Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Years Resolution: Lose Weight

A few years ago I made a concentrated effort to house a parasite in my intestines. It's true. Another missionary in Chile had contracted a parasite by eating some goat cheese and lost 30 lbs- which is when I suddenly developed a love for queso de cavera (goat cheese) Now before you judge me for being superficial by putting my health at risk in order to lose weight- here's what I looked like-

Yes, that is me, in all my plaid glory at age 22. You may wonder what possessed me to wear such a jumper every other day for 18 months- I had to wear a dress and ride a bike in a country who's inhabitants water their dirt, and this beauty could camouflage bike grease and filth with ease. Those were good years in Chile. I was very happy despite looking like a candidate for extreme makeover. Getting the weight off post mission took some time. I never did get a parasite, I lost weight the hard way- that whole eat less work out more fad.

Though this girl in Chile is now unrecognizable(thank heaven), I'm still metabolically challenged. Brent and I like 80% of Americans want to lose some weight in the New Year. Yesterday we got a big help from Rubio's Fish Tacos, located in the food court of the San Diego airport, which so lovingly gave us the Christmas gift of food poisoning.

I've been begging for a quick death since 2 am this morning. I will never eat at Rubios again, but on the sunny side I can't think of a better way kick off a diet than a day of vomiting, diarrhea, and the inability to eat solids.


Steve said...

I've never understood you Left Coasters and your love of fish tacos, haha.

Food poisoning is great. Not only does it help you lose weight, it's also a free cleansing, ha. The worst I ever had was in Azerbaijan and I couldn't even sleep b/c the cramps and bathroom breaks would wake me up. Awesome!

BTW, glad you have 'blossomed' with age, hehe. And goat cheese rocks for more reasons than the potential for potential parasites!

Gretchen said...

In my humble opinion, this is the absolute BEST way to start any diet. Its the kick start you need. No more waiting around to see some results! If you start off 5 lbs lighter it feels easier to sustain, and you've made great progress with doing hardly any work! That's why I only start diets after a serious case of the stomach flu.

I love your mission outfit. I had many just like it. But I made sure they didn't make it out of the country with me. (btw, did you ever figure out why they water the dirt? In my scratch-n-sniff book of Chile that was one of the more offensive smells. Right after rabid dog breath.)

ThomCarter said...

That is the most fun way to lose weight!!!

Sherpa said...

Funny, this afternoon I happened upon a picture of one of our zones and there you were. I totally remember your love for Queso de Cabra.

Food poisoning by fish tacos, that royally bites.

Steve, I've been told several times I'm from the Mid-west, and yet I love fish tacos.

Salt H2O said...

Steve, I went through an abnormally long awkward stage, which I think brought me huge benefits. Quality Fish Tacos are DIVINE.

Gretchen- I'm glad to know I wasn't alone in my jumper glory. That dress I inherited from my trainer, who inherited it from her trainer, and I'm sure it's still floating around chile somewhere.

Thom- It was miserable, luckily it only lasted a day.

Sherpa- That is funny. What I remember the best about the one day we were comps were your stories about the crazy latinas you had as companions and the one that had a fat ghost wearing a sombero following her where ever she went. That was a good story.

crazy4danes said...

Wow...what a great Christmas present! Seriously though that sucks! I hope you guys are feeling better! And it wasn't an awkward look great now with makeup, contacts and a hairstyle...but you're still the same Kory, and I love it! :) Keep us laughing into 2008!

Faith and Chad & the boys said...

Welch - it's Hna Stoddard coming at you live (Faith). Happened upon your very entertaining blog from Trujillo's. Hope that is ok. Anyways, this made me DIE LAUGHING! Not that you are sick, not funny, sorry that you are sick, but the mission picture/dress/story. I totally had a dress just like that, that was also so handy in my biking areas. Why didn't I ever think of the goat cheese idea????

Happy New Year!

Salt H2O said...

Stoddard! Do you have a blog? Clicking on your name says you haven't made your profile available. I'm glad you find me.

I inherited this dress from McDaniel, who I think got it from her trainer, I'm sure some Chilean woman is still wearing it to this day.

Totally off topic, but my husband thinks he dated one of your older sisters (if you have sisters) He grew up in Bowling Green KY. If this is indeed true, my husband's stock just went up.

ryanbyrd said...

that's a hot jumper!

Faith and Chad & the boys said...

So funny about the dress, I am sure you are right that it is still floating around Chile somewhere.

I do have three older sisters, what was the girl's name? I'm from Columbus Ohio, so not sure about the KY connection, but who knows! It is such a small world.

Anyways, I do have a blog, which is private b/c we have a bunch of stuff about our kids on there, send me your email to and I'll send you an invite.

So glad I happened upon your blog, it is so fun!


cherylrobin said...

Wow, Kory, that dress is impressive. If I remember right, you may have worn this dress to a debate tournmanet or two!

Sorry to hear about food poisioning, though I think you look awesome and don't need to loose any weight.

Vanilla Vice said...

Gross.I suggest you burn that picture. It might help you shed the pounds.

cropstar said...

seriously can't figure out why you didn't keep the dress...
hope you're feeling better!

Salt H2O said...

Cheryl- I had bad taste in Highschool but not THAT bad. Shoot. I only wore dated navy dress suits to debates...wait...I do remember, there was a jumper.

Vanilla- Shred the picture? Never! I love that photo. I use to show it to guys I would date that I thought were superficial. It freaked a good portion of them out and they ran.

Silvs said...

You served in Chile too? And we see to hold a lot of the same political opinions? We should be better friends. I love horribly unflattering pictures.

Salt H2O said...

Chile and HBLL Security? Wow, it's like we're best friends and we don't even know it!

Did you ever know Johnny Lyon? (He worked Library security for YEARS) I worked with Sgt. Wayne Beck.

I too love horrible pictures- which is a good thing because I've got albums FULL of them!

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Big Whoop! We've all got one of those! Chubby is the new lean!

ooh la la!