Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brilliant Neighborhood Christmas Present

One of the big bonuses in living in suburbia is the onslaught of thoughtful neighbors bearing gifts. Every gift we get excites us. We've received gifts like these:

But the most GENIOUS present of all was this:

Especially since I've been wrapping my presents with this-


Salt H2O said...

If you decide that you would like to still this brilliant and simple gift idea here's the poem that they attached with the tape:

"(sing to the tune of Jingle Bells)

Dashing through the house
In a frantic, flustered search
Piles of gifts to wrap,
I'm left in the lurch!

Asking all the kids,
Getting shrugs and stares
What grief it is to search and search
Coming up completely bare!

Where's the tape, I want tape,
Help me find the tape.
It seems that ever December,
I'm buying last minute tape!

Where's the tape, I want tape
Please find me some tape.
Since it will be Christmas soon
I really need some tape!

We hope all of you wants and needs will be fulfilled this Christmas."

Heather & Dave said...

You crack me up, wrapping gifts w/ packing tape! We miss you guys and need to hang out soon. Have a fun Christmas in your new house! We'll be in Denver w/ Dave's family, and we're looking forward to a week of relaxation.

cropstar said...

tape? that is the most brilliant thing i've ever seen!

Hilary said...

I am giving myself a gold star. What I gave my neighbors this year was a tube of wrapping paper with bows and tape and a note that said, "we wish you luck in getting Christmas all wrapped up." I wish I had your poem, it would have been an excellent addition. The favorite thing we received this year was a 2 little of 7-up with a folder of 7 stories that said, "7-uplifting stories for Christmas." Darling.

Allie said...

I've always been fond of useful gifts.

On years that we have enough tomatoes to can lots of salsa, we hand out jars of salsa with a note that says "warmest wishes for a happy holiday season" on it. (and I just realized how PC that was... (it wasn't intentional...))

Steve said...

Ha, living in DC, we barely make eye contact with our neighbors, let alone give each other presents.

But last night I went to start wrapping presents last night with the VERY same packing tape and Kelly stopped me and said it was unacceptable and to wait and buy real tape, haha.

Sally said...

I loved this gift! And I love how you've been wrapping your packages. I have done the same thing, in fact, just yesterday.

cherylrobin said...

Ha! Wow, these beat the undercooked cranberry nut bread we recieved last week. The funny thing was, even though it was nasty, my husband ate the entire thing. I bet you'll end up using each and every one of these gifts. So, maybe they are thoughful after all?
Are you coming to the debate get together on Sunday?

crazy4danes said...

That is AWESOME! Those neighbors have to be on your favorite list now for sure! Now that's a gift you can use!!!! :P

Salt H2O said...

Heather- we need to hang in '08

Hil- you fully deserve the gold star. when I got the tape I thought, "Man, why didn't I think of that?"

Allie- what ever, you're so PC :)

Steve and Sally- Glad to know I share good company, it's tape, it's clear-why not?

Cheryl- I think all the gifts were great, I felt loved anytime someone came to our door step- and I'll see YOU Sunday!

Crazy- Those neighbors are awesome in so many ways, not the least of which, the dad is the former chief of police in Bountiful, so we feel super safe.

ThomCarter said...

You should have kept wrapping with the packing tape. There is nothing better than watching someone struggle to open their present!