Tuesday, February 5, 2008

McCain The Front Runner? Republicans Deserve to Lose

I'd be much more popular if my commentary was about Paula Abdul trying to relive her youth by putting out a Brittanyesk album, or if my chit chat was about pop culture in general (as more people vote for American Idol than for president) but today is Tuesday, and I can't resist.

In order to combat the media love with McAmenesty, here are my reasons why McCain is the absolute WORST candidate in the field- and why I may be voting for Hillary Clinton.

1. "I was a foot soldier for Regan" "I was a POW" "I have more military experience"

Wait, you thought that was his strong point right? Wrong. Granted like everyone else in the country I must start this sentence with "I appreciate McCain's sacrifice and serving as a POW" but years as a POW do not give you the experience needed to run a country. He didn't plan military strategy, he flew an airplane.

"John McCain was a naval aviator, a naval aviator is not like Patton or Eisenhower.

A naval aviator does not plan battlefield strategy, much less global military strategy, which a President must oversee, with the help of experienced generals and admirals.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was Assistant Secretary of the Navy in the First World War. But he depended on General George C. Marshall for military strategy in the Second World War.

It would be truly dangerous if McCain really considers himself a military expert, who can therefore ignore the advice of real military experts as President of the United States.

A man like McCain, with a history of being headstrong and shooting from the hip, is the last thing we need as President, in an age of complex global threats, including terrorists who may get nuclear weapons within the next few years." - Thomas Sowell Jewish World Review

2. If you graduate from the Very Bottom of your class YOU TOO can become President of the United States

He graduated 5th from the BOTTOM of his class. That's 894th out of 899. Really smart guy. Even I had better grades than McCain! (and might I add, so did George W.Bush)

3. McCain's immigration policy will cause more damage to our economy than any other candidate's
Sure Obama and Hillary have big plans for HealthCare and giving illegal immigrants $5,000 bonds for having a baby on US soil- but that can all be reversed by a future president or congress. Immigration on the other hand? That has long term LASTING impact. You can't give millions of people amnesty, and then take it back. This is the ONE REASON I would vote for Hillary over McCain. You heard it right, Hillary Clinton will get my vote if McCain is the nominee due to one issue- Amnesty.

4. "I supported the troop surge"
Big whoppity do- so did president Bush and Dick Cheney, neither of them have military experience- oh and neither of their approval ratings went up either....

5. He voted against tax cuts AP Report
2001, McCain said he was voting against Bush's tax cuts "I cannot in good conscience," McCain said, "support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who need tax relief." And you people think this guy is a Republican??

6. Enemies to the Republican Party LOVE McCain:
The LA TIMES, (do the LA TIMES like republicans? think about it) The NEW YORK TIMES (hello!) The Governator (who ran as a republican because there was no way a dem was going to get elected after Grey Davis, but that's a different blog) And of course, the Clinton's LOVE McCain. Here's a helpful hint for you - never take political advise from your enemies.

7. He lies and lies big
It's been proven that his statement about Romney's 'private timetable to get out of Iraq" was a bold faced lie that was released before Florida, and was never rescinded.

8. One word- Recession.
No economic experience from this guy. He said he can't bring jobs back to the United States (Michigan) That's NOT good.

9. He's had his mom on the campaign trail speaking... but what about his wife?
Am I the only one that finds it odd that the 'front runner's' wife never says ANYTHING? Ever? but the man brought his batty mother on the trail with him.

10. Talk about a Flip Flopper!
McCain- Feingold, McCain- Kennedy and oh yeah, those tax cuts where he says he was 'wrong' to appose them. So we forgive him for a voting record which is directly contrary to that which the republican party stands for- but Mitt Romney can't change an opinion on a social issue with out getting slaughtered.

11. Republicans will be giving the nomination to the Democrats on a platter
We already have one old white guy in the office, why on earth would this country elect another. If we elect McCain as the Republican nominee, the democrats will win this election with out a fight.

