Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Need a New Hobby

Last night around 10 I see that McCain missed the vote on the economic stimulus package.

Instantly incensed, what do I do? I turn to blog. Why? I have no co-workers, I have there is no water cooler, I feel compelled to rant to someone, and my husband can only take so much. So I subject my six readers to yet ANOTHER political rant.

A vote either way would have hurt McCain's chances to become Commander and Chief. He would have alienated this 'conservative base' he is allegedly trying to woo if he had voted for the package- or given fuel to the democrats looking for handouts if he had voted against the package, which would impact the general election.

Any vote would harm his career so what did he do?

He didn't show up.

Are we surprised John McCain decided to do what was best for John McCain and not what was best for the country? What do Senators get paid to do?

Click here or here for the story.

Am I the only one obsessed with this? I'm feeling somewhat pathetic for my passion for politics. I've got to start watching more E!.


Zach said...

Couldn't agree more. This is a man who...

1) Never held a "real" job (read: something in the private sector)

2) Graduated 894th out of a class of 899 at the Naval Academy

3) Fell in love with his second wife while still married to his first. He married his second wife 45 days after his divorce from his first

4) is likely to become the next President of the United States?!?!?!?

I thought Bill Clinton was as low as we could go in selecting a president... I may have been wrong.

ThomCarter said...

Would you like a book recommendation?

crazy4danes said...

Ooooh...I didn't know about Zach's #3 up there! One more great reason he's a douche! Now how again with all of this did he make it this far?

I'm not a political junkie and this is why! is it that someone of his "caliber" can have a chance of being our next Commander and Cheif????

Unfortunately we can't pick our obsessions...only try to make sure they don't control our lives! LOL :P

I don't know if watching more E! is the answer (although I do love the Soup and Chelsea Handler!) :D

What do you obsess about when there isn't a political fire storm raging on?

chloe elizabeth said...

I will probably be voting for a democrat.

Steve said...

Not that I am backing Walnuts, but we had a joke in college.... What do you call the guy that graduates at the bottom of his med school class?.......

"Doctor". So I couldn't care less where he graduated at school. Plus, it's a war college, something most of us still know nothing about.

And being a politician is irrelevant for having a 'real job' experience. Plus, it's sort of insulting to all of us that work in the government. Trust me, when people from the "real world" come into government, they face a real learning curve and usually can't get much accomplished. See our current Pres.

Sherpa said...

I can second Steve's comment about "real world experience" and coming into government. They usually can't get anything done, and they don't get that the government operates differently than the private sector and that's not necessarily a bad thing. And it is insulting to those who work in government.

Salt H2O said...

Zach- Didn't he leaves his wife when she was injured?

Thom- Yes

Crazy- the only answer I can come up with is America is full of morons. I didn't really obsess about anything before the election year- so this is really new to me.

Steve- Maybe you're ok with a doctor that graduated from the bottom of his class- but not me. (And after working in the medical sector, that’s REALLY important) In addition, yes McCain went to WestPoint, which is a military school, meaning there are at least 800 people more qualified than he is in military strategy.

I don't doubt that coming into and understanding government is a difficult job. But having 'real world' experience is important for a number of reasons - see my answer to Sherpa.

Sherpa- The statement is meant to be insulting.

Again, I don’t understand the first thing about government or how to get anything accomplished. I can’t imagine what a maze it must be to navigate in. However, how can a body of government pass regulation on issues that it has no first hand knowledge of or experience in?

Why do we assume that people with zero experience running a business are qualified to pass regulation that affects businesses, big and small? Why is it those with no healthcare background are suddenly qualified to decide the future of how healthcare is run? How come people with no economics background are building economic stimulus packages? The private sector funds government, yet those that are career politicians have never experienced first hand the sector which they are regulating, monitoring and taxing.

I’m not saying that working in government isn’t work- or a real job, however when you see some of the crap that comes out of Washington it’s painfully obvious that they haven’t been forced to do surgery on an illegal immigrant, they don’t have to worry about their retirement fund getting eaten by a declining economy, they don’t have to produce growth or get fired, it’s a world where politicians play with other people’s money with out first hand knowledge of the impact their decisions make on the economy and the American people.

I’m sorry if I seem a little harsh-but I’m really pissed off right now at the whole system.
My president has failed me, my congress has failed me and now my people have failed me.

Steve said...

You have to be careful with generalizing statements when you don't know enough about the details, which you stated above.

I'm not saying government is perfect and that the private sector isn't most of the time more efficient. However, you have to understand that laws and stuff (sorry to be so technical, ha) aren't written by the President or even Congressmen many times. The President hires staff and Congress hires staff. Many of these staff people have 'real world' experience are become resident experts in their arenas. In addition, many, if not most, Congressmen have had 'real world' jobs. This is especially true in the House.

And government really functions as a serious of cogs that carry out everything, much of mundane, but lead to the big thing, like the war in Iraq, Social Security, our highway system, our economic health, etc. The entire Executive Branch, which me and Sherpa and probably a few of your other commenters are who makes sure the machine keeps running. There are only 537 federal politicians in the city (Pres, VP, Senators, Representatives) and they aren't even here most of the time.

I understand your resentment with the machine, but realize it's the individuals that you vote for to represent you, your Congressman and two Senators that are responsible to you; and ONLY them, are paid and hired for your specific concerns. If they aren't being met, that is where you have to start instituting change. If you hire someone that truly represents you, wouldn't you want him/her to stay in 'forever'. Thus, some of these Congressmen do that and then get labled a 'career politician' when they are only getting rewarded with re-election b/c they are doing their job for their constituents.

I think your real anger is with the two party system (I hear you) which leads to partisian games and all the money that dictates the games, which is bankrolled by big corporations and special interests. The best government has no special interest and no outside influences; which is funny since that is a lot of what McCain has stood for, yet you continue to berate him for it.

DC is filled and run by some of the most highly educated and intelligent people in the world, but try not to hold it against us that the politicians work here too. :)

Daisy Paige said...

While I watched Mitt's campaign 'freeze' last week, I came up with the perfect scenario and passed it along to Romney's campaign. If McCain is elected Pres, Romney should become his Vice, so that when McCain drops dead, he'll step up to fill the position.


But if Obama wins, that's just as good, in my opinion. The only thing I really *don't* want to see is a McCain/Clinton duel for the Presidency.

Allie said...

It's okay to be obsessed, but it's better to be obsessed and be doing something about it.

Write your legislators and tell them to stop passing stupid laws. They're not listening to me.