Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Years Resolution: Lose Weight

A few years ago I made a concentrated effort to house a parasite in my intestines. It's true. Another missionary in Chile had contracted a parasite by eating some goat cheese and lost 30 lbs- which is when I suddenly developed a love for queso de cavera (goat cheese) Now before you judge me for being superficial by putting my health at risk in order to lose weight- here's what I looked like-

Yes, that is me, in all my plaid glory at age 22. You may wonder what possessed me to wear such a jumper every other day for 18 months- I had to wear a dress and ride a bike in a country who's inhabitants water their dirt, and this beauty could camouflage bike grease and filth with ease. Those were good years in Chile. I was very happy despite looking like a candidate for extreme makeover. Getting the weight off post mission took some time. I never did get a parasite, I lost weight the hard way- that whole eat less work out more fad.

Though this girl in Chile is now unrecognizable(thank heaven), I'm still metabolically challenged. Brent and I like 80% of Americans want to lose some weight in the New Year. Yesterday we got a big help from Rubio's Fish Tacos, located in the food court of the San Diego airport, which so lovingly gave us the Christmas gift of food poisoning.

I've been begging for a quick death since 2 am this morning. I will never eat at Rubios again, but on the sunny side I can't think of a better way kick off a diet than a day of vomiting, diarrhea, and the inability to eat solids.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brilliant Neighborhood Christmas Present

One of the big bonuses in living in suburbia is the onslaught of thoughtful neighbors bearing gifts. Every gift we get excites us. We've received gifts like these:

But the most GENIOUS present of all was this:

Especially since I've been wrapping my presents with this-

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Single's Ward Commentary

Warning: The following post is very MORMON.

This exchange occurred when my roommate Teresa, her fiance Eric, her mom (Sherry) and I while in the Pierside Singles Ward in Huntington Beach. You have to read the To: From:.

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Robinson
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 8:37 AM
To: Teresa Jagard
Subject: Call me please

Hi Teresa,

The bishopric would like to ask you speak in church this Sunday. If you can/can't, please let me know ASAP.

Thank you!

Mike Robinson

-----Original Message-----
From: Kory Welch - USA
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 1:09 PM
To: Teresa Jagard; Eric Riewerts
Cc: Sherry Jagard
Subject: RE: Call me please

I've edited your response to Mike Robinson


I am going to Lake Tahoe for the weekend with Eric Riewerts. Don't
worry, we won't be unchaperoned, there are a bunch of couples going, and I really wouldn't I have time to prepare a talk between gambling and snuggling in the lodge with Eric. Sorry!

Whew...I am going to be mostly out of town throughout December...

Oh and please if you schedule me to give a talk in Jan please don't schedule Eric also for the same day. He told me he would embarrass me with corny couple comments from the we don't want to be tagged as the ward couple. I hope you understand.


-----Original Message-----
From: Teresa Jagard
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 1:24 PM
To: Kory Welch - USA
Cc: Eric Riewerts
Subject: RE: Call me please

Dude -- you better write an email to my mom right now explaining this
.... you are soooooooooooo fired!!!

-----Original Message-----
From: Kory Welch - USA
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 1:35 PM
To: Teresa Jagard
Cc: Eric Riewerts
Subject: RE: Call me please

Will this work:

Dear Sister Jagard,
I would like to explain to you the emails which have been forwarded on
to you. I could understand that you could have some concerns about the
content with in the emails of which I have been asked to formally
explain on behalf of myself and Eric Riewerts. The primary issues being

1. That teresa does not want to talk in church

I'd like to fully negate that. In a singles ward EVERYONE wants to talk in church, it's about face time.

2. That there are other couples going on this trip

One of them isn't REALLY a couple, they're just kind of hanging out, but let's be honest- it's a ski trip, they're gonna hook it up.

3. There will be gambling in Tahoe- technically teresa will not be gambling, Riewerts is the compulsive gambler

4. That Eric and Teresa cuddle

I would like to confirm that Eric and Teresa will not be cuddling on the trip- again, another misconception: they will be 'making out' which as we all know is something different COMPLETELY

5. That if Teresa was to speak with Riewerts in church they would be
labeled as the ward couple- which is the biggest fallacy of all because they are already labeled the ward couple and I have it on good authority that the Bishop is going to ask them to give the joint RS Priesthood meeting together the 5th Sunday of this month- topic being: LOVE ME BUT DON'T SHOW ME---how we almost didn't make it to the temple.

Again, Sister Jagard my apologies.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Captian Obvious to Mike Huckabee, Come in Huckabee

I'm sure you've seen the ad. If not here it is below. It's not the ad that I have issues with, it's Huckabee's response to the blatant cross in the background. When I saw the ad, I thought it was a bold move to put a cross in the background of a political spot- not one that I'd make, but then I found out it was 'unintentional' Taken from CNN.COM:

"Actually I will confess this, if you play this spot backwards it says ‘Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead, Paul is Dead,’” the presidential candidate joked to reporters in Houston Tuesday. “So the next thing you know, someone will be playing it backwards to find out the subliminal messages that are really there.”

The former Arkansas governor said the spot was last-minute and ad-libbed: “They had a bookshelf behind me, a bookshelf. So now I have these people saying, ‘ahhh there was a subtle message there,’” said Huckabee. “….I never cease to be amazed at the manner in which people will try to dissect the simplest messages..."

