Friday, January 11, 2008

Succumbing to Peer Pressure

I have a favor to ask of you. I know, I'm in no position to ask for favors, but I've been bugging everyone I come in contact with to blog- and some very cool people have started to do so due to my campaign.

My friend Jennifer Z aired the grievance at our festivous activities that, "I'm sick of people trying to get me to blog!" However, her mom and sister have now joined the ranks of active bloggers

The three blogs I'd like to pimp are:
The girl I use to roam the streets of La Jolla with, singing at the top ourlungs- Amy Johnson Jones, the very clever Jeri Johnson and my brother, who use to be funny, now he's just smartKyle.

If the six of you that read this blog would click on the links and post a comment to encourage these intelligent people, that'd be awesome- and I'll officially owe you a blog favor (if you can figure out what a blog favor is, I'll owe you it).


Jeri10 said...

Kory, thanks for leaving your comments on my blog page and thanks for the plug for your friends to read our blogs. I Love, love, love your blogs. You are hilarious. I just added a blog you'll like (Label Whores). Thanks for the counter stats tip. I just added an invisible stat counter (so my readers won't know how few people are reading my blog). And, by the way. How do you know Botox works? You are waaaaaaaaay too young to know about Botox!

Kimberly McEvoy said...

Kory I hit them all!

Salt H2O said...

You're officially on my blog favor list.

Jennifer said...

Yeah! I got a shout out on your blog! O'Doyle Rules!