Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Had to share this-

I think it's funny that when one brings up Huckabee's record he considers it an 'attack'.


Michael said...

Romney seems to have claimed the same thing when people have mentioned inconsistencies between his record and his current positions.

Salt H2O said...

Romney said he was human, and changed his opinion. He never labeled those 'attacks'.

I think letting killers go free is different than an opinion on a social issue that is never going to change.

ThomCarter said...

One interesting note is that voters are not responding to so-called attack or comparison ads this cycle as they have in the past.

It is bizzare, usually compairson ads are very effective.

Some believe that voters are already upset and they don't want anything else to be upset about.

While I think Huckabee is very much the wrong choice, I believe that Governor Romney won in Michigan by talking about what he will do, not what others won't.

Salt H2O said...

I agree.

Vanilla Vice said...

"Attack Ads". Ha! Attacks are using manipulative images to convince voters the opponent is a total rapist and scaring them away from the candidate. Telling the truth because the public has no idea that the candidate is a complete moron is a different story.

If people want to talk about Romney "flipping" on abortion, so be it. I think the new stem cell/cloning of human embryo discovery today will actually lend credence to Romney's decision. THEY ARE CLONING HUMANS AND DESTROYING THE EMBRYO. Does this disturb anyone else but me?

Cameron said...

Because of the tone etc, that was probably an attack ad, and not just a "pointing out where he's wrong" ad. But it was crazy funny.