First, the message is not subtle, it's glaring. The cross literally glows in the background. Second: Do we want a president that didn't notice the gleaming cross directly behind him in his Christmas/political ad? Do we want a president who's staff didn't notice the cross? Either Huckabee is A- Lying and is using humor to deflect the attack or B- Misses the obvious and hires stupid people. But hey, he's quick with his wit, I think he'd be better suited to host late night tv than lead the free world. I consider missing the obvious and hiring idiots disqualifiers for the position of commander in chief.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fabulous Item of the Week- August Rush

We've been having a hard time finding movies we want to see this Holiday season. If you're in the same boat, and haven't seen August Rush- now you've got something to do Friday night. I’m a sucker for Robin Williams and that cute kid from Finding Neverland. I love, love, love this movie. It could have easily added a sex scene and chose not to, which is rare. The plot is too mature for children, but appropriate for teenagers and their parents. The movie is slow at times, and predictable, but the beauty of the film and the music, the wonderful music compensate for all flaws.

I don’t like Chick Flicks. I'd rather listen to William Hung's Christmas album than watch movies like Hope Floats and The Notebook. Live Free Die Hard was my favorite 2007 film until August Rush. This is by no means a 'girly' flim. I did watch most of the movie with tears streaming down my face (which doesn’t say much, this is the same girl who cried during the preview for I Am Sam)when the closing credits were rolling, you could hear the sniffles of the audience. Great 'date night' movie. You leave the theater feeling good.

Monday, December 10, 2007

You Say Tomato...

A number of perfect strangers have told me with authority that I pronounce Poinsettia incorrectly. Looks like everywhere outside of Southern California people pronounce it Poinsetta, minus the i. Spell my name incorrectly or think I'm male due to the unisex nature of my name, no biggie- but mock me for the proper pronunciation of a Christmas flower originating from my home town, (Poinsettias originated in Encinitas California, hence the Poinsettia Bowl)- I'm ready to put my green belt in action and start throwing fists. Oh yes, I have a green belt in Tae Kwon Doe, which is pretty much a black belt. (the ranking goes Black, Brown, Red, Purple, Green, so you see, I'm deadly) Once I ordered a Gyro (yee-ro) and the waitress said with disdain, "It's pronounced Giero". Utahans should never correct anyone one else on their pronunciation, just as I should never correct anyone on their spelling.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Everyone Needs the Power of Blog

Blogging was quickly adopted by the ‘I, ME’ generation. Blogging in many regards has been labeled as a hobby in which only the self-absorbed practice. In our vanity we place our favorite foods, movies, books and recommendations, or endless pictures of our children on the World Wide Web because we think we matter and others care. That being said- I think everyone should blog. Here's why:

Blog is a Convenient Conversation
It’s 6:00 on a Saturday morning and you can see what’s going on in your old roommate’s life by logging on to her blog, later on that day around noon, some one else thinks something you have said is exceptionally clever, and they make a comment back- in essence we are all having a large conversation, at our own convenience.

The ability to post comments allows others to participate- it’s like a conversation around the water cooler at work. Unlike email which is a two way conversation, a blog is 10 way conversation, where not only the poster interacts with the reader, but those making comments interact with each other as well.

If you look at a blog as a conversation not an essay, it’s natural that everyone should have conversations, which is why you should blog.

Blog is an Easy Way Maintain Friendships
I talk to mission companions, lost friends, and extended family almost every day through blog, a comment here or a comment there between us and we keep in touch. It doesn’t require the formalities of an email, or the effort of a phone call, log in- read what the other has to say and make a comment.

Who wouldn’t like to keep tabs on their friends, and maintain valuable friendships? Which is why you should blog.

Blog Brings a New Kind Of Friend
Blog has redefined friendship for me. Just as we have work friends, gym friends, church friends, I now have blog friends. An online friendship with people that I may or many not ever physically meet- but I enjoy their candor and banter in text.

Who doesn’t want new friends? Which is why….

Blog Creates a Sense of Community
Many of us feel alone in some feelings and sentiments. Be it the new mother who feels trapped at home or the single guy who has built his life perfectly but can’t find a mate- it’s a world where you can know that you are not alone. Posting your feelings, worries and fears for your internet community to help support you (i.e. When are you going to Have a Baby). You’re angry about something, you have a platform, an outlet- and most likely you’ll find that there are many people out there that agree. Blogging is another way to connect you with your fellow humans, which is why you should blog.

One Blog Can Make a Difference
I found someone to cater my housewarming party, some of my blog comments were recently discussed in an individuals health care class, I’ve been able to help people see a different opinion on some interesting topics, and when I was ticked off at a corporation, the corporate powers found my blog on their own, and my opinions were heard. I’ve been blogging for about 6 months now and recently I’ve discovered that my nobody blog with its 6 readers can make a difference.

Quit being a passive reader, go to typepad or blogspot, log in and start blogging- many people choose a topic to blog about be it politics, faith, or cooking- but you don’t need a theme (as I obviously haven’t chosen one) blog about you, what matters to you, what drives you crazy and what you absolutely love. If starting your own blog seems too overwhelming start making comments on your friends blogs with a bit more frequency, join the conversation. In 6 months time you might look back and be surprised at the power of blog.