Friday, February 29, 2008

Flashback Friday- Charles in Charge

For my 20 year old sister, who doesn't know who Charles is or why he's in charge.

Buddy, with his fabulous head of hair and keen fashion sense, that man never got enought play. Us wacky sidekicks rarely do.

Reliant K has a very nice version of Charles in Charge- availble for your listening pleasure on itunes. It's almost as good as Ted's Band.

We can all use a little Friday on a Wednesday.

Monday, February 25, 2008

God's Math

Call me overly critcal, but the ability to add is one of those key traits I look for in a presidential candidate.

"I did not major in Math, I majored in miracles"

Those who voted for Mike 'I can't add and I'm doing the will of God' Huckabee should not be permitted to operate heavy machinery.

Fabulous Item of the Week: K2O

I was wary of the Special K protein water- water is going to take the edge off hunger? But since I had $7 burning a hole in my pocket I bought a box of the protein packets and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they indeed work.

It’s pricey, but tasty. It's perfect to tide you over around 3:30 PM when you're craving chocolate and are starting to want dinner. It has saved me many a time from eating those nasty cheese and crackers they serve on Delta Flights. (For some reason I like to board airplanes hungry)

Sure it's better (and cheaper) to eat some cottage cheese and fruit to get your afternoon protein fix, but it's tough getting cottage cheese through airport security, which is what makes these tiny tubes of powdered protein so perfect.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Teaching Single Moms How to Fish

When told that a relative received $10,000 back in taxes returns last year and they didn’t even pay taxes, my pulse started to rise. When I was told that they then used their $10,000 to buy a Wii, a flat screen TV and a designer purse, my husband put his hand on my arm so I'd stop pounding my fist on the table. I wanted to hit something, especially since this relative lives in a nice home and receives food stamps.

I found a program that eases my frustraitions towards the broken welfare system, and breaks the cycle of poverty. People Helping People is dedicated to reducing the number of children living in poverty by teaching low-income mothers how to become successfully employed.

What I love about this program is that it's based in education, not in charity.

Many women in this program have felt that taking care of themselves and their kids is someone else’s job- be it a man, the government or a church. The PHP program teaches women that they are responsible for their own financial future. It gives women the knowledge, tools, courage, confidence and encouragement to start a career. The program combines workshop training, mentoring, coaching, employment referral services, business clothing referral services and more to help women achieve their full potential in the workforce.

PHP expects women to put time and work into their own success. It’s not a handout and it’s not easy. They don’t just write the resume for these women, they have to do specific things to earn the right to a professional resume, or to free business attire.

By helping a mom get off of welfare and build self-esteem through gainful employment, it then empowers her children- and this generational dependence on government charity is broken.

The reason I'm posting about this is that PHP is in need of female mentors. They have a waiting list of women that need help, and not enough volunteers. If you would like to volunteer with this program go to It’s a fulfilling experience to teach women how to fish, instead of giving them fish to buy flat screen TV.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who's checking me Serbia?

Statcounter lets me see how people find my blog, and where they are located. It's mostly for personal entertainment, and to see whether or not my blog has broken its 10 reader streak- but recently I've noticed that a picture of Brent and I posted about a year ago has been getting some high traffic from google images. It's not so terribly bizarre, I mean we are RIDICULOUSLY good looking people (You DID see the picture of me from the last Flash Back Friday, and when I was 22- need I say more?) but the strange part is- this picture has been viewed off Google images by a number of people in Italy, Spain, China, Serbia, and a few stateside.

I hope someone is using this picture for some sort of marketing campaign for deoderant, so I can sue them and quit my job. A Serbian deoderant model- that would be awesome.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Flashback Friday

I love my glasses in this picture. Why didn't they make kid's glasses in the 80's? I swear I'm sporting the same pair Dustin Hoffman wore in Tootsie.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day is for Simple Minded Fools

You know, I say a lot of things that make females want to smack me upside the head with those over priced pieces of self-esteem called designer handbags- and this rant is no different. Valentine's Day is for fools.

I’ll celebrate any holiday that involves consuming large quantities of chocolate- but ladies, roses on a day when they cost $50 a dozen? Who’s really winning when you receive those smelly temporary symbols of love- you or the florist? Wouldn't you rather have the cash? You do know those things are going to die. In addition, by expecting a big to do on Valentines day you suddenly release your significant other from any other grand shows of affection. Why should he plan a special night out? It’s not like it’s Valentines Day. Men become conditioned to only give gifts, bring flowers or take you out if a holiday is involved. Tell them you don't care about the holiday and you might just get those things year round.

I have yet to figure out what is so terribly romantic about a red stuffed animal singing an 80's power ballad, or waiting an hour for a table at a mediocre restaurant on a Thursday night. This holiday of ‘romance’ is selling a cheap substitute for the real thing.

Romance isn’t a bunch of worthless rocks hanging around your neck- romance is when he cleans the bathroom with out you mentioning it. Romance is having your car always filled up with gas and never pumping it yourself. Romance is a man that likes hanging out with your parents; a partner that is supportive of your dreams and your career; a man that encourages 'girls night out'. Romance is a man who shows up early for his daughter's piano recital, a man who jumps out of bed first when he hears the baby cry. Romance is snuggling up to your spouse even after they just farted, or sitting through 6 hours of the British version of Pride and Prejudice just to be next to your wife. Romance is listening to your partner rant and rave about something you care little about, remembering that your spouse doesn't like redvines and loves mustard. Romance is putting on a happy face after a bad day of work, and talking a second job to put braces on your kid's teeth. Romance is holding your wife’s hair as she pukes into the toilet. We need to find and value the real romance in life, not this costly superficial holiday that women have so blindly bought into.