I close with this statement- if John McCain gets the republican nomination- I will be casting a vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Which doesn't really matter, because she will be the new President of the United States, with or with out my vote.


adam said...

Funny thing is, I liked McCain. I admired his views on immigration (I don't think it's amnesty, but that's another post : ) ) as well as his "somewhat" tolerant stance towards gays. You can nix all that now. First he says we're going to be in Iraq pretty much forever, and his campaign (you covered some of my complaints) has nearly killed any idea I had of voting for him.

As for McCain not really being a republican, Clinton isn't really a democrat either (see dirty pharmaceutical money, Iraq record). Maybe we could dream of an Obama vs. Romney election. That would be more interesting.

Sara S said...

Great post Kory! I agree with your sentiments exactly. McCain is an absolute idiot--- He's so stupid, I don't think he even knows he's lying. I am so disappointed that he is getting the support that he is... don't people care about the economy and morals? As sad as this is to say, I would rather see Hillary in the White House than McCain.

crazy4danes said...

I agree with Adam...I think that an Obama vs. Romney election would be way better, but what can you do? Like you said...vote for Hilary, I am amazed at how well McCain has done...what r people thining?!? One answer...they're not.

cropstar said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! I'd rather see a dem in office than McCain. And if McCain does get the GOP nomination, instead of voting for Hillary or Barack, I'll be writing in Mitt.

Faith and Chad & the boys said...

I'm with you here for sure. I lost every bit of respect for McCain after the dishonest antics he pulled on Romney right before voting day in Florida, who does that?!?!

I have a great article my SIL just forwarded me about all these Republican back-and-forth, will send it on to you.

Julia said...

Okay I'm sorry to comment on this post about nothing too political, but I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I found you from fMh and have been reading for the last hour.

I love, love, love the single and graduating post. I can't believe how the article turned out. I too graduated BYU unmarried. I was thrilled and was a little sad when my 19 year old roommates would tell me "Don't worry...you'll find someone!" I'm sure they fell over when I didn't get married until I was 26..."but you are so old...who would marry you"

I also love the parasite post. I've wanted a parasite since college. What's better...eat all you want and still lose weight! I even have a name picked out for mine. However after experiencing Cancun water/parasites on my honeymoon, I don't know if I could handle it.

I like your political musings too. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how anyone actually supports McCain. There just aren't enough choices I guess.

Thanks for the good reading!

Allie said...

You don't think Obama will win the Dem. nomination?

I think it's really neat how Obama has made people excited about politics.

f*bomb. said...

I feel like you just shoved my head down a very dark tunnel...Where is your Democratic vote for Obama?!? I thought you were going to use it to turn the tables on the great state of Utah!

A Romney/Obama ticket would really, really please me.

Salt H2O said...

Adam, McCain called itamnesty

Sara, All I can think of is that people take what the media feeds them with out thinking for themselves.

Crazy- I'd be very happy with a Romney/Obama election too.

Faith- Thanks for the article. I'm so grateful we have the internet and don't have to rely on 'fair and balanced reporting' ugg!

Julia- welcome to the soapbox. I think those of us that graduated from BYU single, and planed on it should start a club.

Allie- I HOPE Obama wins the nomination. McCain v Obama is a no brainer- there's no way the old man who wants the war to go on indefinitly could beat the optimism of Obama. I'm just talking in a worst case senario.

Farrah- Never fear- I just got back from voting for Obama. I would bet money, that if it's a McCain Obama race, we'd see a blue Utah.

adam said...

"Amnesty has to be an important part..."

Oh dang. Thanks for that link. Really, maybe we should stop debating using the word 'amnesty'. Starting with me.

What does it really mean, anyway? Did I get "amnesty" when I paid my speeding ticket and they agreed not to send me to jail? Maybe I don't understand what Repubs mean by the word. I thought it meant that "one is pardoned from an offense." Paying a fine for being here illegally is not amnesty (not that I have any bright ideas about this issue). Sorry for the threadjack here. : )

Salt H2O said...

