Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Everyone Needs the Power of Blog

Blogging was quickly adopted by the ‘I, ME’ generation. Blogging in many regards has been labeled as a hobby in which only the self-absorbed practice. In our vanity we place our favorite foods, movies, books and recommendations, or endless pictures of our children on the World Wide Web because we think we matter and others care. That being said- I think everyone should blog. Here's why:

Blog is a Convenient Conversation
It’s 6:00 on a Saturday morning and you can see what’s going on in your old roommate’s life by logging on to her blog, later on that day around noon, some one else thinks something you have said is exceptionally clever, and they make a comment back- in essence we are all having a large conversation, at our own convenience.

The ability to post comments allows others to participate- it’s like a conversation around the water cooler at work. Unlike email which is a two way conversation, a blog is 10 way conversation, where not only the poster interacts with the reader, but those making comments interact with each other as well.

If you look at a blog as a conversation not an essay, it’s natural that everyone should have conversations, which is why you should blog.

Blog is an Easy Way Maintain Friendships
I talk to mission companions, lost friends, and extended family almost every day through blog, a comment here or a comment there between us and we keep in touch. It doesn’t require the formalities of an email, or the effort of a phone call, log in- read what the other has to say and make a comment.

Who wouldn’t like to keep tabs on their friends, and maintain valuable friendships? Which is why you should blog.

Blog Brings a New Kind Of Friend
Blog has redefined friendship for me. Just as we have work friends, gym friends, church friends, I now have blog friends. An online friendship with people that I may or many not ever physically meet- but I enjoy their candor and banter in text.

Who doesn’t want new friends? Which is why….

Blog Creates a Sense of Community
Many of us feel alone in some feelings and sentiments. Be it the new mother who feels trapped at home or the single guy who has built his life perfectly but can’t find a mate- it’s a world where you can know that you are not alone. Posting your feelings, worries and fears for your internet community to help support you (i.e. When are you going to Have a Baby). You’re angry about something, you have a platform, an outlet- and most likely you’ll find that there are many people out there that agree. Blogging is another way to connect you with your fellow humans, which is why you should blog.

One Blog Can Make a Difference
I found someone to cater my housewarming party, some of my blog comments were recently discussed in an individuals health care class, I’ve been able to help people see a different opinion on some interesting topics, and when I was ticked off at a corporation, the corporate powers found my blog on their own, and my opinions were heard. I’ve been blogging for about 6 months now and recently I’ve discovered that my nobody blog with its 6 readers can make a difference.

Quit being a passive reader, go to typepad or blogspot, log in and start blogging- many people choose a topic to blog about be it politics, faith, or cooking- but you don’t need a theme (as I obviously haven’t chosen one) blog about you, what matters to you, what drives you crazy and what you absolutely love. If starting your own blog seems too overwhelming start making comments on your friends blogs with a bit more frequency, join the conversation. In 6 months time you might look back and be surprised at the power of blog.


Steve said...

I agree. I've made friends and never even intended to do that with my blog. The one thing I do hate is the literal diary blogs. Ok, a weekend recap makes sense, but I don't know why anyone would want to put so much info out that it reads like a diary. Nor, why anyone else would want to read it all the time. This blog is far from that, but a lot of blogs are out there. Also, I wish there was an internet cop that went around and shut down blogs that do not update at least once a month. Lots of wasted space out there. And the concept of the blog isn't 'new'. It has been around since the early, early days of the internet with BBS, which basically did the same thing, just minus the fancy graphics.

One thing I think most people don't realize is that it is kind of hard to regularly publish a blog. I've had a lot of friends start and quit within a month. I think something should be said for those of us that last, whether anyone reads us or not, haha. :)

Hilary said...

I agree 100%. I have loved keeping in touch with you and knowing a little bit about what is happening in your life. Let's face it, before your blog, I literally don't think we have talked in 4 years. Now I get to thnk about you and laugh at your jokes nearly every day. Love your blog. You are the best.

Heather & Dave said...

I love reading your blog! It's by far the most entertaining of all my friends' blogs :) I agree with you completely that everyone should blog, or make conversation on other people's blogs. People should speak out more, and step out of their comfort zone! We need to get together soon! Mocha is missing her boyfriends, Blue & Bartholomew.

Rudie can't fail said...

But I am vain and self-absorbed...

I'm fairly new to the blogging world, and have been a little hesitant to broadcast my blog to people who actually know me in real life. I kind of enjoy the pseudo-anonymity of the interweb. I told my sisters last week that I have a blog, but I wouldn't give them the link, even though they pestered me non-stop. I have been thinking about merging my real and online lives, and your post may have just convinced me.

Kimberly McEvoy said...

