Tuesday, January 29, 2008


You're familiar with snopes.com, where you prove to your extended family that those ridculous emails they send you aren't true.

You can do the same with campaign 'facts' that come out in attack ads and debates. This site does put their spin on things, but you get a lot more information than you do from a sound bite. Click here for Factcheck.org

For all of you Republican McCain fans- here's a little story for you: Click here for McCain and Hillary are BFF


Faith and Chad & the boys said...

Oh, thank you. What a great resource! I am biting my nails watching all of this - I think it is all going to come up to Super Tuesday.

adam said...

I love that site, but it got kind of frustrating looking at it after the 2004 debates--every candidate in every debate had inaccurate "facts." Really, it's either lying or stupidity. Maybe because they all do it, it's ok? Ugh.

Steve said...

Ha, you fell for Bill's trick! He WANTS Republican voters to think that so McCain doesn't win. McCain is the only Republican candidate the Democratic Party is afraid to go up against this fall.

I find McCain's, and other's, respect for Hillary Clinton and other co-workers to be much more mature than the hate mongering and public spitting that goes on against most of the Democrats, although, to be fair, we all say some very harsh and technically untrue or unsupported things about conservatives too.

It's nice to see SOME people in the world are more stable and intelligent not to stoop to name calling and elementary school antics.

Salt H2O said...

Lesson 1: Don't take political advice from your enemies.

Since you, the Clintons the NYT, CNN, and all other media outlets endorse McCain-I think it's a pretty good indicator that McCain isn't a republican. (who is subject to name calling as well- didn't you click on my first link?)

If McCain is a republican ONLY because he supports the war in Iraq, then I'm a democrat because I recycle.

Steve said...

Ha, good one. Trust me, no one on the Democratic side like McCain. His pro-war, deficit cutting, and a host of other conservative stances is far from the Democratic party. He is a moderate Republican, I'll give you that. But based upon how our two-party system is designed, both parties have to send forth the most moderate of their sides. I don't like it either, so join me in my pro-Parlimentary movement! Yeah, I've got no hope, but it's a better governmental system in my book.

You have to remember that each party only has about 30% membership with the electorate. That leaves ~40% as 'independent' or 'undecided' all the time. And if you hate having McCain represent your party, get in line, I've yet had a Democratic candidate truely represent my views in my lifetime. Again, it's the nature of the two-party system. I'm in the Left side of the 30% and you are at a minimum in the center of the Right 30%. Thus, neither you or me are the ones courted by the final candidates since it's that middle 40% that ultimately will decide who wins.

Maybe you and I should run on a ticket together to claim the 60% over the 40%, hahaha.