Thread jack nothing- the more often we can put McCain and Amnesty together in a sentence the better!

Vanilla Vice said...

1. You are the new Ann Coulter. She too will support Hillary if McCain wins. This is a good thing.
2.I agree with everything you said.
3. I will register as an independent and cut ties with the Republican party if we nominate McCain.
4. HE IS A LIBERAL. Read his platform. He lies. Tax cuts? I could go on and on about his corporate tax cuts - they don't make economic sense. This man is old and out of touch on so many levels it's unreal. The only leg he has to stand on is military, and my stupid electorate is BUYING it.
5. He and Huckster are in alliance together. West Virginia is a sham.

I could go on forever. I have convinced several people NOT to vote for him. I hope my friends listen...

Salt H2O said...

Cropstar- Writing in Mitt may be the only answer- However, I will vote for Obama.

Bree- How the media isn't all over West Virgina??? IT'S A JOKE! McCain MOCKS our electoral system.

The more of us out there talking the ills of John McCain the better!

Jeri10 said...

Kory - YOU should go into politics. I mean it. Hilary will lose, so the way is open for YOU to be the first female Prez. Start with Senator and work your way up. Get on it.

brent said...

Heh heh. Great post. I sure as heck won't be voting for McCain if he wins the nomination. And I'm from Arizona! He's clueless on the economy. There's no way I'm staying in the National Guard if he's gonna be sending me to Iraq for-ev-er. Like Rush said, it's the end of the Republican party as we know it if McCain wins the nomination. The general election will be a cake walk for Hillary.

Ay, Dios mio!

Salt H2O said...

Jeri- I can't go into politics, too many skeletons in my closet- like the time I snuck out of the house to go to the Oingo Boingo concert- and I'm an inherent 'flip flopper', I change my mind on issues when presented new information. This nation doesn't like candidates with open minds with no scandals in their history(see Mitt Romney)

Brent: I fear the worst has happened. McCain will be the republican nominee, socialism is upon us and our boarders will be opened. I'm looking for jobs in Singapore.

Cameron said...

He's gonna get flattened in the general election, regardless of who the Democratic nominee is. And really, as far as policy is concerned, Hillary and Obama are practically identical. Obama just hasn't proven to be so sleazy and annoying and hated as Hillary and former President Clinton have. I for the life of me can't understand why any Democrat would vote for Hillary over Obama. Just doesn't make sense.

Both Hillary and Obama's policies, according to what they're promising in debates and campaign stops, will spell big ugly badness for the country.

chloe elizabeth said...

Seriously...McCain? How dumb are people? I have no faith in my party. None. How embarrassing! For the first time ever in a presidential election, I will be voting for a democrat.

The only thing that gives me hope is how Reagan lost the first time around, and then came back four years later to win big!

cropstar said...

So why Obama over Hillary?

I'm with Chloe- Mitt in '12!

Silvs said...

So for awhile I was all on board the whole, if McCain wins the nomination then we may as well elect a Dem to the White House...but I don't think that's what we really want either. At least if you're a conservative.

I think Romney himself provides a good reason as to why we should still support the GOP nominee. The party is bigger than the candidate and we're not going to win in the end by losing now. I heard a lot of the conservative talking heads saying that and it didn't make sense to me at first, but I'm coming around. Two of the biggest things are the war and all of the potential justices that could be up for grabs in the next 4-8 years.

I'm still formulating my thoughts on this, and I'll try and churn something out on my blog over the weekend, but I think it's important that conservatives get behind the GOP nominee. Maybe not because the guy is really the best conservative on the ticket, but a much better alternative to hyper-liberal leaders.

Salt H2O said...

Silvs- I was buying the 'we need to appoint conservative judges' argument for like a minute- before I found out that McCain ditched the Senate vote to pursue his personal interest.

In turn, we've seen evidence that the Republican party is the party of religous bigotry. Liberal Mass could elect a mormon- but not the conservative Christians of the south.

I can't support a party that doesn't respect my faith. This must be what gay republicans feel like.