Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brittany is the New Jack-o

My IQ dropped 20 points by doing research for this post.

Americans can't get enough of Ms.Spears. There has been only one star to rival the the media obsession with the disaster which is Britany, and that was Michael Jackson. Here's the top 9 reasons why Brit Brit is the new Jack-o:

1. They both like to pose with dangerous animals

2. Both started their careers as children singing with a group, both became break-out solo artists, both sang a song about their new wild image (Bad, I'm not that innocent)

3. Both make disasterous fashion choices

4. Both had very weird (and short) marriages (Lisa Marie, the nurse and K Fed, that guy in Vegas)

5. Both had a controversial kisses at the MTV music awards show. (Jackson and Lisa Marie- it was gross, I'm not posting the Madonna and Brittany picture because that image is still burned on my brain and I will not subject humanity to such evil)

6. Both have siblings milking their fame by association.

7. Both were cute kids that destroyed their own looks

8. Both are considered dangerous to young boys (Brit w/ her own kids, Jacko with everyone else's)

I'm just waiting for Brit to become a germ-a-phobe.

Now that I've posted something about something completely unimportant (yet entirely true), we can now return to my regularly scheduled program of Huckabee bashing.


Salt H2O said...

This post was the brain child of Amy, who if she got her own blog, I'd run out of clever things to write about.

Hilary said...

All very true! You should see if OK magazine is looking for a writer. It seems like this is the kind of stuff they are after (Because I am sure this is a career you would aspire to).

ThomCarter said...

I can't believe that you put the picture of the very gross kiss between Jack-o and Lisa-Marie and then justified not putting the glorious picture of Brittany and Madonna.

That was so Huckabee of you!

adam said...

I was surprised at my own reaction to Britney's album cover--it is relatively modest. : )

Vanilla Vice said...

This was hilarious. Well played. Well played.

Sally said...

Sweet post.

Jeri10 said...

Oops, you did it again! You are awesome. You are the queen. I'm not worthy.

Salt H2O said...

Hil- Oh man, a writer for OK magazine, well, I guess that comes close to what I'd really like to be- a political pundit.

Thom- I can't post such things, my mom reads my blog!

Adam- Yeah, I think she was still underage when this ablum came out, if she was wearing any less it'd be considered kiddie porn

Vice and Sally- I'm glad you liked it. As I was searching for pictures on the internet I wondered it was worth my time.

Full credit of this post goes to your daughter, I merely elaborated a bit and took the time to find the pictures (ugg! sorting through jackson and brittany pictures on the internet was MISERABLE)

Mike said...

Now I can read your blog before Ann Coulters. I am onboard.

Ben & Kimberly McEvoy said...

nice Kory, great research, I am sure it didnt take to long to find 9 crazy/dumb things about either characters.

how do you get your pics together like that, all for in a neat cropped square, and teach me how to link a word, like I'll talk about you and then highlight your name and it takes readers to your blog . .need to know.

I am your mentor.
keep um coming, we watched bits of the democratic debate, while watching 8 mile( Eminem) it was funny how closely the 2 paralleled bashing, arguing, and nothing to really show for it. IF I had your skills it would be a great post

but now I must attend to diapers, runny noses and my taxi service.


crazy4danes said...

You need to have your own talk show on could give Chelsea Handler a run for her money! I would watch your show ;P

cherylrobin said...

Kory, This is a great post; the parrells are uncanny! Your ability to go from Huckabee to Brittney is awesome! You are an inspiration!

Salt H2O said...

Kim- I'll email you my two tricks, there is A LOT I wish I knew about blogger, I just don't have the patience to delve into html script

Crazy- I think you and my mom would be the only viewers of such a show :)

Cheryl- I'm glad I have friends that can follow random trains of thought!

Jillian said...

I am with you on all counts except for maybe Britney being cute as a child. She has always looked a bit like she is awaiting the return of the mothership.

Rob said...

By the way, Britney is a Republican.