Monday, February 25, 2008

God's Math

Call me overly critcal, but the ability to add is one of those key traits I look for in a presidential candidate.

"I did not major in Math, I majored in miracles"

Those who voted for Mike 'I can't add and I'm doing the will of God' Huckabee should not be permitted to operate heavy machinery.


The UnMighty said...

Moses was bad with numbers. That's why Aaron did his math for him.

Salt H2O said...

As soon as Mike makes water flow from a rock by hitting it with a stick, food fall from the skies or parts a large body of water, I'll let the math thing slide.

Vanilla Vice said...

This whole SNL was pandering to every candidate BUT McCain. Look how fast the media turns on you old man...they even get you for doing things like...lobbying.

Della Hill said...

Your posts always make me laugh.

drew said...

HA! This was the 1st time I have seen this. Huckabee is so annoying and awkward. Does he know he is making a fool of himself and wasting Republican time and money?

Salt H2O said...

Vice- The reason the media loved him at first is because they have loads of great stories to rip him apart with during the General Election. SNL does a great job of pandering.

Della- I'm glad I make someone other than my mom laugh!

Sometimes to fulfill the will of God you must waste a lot of money, and look like a bluthering idiot.
Thanks for your comment. I went to your blog- and found it very entertaining.