Thursday, January 17, 2008

I promise the next post will not mention mike

So I've become borderline obsessed with Huckabee. Sorry for you that don't care about politics. I promise my next post will be about something totally trivial and unimportant.

Mike Huckabee wants to change the constitution. "[Some of my opponents] do not want to change the Constitution, but I believe it's a lot easier to change the constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God, and that's what we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's standards," Huckabee said, referring to the need for a constitutional human life amendment and an amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman." Read the full story here

First- I've decided Huckabee has no idea as to what a president can and can't do. His plans and promises consist of items that a president has little to no control over. In his head being president of the United States = being a prophet with supreme power over his people.

Second- I understand why he thinks he will have ultimate power over the economy, the Constitution and the American people- after all God wants him to be president.

Can we get this guy out of the race already?


chloe elizabeth said...

Amen! Kind of like how BYU wins its games because the players are "living right". Gag!

Vanilla Vice said...

Did you read my blog on abortion? It's aggravating that evangelicals are voting on issues that are completely unrelated to the executive office. I've already ranted about this idiot. We're on the same page. Kudos.

cropstar said...

Sounds like he's trying to become the King of the US. King Huckabee... doesn't sound good.

BTW- I had a dream the other night that the shemale hilary won the presidency and everyone in the country was in a panic. Yikes.

Steve said...

Hey, WE agree! :) I don't think you have to rant much longer. After his losses to both McCain (SC) and Romney (NV) this weekend, his hopes are gone except for a couple Bible Belt states.

cropster, "shemale hilary" is the type of stuff that makes conservatives look like they don't know the issues. Just saying. Feel free to rip her apart, there are plenty of policy reasons, but saying she looks "shemale" seems as petty as me saying Romney's haircut is totally gay-80's Berlin (seriously, it is), calling Huckabee fat and McCain old. I'm tired of all the Hillary hating. Kyle made some very good points the other day about this.

Salt H2O said...

I have long advocated that Hillary really isn't a woman running for president- because if it wasn't for Bill she wouldn't be within reach of the white house. I don't know that shemale is the right term but I'll consider the first female victory one that is won on a woman's own merits- regardless of who she's married to.

Steve said...

I can't find any fault with your comments there. She wouldn't be a senator from New York if it weren't for him. But politics has been a "man's world" pretty much up until this race. The first one always has to break the mold somehow. Ferraro ran in the 80's and look what happened there. Obviously, to some the spouse in her case is an asset, others a detriment.

But like all candidates, you have to vote knowing that the First Lady(Gentleman?) will have some say in things. It's the reason I didn't vote for Gore b/c I still hate Tipper from the 80's. And I still think all your semi-bottle rage on Huckabee is b/c his wife looks like Phyllis from The Office!

Jared said...

There is no doubt that there is a lack of morals in this country, and I for one believe that we all need to defend those morals, whether they be abortion or same sex marriage. However, this is not for the office of the President to "change the Constutiion". Huckabee forgets that our divine Constitution was founded on the ideology of Separation of Church and State. It is this "separation" that allows him the freedom to worship "how, where or what he may." Not only is it is the government’s duty and obligation to secure and preserve this individual freedom of conscience, but it is the government's responsibility to restrict the religious right from staking claim on civil rights. Hence Romney's stand on Same-Sex marriage, that the decision needs to be made at the State level. (Support for a Non-Discrimination Act is far different than changing the Constitution) Romney has never aeven hinted that he may support gay marriage. On the contrary, we all know his religious stance on the matter. He simply understands what he should and should not do as a Presidential candidate. Something Huckabee hasn't learned yet.

"We do not believe it just to mingle religious influence with civil government, whereby one religious society is fostered and another proscribed in its spiritual privileges, and the individual rights of its members, as citizens, denied" D&C 134;9

Huckabee needs to go back and read the job description that he is "applying for" before he goes any further!

Sherpa said...

Huckabee is hilarious as a candidate. I think he's about through, but he's been great fun to watch.
A friend a few months ago posted Huckabee's platform and that was great fun deconstructing it and ripping it apart.
As for Clinton, actually she's a big reason Bill made it to the White House. Someone once said, (I forget who), If it wasn't for Hillary, Bill would be a professor in the South somewhere.

Jeri10 said...


Rudie can't fail said...

Keep up the Huck posts. He worries me as much as Hillary and Obama for multiple reasons, many of which you have hit on. Plus, why would I vote for a guy who has contempt for my religion, and has shown it in such an underhanded way.

If it is Hillary/Huck or Obama/Huck, I'll either not vote, vote 3rd party, or write in Dick Cheney. The NYT Magazine article on Mormonism from a couple of weeks ago got me thinking about why it is illogical for Mormons to support a candidate who won't support Mormons. (You probably read it, but if not:

The only way I would vote for Huck is if he is running against John Edwards. I'd rather have any illegal alien with poor english skills plucked off the street and placed in the office than have that guy as president.

brent said...

Look at all these comments! Woo hoo! I completely agree with you. What is up with the Republican party? Since when was it OK to legislate morality? Since never, that's when!

Ugh, this guy seriously bugs me.

Sally said...

That Excellent use of video and pictures in your blog, btw! Your readers appreciate it. :)

Cameron said...

No, the president cannot change the constitution alone. But the president is the de facto leader of the country, and as such can lead on the issue of amending the constitution. To cut Huck some slack, I'll assume that's what he meant.

And we legislate morality all the time. Pretty much every law has a moral reason for being there in the first place.

Cameron said...

BTW, thanks for commenting on my blog, and for the book suggestion. I'll definately read it.

That One Guy said...

Every time this man opens his mouth, my stomach churns and I have to go to the bathroom.