Friday, November 23, 2007

Talking Smack

It’s time- BYU v. U of U football game. For those 2 of my 6 readers that don’t live in Utah, you can’t understand the amount of emotion that goes into this game. Those of us that attended BYU loved BYU, those that attended the U hated BYU. Maybe some of you readers know BYU students that hate the U, I personally don’t know one- and I attended that school for 5 years. However, every U of U graduate I know DESPISES the Y. Their hatred for the Y far out weighs their love for the U. One school is defined by its love, the other by its hate.

Here’s the thing U of U, every one hates the Y- SDSU thinks it’s their big rivalry game, Wyoming has ALWAYS hated us (thanks to your nice onside kick, they now hate you too) and we were once voted the most hated team in the nation. If you think your hatred towards us affects us, it does- we’re inspired by it and encouraged. After the U’s loss last year, I was NOT allowed to bring up the game in certain company because it angered these men- whistling the BYU fight song was enough to get me kicked out of a house. Grown UTE fans cry over a BYU loss. BYU fans will shed no tears- because though we may lose the game, statistics prove that we’ll be going to better bowl than the U anyhow.

Yes, BYU students are self-righteous, smug and think they are getting a superior education to the U students (which is somewhat justified by their higher starting pay upon graduation, and national educational rankings, but still- it’s not like you’re attending Yale)I'm not saying that BYU students are perfect- (though a good number of them think they are) however, statistically we have a much much more successful record than the U.

U of U students walk around with chips on their shoulders feeling like they have to prove that their education is better, their football team is better and because they drink alcohol regularly they are better than those blinded sheep in Provo. (Yes, I do understand that people in Provo party too- but they weren’t voted stone cold sober like 8 years in a row for nothing) If the U could get over this inferiority complex losing wouldn't be so depressing.

I LOVE attending the BYU Uof U games in the U of U stadium. Why? I’m a girl and I talk Smack, not Trash. As Kelly from the office so perfectly described last week- talking trash is ambiguous saying, “Your mama’s so fat she could eat the whole Internet” while talking smack is fact such as “You’re ugly, and I know because I’ve got the evidence Right Here” (You had to see the episode) As a female in a stadium full of Utes, I can hold my own- and with my 20 year old sister by my side we sing the BYU fightsong in a sea of red. There is no victory as sweet as when you are on visitor turf-

I’m ready for Saturday to hear the ever so effective “BYU SUCKS” chants from the Utes (and you guys wonder why BYU students feel smug in their quality of their education) or the original “BY WHO?” Common- if your really don’t know who Brigham Young is, and you’re attending the University of Utah- you may have a solid case for getting your tuition back.

This Saturday I challenge the Ute fans to criticize BYU with a bit more tenacity and cleverness- show us that your state funded education has paid off and put together a sentence that involves more than two words, and a vocabulary that expands beyond four letters. So when that arrogant brunette and her 20 year old sister say it’s too bad Urban Meyer dropped you like a bad prom date-and asking you how many conference titles or national championship titles your team holds (yes I still live in 1984), you’ll have something a bit more effective to respond with.


Zach said...

Beautiful! I love it! And I'll be there tomorrow, cheering loudly!

tysqui said...

You know, we should focus on the more recent past (more recent than even 1984). Sure, BYU dominated Utah during the first few decades of the Edwards era (but Utah dominated for the half century previous), but since 1993 the rivalry has been pretty even - with Utah having more wins than losses.

I won't argue the fact the many (possibly most) Utah fans are idiots. But, it goes without saying that many BYU fans are equally idiotic. On both sides the extremist fans are an embarrassment to their institutions and the state.

I've married into a family full of fanatical BYU fans and we are able to have respectful conversations about each team and the rivalry game without any problems. It just takes a bit of maturity on both sides (granted, I wouldn't watch the game with them if my life depended on it).

SO, yes, Utah fans are bad - but I've been cussed out by BYU fans (in Provo) on more than one occasion. They're not angels either.

As for the quality of the education at either institution - I think that they are pretty even. BYU's starting salaries are higher because they have far more students that take jobs out of state (because they are not from Utah in the first place). That argument holds no weight. If you're looking for an advanced degree (with research) the U is the place to go. As a nationally renowned research institution their work is very respected in many many areas (even with a Nobel Laureate this year).

As you used this post to rant on Utah fans, I'll use this comment box to rant on BYU fans. Your post displays these qualities to a tee. Although you fault Utah fans for having to convince themselves that the U is so much better, you are doing the EXACT same thing right here in your post. Oops - it's tougher than you thought to not become your own enemy, eh?

As for the game, it could go either way. Utah and BYU are both playing good football. Both teams should be nervous.

Go Utes.

(p.s. You want smack talk, did I mention that 7 of the top 15 church leaders are U graduates?)

Salt H2O said...

Thank you for your comments, they made me smile. They are very rational, I wish I knew more U fans like yourself (so I could at least rub a good win in their faces with out being stoned). As for 1993 on, each year has been so different, what I've noticed is that if the U could play every game like they play BYU they'd have more championships under their belt.

As for 7 of the top 15 church leaders being U alumni- that's great- but what does being an apostle have to do with football? I don't doubt that some of the student body at the U is a great deal more spiritual than those at the Y- but can they throw a decent pass?

