Saturday, January 26, 2008

Who knew? I'm RICH!

Brent and I don’t qualify for the government handout, uhem, ‘rebate’ that is suppose to stimulate the economy in mid-July- because Brent and I are wealthy.

I had NO idea.

I’ve been missing out on a life of luxury cars and designer handbags! I need to trade in my 2000 Jeep for a Lexus! I’ve been wasting my days in coach when I should be rollin’ in first class.

In Utah, the income you need to buy the average home is approximately 80k, so if you qualify to purchase a home in Utah, you’re considered ‘wealthy’ by the US government-and will not get the government ‘rebate’.

I should probably let my brother know that's he's rich too. Living in his cramped apartment in Palo Alto, California it will bring him and his wife and child some solace. They can't afford even a condo where he's employed, but the government has deemed him rich.

Now that I'm wealthy, I'm going to have to find me a country club and a different set of friends- friends that own yachts, drive escalades, have personal trainers and buy ridiculously expensive shoes.

I agree with Huckabee (I know, first I register as a democrat and now I agree with Huckabee, it’s like you don’t even know me anymore) in that this stimulus package will do more for China than the US

Can I just cut out the middle man and find someone that doesn’t pay any taxes and cut them a $300 check? To a high roller like myself, $300 is chump money.


Jeri and Amy said...

Kory, I hate to break it to you, but you DO have high roller friends who drive Escalades, belong to country clubs, and have personal trainers... they happen to be related to me and, quite frankly, I'm a little surprised you have overlooked them. I guess you nouveau riche are all alike!

Salt H2O said...

LOL! How could I have forgotten about Jen?! I can keep Jen as a friend, but Amy? Amy will never see a personal trainer and wants to buy a mini-van. Now that I'm rich I can't hang with someone who drives a mini-van, unless she puts a hot tub in that mini-van.

adam said...

"the income you need to buy the average home is approximately 80k"

Isn't the cutoff 150k for couples? If you and your husband make more than that per year, I'm sorry, but you are rich. And I'll be thinking of you when I'm buying my new flat screen TV. : )

Salt H2O said...

From what I've found on the internet, because no one really knows, it looks like if a couple breaks 100k, they most likely qualify for the hand out.

Adam, thank you for doing your part (purchasing a flatscreen) to stimulate the economy. Are there American made flatscreen tvs?

Steve said...

It's all relative. But statistically, you and I, and probably a lot of our friends, are rich compared to the "average" American. The cutoff for marrieds is 150K. And if people that make that much need $300 that badly, then they have some serious self control issues when it comes to money.

And I agree with you and Hucks, this stimulus package will only stimulate one thing, the re-election stump speech for those Congressmen that chirp that they "cut taxes". The economy will be in the toilet before any one even sees their check.

adam said...

Naw, all American made stuff is junk, isn't it? I guess I'm moving to Japan. I suppose if I bought a TV at Best Buy, then the $200 it cost to make it would go to China, and the $800 mark-up would still benefit the economy here. : )

Salt H2O said...


If I'm rich, then America really is hosed. We should move with Adam to Japan.

Jeri and Amy said...

Kory, I take offense, not at the minivan remark- I'll pimp that ride OUT!- but at the implication that I would never work out. It's like you don't even know me at all! Why, just yesterday I went to the grocery store and walked up and down EVERY aisle! I'm working up a sweat just thinking about it! (And, FYI, I didn't purchase any bacon or Coke) I'm a totally new person.

Steve said...

If you see here
Most of us are doing "just fine" compared to the median income. Also, here are some more #s
There are definitely "two Americas", although I'd even go farther and say there are at least four...

Salt H2O said...

By no means am I pleading poverty here, but common'- wealthy?

Compared to the rest of the world, yes we are very rich. But if we can barely afford a modest home in Utah, and we're considered rich, there's a economic tidalwave hitting this country that no $300 rebate check is going to be able to stop.

Cameron said...

I want my $300. Heck, I'm hoping for more, since I've already done my part to help the economy by having children. (Someone's gotta fill those jobs and pay for your Medicare).

It's interesting that all of a sudden Democrats think it's a good idea to cut taxes so as to put more money into Americans' pockets. So lower taxes actually does stimulate the economy. Hmmmmmmm.

Steve said...

Cameron, don't fall for the rhetoric. This is just something that came up in an election year. If this happened 12 months earlier, you wouldn't see this being passed. $300, $600 or $1200, whatever the total is, won't help. But here is a novel idea, what about the billions wasted in Iraq. Take all of that money and inject it into the US economy, think of how much we'd all get with THAT tax cut money!!!

Salty, owning a home doesn't mean you are rich. And I'd gladly pay the price for a house in Utah than Washington, DC!!! The idea of this tax cut is to go to those that need it, ie people that aren't savers and will take this money and buy worthless crap that no one needs, but our economy thrives on; ie electronics, clothes, luxury goods, vacations, etc. However, most people will just spend in on credit card debt like the last cuts in '01, thus not picking up the economy anyways.

Salt H2O said...

Steve, you to prove my point- just because I can buy a house in utah doesn't make me wealthy, homes here are cheap compared to the rest of the world. However, to buy a home in Utah that isn't a dump, and not get over your head, you have to make income defined by our federal governement as 'wealthy'.

If we had the income that could afford a home in DC, yes, I would consider that level of income wealthy. But Utah?

I feel like I'm talking in circles, I probably am.

You and I do agree on this, (if you keep agreeing with me you're going to end up voting for Romney) the country hates congress, hates the president, so what are we going to do? FREE MONEY. It's a gimmick that will create more government bureaucracy to execute- and in the end costing the American people much more than we will gain.

Steve said...

Agreed! And I'm seriously considering matching your Clinton vote for Romney on Feb 12 here in VA for your same reasons, so you might be right about that too, ha.

Again, the checks are meant for "lower income" earners to use as I outlined above. Owning a home is irrelevant. Owning or not owning one has no impact on the definition of whether one is or isn't "wealthy". I'm sure you don't need $300 that badly. haha.

And, yes, in the long run, this just creates more inflation and does nothing for the economy.

That One Guy said...

Agreed... apparently I am also of Teh Wealthy! Though I don't (and never will) drive an Escalade....

Who knew?! I don't feel any different, and I certainly don't feel wealthy.

Oh well... I think the "stimulus package" is a load of crap anyway. In an economic downturn the government wants you to SPEND money, when in fact the best move in uncertain times it to SAVE your money. They are betting we'll all run out to the Circuit City. And by and large, they're right. Which is pathetic..

Thanks for the comment over at my place - I'm going to add you to my FeedBag... er, um.. Feedburner...


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