Friday, November 30, 2007

Fabulous Item of the Week- Pandora

A number of you are going to say I'm pretty slow on the take, as Pandora has been around for a while.

Customized listening- you build your own radio stations. Choose an artist you like- say Dean Martin, and then the station will choose artists to add to your radio station LIKE Dean Martin. If you don't like a certain song- give it a thumbs down and the station will never play that song ever again.

Love a particular tune? Type in the song name and Pandora will build a radio station around it.

Best part- Pandora is FREE.


Heather & Dave said...

Hey Kory- Are you still thinking of selling your Wii? One of our friends is interested in buying one. Keep me posted if you are :) Have a good one!

Salt H2O said...

Our family had so much fun playing it at thanksgivng we decided we should keep it- we just need to buy some new games!

Sam said...

I just wanted to thank you for all your comments on our saving health care blog. I know you did not like that it was all about Democrats (I did not either, as I am a Republican), but I am sure you know what it is like to write to an audience. Our professor is VERY liberal and would have looked down on anything that was too right-wing. If you went to school outside of BYU you would have seen that there are other political views! I AM JUST KIDDING!!
I also apologize for offending you on my friends blog. I was just joking around. So, sorry about that.

Salt H2O said...

No worries, I'm not easily offended by people I don't know. Somehow in starting my little blog, thinking I'd be putting my opinions out on the blogosphere where no one would care except for my 6 readers, I've developed some haters (see Utah Crazy)

As to your healtcare blog being strictly about democrats, it's not my project (by your polls it looks like most of your readers don't think it's a democrat that's going to save healtcare anyhow) But I do think it should be titled more appropreatly.

In any case, when some one who has never met me has an opinion about me (whether good or bad)- I'm flattered. I don't make public policy, I don't teach their children, I'm not an entertainer, I simply write what I think, and people that have never met me care. How could I not be flattered?

Your healtcare link is still on my blog, and I'll continue to post comments on it as to how short sighted, and unqualified most dems are when looking at healthcare. We're cool.

Steve said...

Yahoo Radio has been doing that for years. It's pretty cool. Now if I can just figure out a way around our firewall at work, I'm all set, ha.

Sam said...

Thank you for putting it on your blog again. We presented our project today and talked a few of your comments. People thought they were great. We are all done with our project (thank goodness), so you can take down the link if you would like. You should come to a few of classes and try and make comments about Dems in a negative way. When I have done it, others have done it, people lose it. Pretty much there is no comments any more about republican points of view.
And by the way, I love your Utah crazy blog. One of the funniest things I have ever read...along with your making fun of the U. I could tell you did it in good fun(at least I think you did!)!
Wow, that was long.

Salt H2O said...

Steve- I'm pretty behind on the technology ball. Interesting that Yahoo has been doing it for years and now Pandora is doing it and getting the press.

My opinions were heard in a health care course full of narrow minded democrats in North Carolina? SWEET! That made my day

Cameron said...

Pandora's awesome, and I took your advice by creating a bunch of Christmas channels. Now I've got MoTab, Josh Groban, Frank Sinatra, Gene Autry, Andy Williams... It's great. No commercials, no annoying talk, just great Christmas tunes.

caroline said...


check out

i was using pandora for a while, but i might start using this instead. it's very similar, but you can have friends and see what they are listening to, which is nice, since so many of my friends have eclectic taste.