Let's talk football alumni: Steve Young and Jim McMahon

You're right, after watching this season tomorrow is anyone's game.

Salt H2O said...

ps I should also post that I am in a mixed marriage- the husband is U of U alum.

pr0le said...
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pr0le said...

Not to question your BYU education, but the word is 'lose' (as in BYU will lose the game this year), not loose. 'Loose' is the term we use to refer to the BYU coeds. :)

Salt H2O said...

LOL! Very clever and well deserved. Good thing I didn't graduate in English!

tysqui said...

Yes. Utah does always play their best against BYU.

Being an apostle has absolutely nothing to do with football. It just makes me feel nice inside when I point that out (and I feel that it helps to justify my "sinful decision" of being a Utah fan.

Allie said...

I went to Utah State (where all the cool (utah) people went), but I'll be rooting for the U tomorrow.

Salt H2O said...

Ofcourse you're rooting for the U Allie- you're a liberal! :) BYU is like the conservative factory.

Allie said...

BYU/UTAH rivalries should be fun.

Like the time we decorated my parent's friends house with black crepe paper after BYU lost. Or the time their kids sprayed grass killer in our field in a big "Y".

Fun things like that that don't really harm the friendship. Might be a little trickier in a marriage.

Salt H2O said...

It was a good day to be a cougar- couldn't ask for a better game, especially since Collie is STILL open! :)

Another 12 months of not being able to whistle the cougar fightsong in the presence of the Jensen family, I can live with that- Go Cougs.

Heather & Dave said...

Go COUGS is right!! Wow, what a fun game. I love when it comes down to the wire and the cougars can DOMINATE over the Utes. 4th and 18...need we say more? What a nice pivotal point in the game.
I, too am going to be a happy girl for the next 12 months!

Hilary said...

Go Cougars! Your husband went to the U? Do he wear red and you blue to the games? That picture would be perfect for a Christmas card. The game on Saturday was great. Dan, my Dad, and all of my brothers bought tickets off of Ebay and made the trek from Rexburg. They had a great time and will now forever be a tradition. The ending couldn't have been any sweeter.

Vanilla Vice said...

Why is it I never really cared. I'm a cougar, btw. Glad we won, but seriously, never really cared, still don't care, unless I get to call people creative Ginger Balls.

Kimberly McEvoy said...

Kory I was in Utah for thanksgiving and have missed our therapy, you writing and me reading.

I am so mad, I was stuck going to a bridal shower while Ben went to the game. And of course he saw you and some of my other friends there.
Why do I let the good concions side always win. Next year I dont care if I miss a funeral I'll be at the game, head to toe in BYU blue throwing my beer cups at the Ute fans.

oh wait, no I dont drink. I'll throw my neighbors beer cups at the ute fans.

I have to say after rooming and going to church with BYU kids, I think they are all crazy. I mean who can sing row row row your boat in parts all by them selves. that is a Nut if I ever saw one

jk, LOL

Salt H2O said...

kim, you kill me! Who plans a Bridal Shower in Utah during the game? How do you have friends like these?

When I saw Ben my first thought was, "Hey, Ben's at the game with out Kim? When did she turn into such a mom?" :)

I'm with you BYU students are nuts, absolutely nuts.

Sherpa said...

Hey, as one of your 2 readers outside the state, I grew up in Utah to a BYU family. Even though I didn't go to the Y, I still root for them-I was conditioned at a young age to do so. I also grew up near Wyoming, and um, they hate the Y as much as Utah. That being said, when oh when will this game ever be back on ESPN? Stupid league cable contract.

JustRandi said...

You so nailed this one! I was at BYU in 1984, and some days I still live there.
Go Cougars!

Happy The Man said...
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Happy The Man said...

I was there in 1984 too (my freshman year). OK, yeah I'm old but I was a Cougar when we were National champs and it was very cool. One of my room mates from San Diego was pals with Kozlowski, Detmer and others so they came to our apartment on occasion. That's my claim to fame as it relates to that National Champ team.

I know this blog is old but it's always fun to talk about a game between these two rivals when BYU comes out victorious (even 6 months later, heck 6 years later). I've been threatening to abandon my cougar status these past few years because they have been, well, disappointing. I get up tight about these things even though I don't live remotely close to UT. By the way, it is my observation that people who grow up in UT go to U of U, Weber or Utah State (I'm guessing that this Allie grew up in UT, and your hubby???). I think they do this to outwardly rebel against the shepherd in some small way, thus in the very act admitting that BYU is the Lord's University (lol). I never could understand it. But there are a few true blue Utahrd sheep (people who grew up in UT) that feel they don't have to rebel against the shepherd.

That said, I do have a self incriminating funny that puts BYU sanctimonious zealots where they belong. A BYU fan watching a BYU/UT game (we won't call her Kory) is cheering for her offense in the red zone. Suddenly in the middle of a critical BYU scoring attempt some tall Red sweatshirt toting fans stand up in front of her to cheer their defense. With that, the BYU fan cries out, "Please, you're blocking my vision". One of the UT fans replies, "oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were having one".

I'm sure most BYU/UT folks have heard that one, but just in case, I thought I'd throw it out there.

I'm qualified to poke fun in this way as I am a convert from So. California and so sadly I don't have visions.

Good blog, but personally, I'd rather be sitting in the blue section...