isn't that what 90% of housekeeping is?

3. I like to read blogs of people I don't know (I do know Kory though) does that mean I'm a "lurker" or some other blog-spying term? I'm so not savvy with the lingo.

4. It my attempt to eat healthier, I try not to buy "goodies", but then I get desperate and eat a spoon of fudge ice cream topping or on a really bad day very thickly made hot chocolate that's not even that hot.

5. Pet peeves include the use of the same knife to spread different condiments, thus mixing the peanut butter with the jelly and also getting crumbs in the jar (gross, how hard is it to wash an additional knife in order to avoid this?) and those who drink directly out of the community beverage carton--get yourself a glass please.

6. I don't really like to eat homemade tacos, they just aren't that good. I get a lot of flack for it in my husbands family. I just don't find them satisfying. But I do love a fast-food taco!

Now I feel depressed because my six things reveal how dull I really am. Bleh.

brittbell said...

Now this is the Kory I know and love. I was just reading my mission journal the other day about how you fell asleep twice on the first full day of classes at the MTC. LOVE IT!!! My other favorite is when you decided to go on a diet in the MTC, cutting out the main dish and eating only dessert. I just love ya!

Salt H2O said...

You made me laugh. That is HILARIOUS. I was a GENIUS! I'm going on that diet today.