I am going to cut and paste your entry on my blog. My friend lizza an d I have decided we need to blog train our other friends. they dont seem to get it. and my siblings dont , (still) realize your suppose to comment ..that's the whole idea.

several of my post are just informative, and things i want ot share, but even when I ask quetions and bring things up no one but you my faithful friend seem to comment.

I realize I need to probably write better posts. . . .but people work with me.

so I am going to instead of make my you tube video . . ..plagiarize your post.

you know exactly what to say . ..maybe I'll hire you to write my blog .. jk

thanks Kory

Kimberly McEvoy said...


I found some high school people's blog's, one is a law student at George Washington and Loves Harry Reid. he has an entertaining blog. http://www.theworldaccordingtomarc.blogspot.com/

Sherpa said...

I agree with a lot of what Steve said. A lot of people don't keep up a blog, or amazes me about how the blog turns into a private diary. Personally, I think the writing rule applies to blogging. Simply write what you know or what you're interested in.

crazy4danes said...

Blogging is great...I need to do it more often. But it has been great fun keeping in touch with you by sharing your blog.Thanks! It's been fun :)

brent said...

I dig how you refer to blog like it's a person. Blog can do this. Blog will do that. Heh heh. I like.

So, yeah, I'm linking it. Linking it to blog. Taking advantage of the power of blog.

Vanilla Vice said...

I love you. I love your blog. You are my blog friend.

chloe elizabeth said...

Amen...and the corporation didn't just happen to find your blog. Once again, the power of blog!

chloe elizabeth said...

The other thing I love about blog is that you can choose to read, or not. It's not like the person who keeps talking and you listen out of politeness, even though you're bored. You can just click to a new blog.

Salt H2O said...

Steve: Luckily I haven't happened upon those diary blogs just yet, but I'm with you on the ones that haven't been updated since 2006- they should evaporate

Hil: It's so awesome, 4 years of nothing then shabam! Blog brings us together.

Kim: It takes a while for friends and family to warm up to the idea of blogs. Most readers don't post comments. And your friend that LOVES Harry Reid, stupid people are typically very entertaining so I'll check his blog out :)

Sherpa: You're dead on, which is why I will never blog about cooking, crafts or calculus.

Crazy- Update your blog! How's the quitting the smoking going? You have such an entertaining family (always full of drama) I want more!

Brent- I can't take full credit for the term 'the power of blog' I pretty much ripped off Huey Lewis and the News

Vice- We are most definetly blog friends, and I hope someday we can be boarding friends too.

Chloe- here I was thinking that Equity Title had a google notification on their name- you had something to do with it? Thank you! The mystery is solved. It made my day.

Salt H2O said...

Heather: We must hang soon. At least send me an invite to your bridal shower. I've got a closet full of baby gifts!

Oh and Rudy: The only family member of mine that reads my blog is my mom- the two siblings that DO occassionaly check in only watch the videos I post. :) So no worries about family checking up on you and your online personality.

No Whining said...

Hi Kory,

Just checking in. Love your blog and your friends. I hope you aren't doing your laundry...you've been doing it since 6th grade. Time to quit. (RE:"the invisible hand" last line)

ChelMo said...

I like to use my blog as a journal because I don't keep one. And if no one reads it, that's fine by me. I wish that everyone I've ever met had one, though, so that I could keep in touch with them virtually. Who needs phones these days?

Silvs said...

Word. The blog world brings people together. It's kind of wonderful, isn't it? I'm glad we're blog friends.

Sam said...

Wow, your blog get read by a lot of people. I think my mom is the only one who reads mine! Thanks for your help again with your comments.

Cameron said...

Once you've made it past that first month or so, there's almost a feeling of responsibility to blogging. I'm drawn to keep posting for some reason.

I started it because I like to write, and it helps me to think through the things bouncing around in my head. And I really like getting feedback to those ideas. It kinda makes me take more responsibility for my opinions.

Weinberger Family said...

You don't know me and I don't know you but I must say that I do enjoy reading your blog. And honestly my husband gets quite a kick out of it too. I don't even remember how we found it. But it entertains us. You and I are very different but have some similarities. I am from California and was forced to move to Utah when I was 12. I do share some of your same views. Luckily I didn't marry a husband that was attached to Utah and all of it's "craziness". We spent 2 years in New York and have happily settled in Oregon. But I am your typical "Utah" girl if you were to look at me. I married "my" return missionary and had a baby 1 year later and another one 3 years after that. I love being home with my kids.

I enjoy your posts and I just thought I would let you know that you also attract me to your blog.


crazy4danes said...

Alright so I put a family update on my blog....just for you! :D I think you're going to like it! ;P

Salt H2O said...

Apparently, God agrees with me. Apostle tells students to blog

Cameron said...

I saw that in the D-news the other day and told all of the haters about it.

Seriously though, I think what Elder Ballard said was really cool, and very true. In today's climate, just being a Mormon will get you noticed and give you opportunities to answer questions. It's awesome.