Diamonds are the easy way out. We all have credit cards, it's not a great feat of strength to throw down cash. Ladies, you're worth more than a dinner at the Olive Garden and a 3 star movie- and he's worth more than the latest gadget from the sharper image. Quit being duped, quit being fooled and find your own romance.

I'm pretty sure I just lost 4 of my 6 readers

Friday, February 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

I was running at the gym and watched this- it made me smile. Welcome to the new flashback fridays.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Need a New Hobby

Last night around 10 I see that McCain missed the vote on the economic stimulus package.

Instantly incensed, what do I do? I turn to blog. Why? I have no co-workers, I have there is no water cooler, I feel compelled to rant to someone, and my husband can only take so much. So I subject my six readers to yet ANOTHER political rant.

A vote either way would have hurt McCain's chances to become Commander and Chief. He would have alienated this 'conservative base' he is allegedly trying to woo if he had voted for the package- or given fuel to the democrats looking for handouts if he had voted against the package, which would impact the general election.

Any vote would harm his career so what did he do?

He didn't show up.

Are we surprised John McCain decided to do what was best for John McCain and not what was best for the country? What do Senators get paid to do?

Click here or here for the story.

Am I the only one obsessed with this? I'm feeling somewhat pathetic for my passion for politics. I've got to start watching more E!.

It Looks Inevitable..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

McCain The Front Runner? Republicans Deserve to Lose

I'd be much more popular if my commentary was about Paula Abdul trying to relive her youth by putting out a Brittanyesk album, or if my chit chat was about pop culture in general (as more people vote for American Idol than for president) but today is Tuesday, and I can't resist.

In order to combat the media love with McAmenesty, here are my reasons why McCain is the absolute WORST candidate in the field- and why I may be voting for Hillary Clinton.

1. "I was a foot soldier for Regan" "I was a POW" "I have more military experience"

Wait, you thought that was his strong point right? Wrong. Granted like everyone else in the country I must start this sentence with "I appreciate McCain's sacrifice and serving as a POW" but years as a POW do not give you the experience needed to run a country. He didn't plan military strategy, he flew an airplane.

"John McCain was a naval aviator, a naval aviator is not like Patton or Eisenhower.

A naval aviator does not plan battlefield strategy, much less global military strategy, which a President must oversee, with the help of experienced generals and admirals.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was Assistant Secretary of the Navy in the First World War. But he depended on General George C. Marshall for military strategy in the Second World War.

It would be truly dangerous if McCain really considers himself a military expert, who can therefore ignore the advice of real military experts as President of the United States.

A man like McCain, with a history of being headstrong and shooting from the hip, is the last thing we need as President, in an age of complex global threats, including terrorists who may get nuclear weapons within the next few years." - Thomas Sowell Jewish World Review

2. If you graduate from the Very Bottom of your class YOU TOO can become President of the United States

He graduated 5th from the BOTTOM of his class. That's 894th out of 899. Really smart guy. Even I had better grades than McCain! (and might I add, so did George W.Bush)

3. McCain's immigration policy will cause more damage to our economy than any other candidate's
Sure Obama and Hillary have big plans for HealthCare and giving illegal immigrants $5,000 bonds for having a baby on US soil- but that can all be reversed by a future president or congress. Immigration on the other hand? That has long term LASTING impact. You can't give millions of people amnesty, and then take it back. This is the ONE REASON I would vote for Hillary over McCain. You heard it right, Hillary Clinton will get my vote if McCain is the nominee due to one issue- Amnesty.

4. "I supported the troop surge"
Big whoppity do- so did president Bush and Dick Cheney, neither of them have military experience- oh and neither of their approval ratings went up either....

5. He voted against tax cuts AP Report
2001, McCain said he was voting against Bush's tax cuts "I cannot in good conscience," McCain said, "support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who need tax relief." And you people think this guy is a Republican??

6. Enemies to the Republican Party LOVE McCain:
The LA TIMES, (do the LA TIMES like republicans? think about it) The NEW YORK TIMES (hello!) The Governator (who ran as a republican because there was no way a dem was going to get elected after Grey Davis, but that's a different blog) And of course, the Clinton's LOVE McCain. Here's a helpful hint for you - never take political advise from your enemies.

7. He lies and lies big
It's been proven that his statement about Romney's 'private timetable to get out of Iraq" was a bold faced lie that was released before Florida, and was never rescinded.

8. One word- Recession.
No economic experience from this guy. He said he can't bring jobs back to the United States (Michigan) That's NOT good.

9. He's had his mom on the campaign trail speaking... but what about his wife?
Am I the only one that finds it odd that the 'front runner's' wife never says ANYTHING? Ever? but the man brought his batty mother on the trail with him.

10. Talk about a Flip Flopper!
McCain- Feingold, McCain- Kennedy and oh yeah, those tax cuts where he says he was 'wrong' to appose them. So we forgive him for a voting record which is directly contrary to that which the republican party stands for- but Mitt Romney can't change an opinion on a social issue with out getting slaughtered.

11. Republicans will be giving the nomination to the Democrats on a platter
We already have one old white guy in the office, why on earth would this country elect another. If we elect McCain as the Republican nominee, the democrats will win this election with out a fight.

I close with this statement- if John McCain gets the republican nomination- I will be casting a vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Which doesn't really matter, because she will be the new President of the United States, with or with out my vote.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Most Entertaining part of the Super Bowl

If you're unfamiliar with Night at the Roxbury, watch this video, the Supper Bowl commerical will make more sense:

Favorite Super Bowl Sunday Ad: