Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day is for Simple Minded Fools

You know, I say a lot of things that make females want to smack me upside the head with those over priced pieces of self-esteem called designer handbags- and this rant is no different. Valentine's Day is for fools.

I’ll celebrate any holiday that involves consuming large quantities of chocolate- but ladies, roses on a day when they cost $50 a dozen? Who’s really winning when you receive those smelly temporary symbols of love- you or the florist? Wouldn't you rather have the cash? You do know those things are going to die. In addition, by expecting a big to do on Valentines day you suddenly release your significant other from any other grand shows of affection. Why should he plan a special night out? It’s not like it’s Valentines Day. Men become conditioned to only give gifts, bring flowers or take you out if a holiday is involved. Tell them you don't care about the holiday and you might just get those things year round.

I have yet to figure out what is so terribly romantic about a red stuffed animal singing an 80's power ballad, or waiting an hour for a table at a mediocre restaurant on a Thursday night. This holiday of ‘romance’ is selling a cheap substitute for the real thing.

Romance isn’t a bunch of worthless rocks hanging around your neck- romance is when he cleans the bathroom with out you mentioning it. Romance is having your car always filled up with gas and never pumping it yourself. Romance is a man that likes hanging out with your parents; a partner that is supportive of your dreams and your career; a man that encourages 'girls night out'. Romance is a man who shows up early for his daughter's piano recital, a man who jumps out of bed first when he hears the baby cry. Romance is snuggling up to your spouse even after they just farted, or sitting through 6 hours of the British version of Pride and Prejudice just to be next to your wife. Romance is listening to your partner rant and rave about something you care little about, remembering that your spouse doesn't like redvines and loves mustard. Romance is putting on a happy face after a bad day of work, and talking a second job to put braces on your kid's teeth. Romance is holding your wife’s hair as she pukes into the toilet. We need to find and value the real romance in life, not this costly superficial holiday that women have so blindly bought into.

Diamonds are the easy way out. We all have credit cards, it's not a great feat of strength to throw down cash. Ladies, you're worth more than a dinner at the Olive Garden and a 3 star movie- and he's worth more than the latest gadget from the sharper image. Quit being duped, quit being fooled and find your own romance.

I'm pretty sure I just lost 4 of my 6 readers


chloe elizabeth said...

But the two that are left soooo appreciate this post! (At least I do). And I totally agree. I'd much prefer flowers (and I do love getting them...even if they do die because I love how they look and smell and brighten a room) on random occasions.

heidiluxe said...

i'm not much for sentimentality, but my husband is. valentine's day is one of his forte's. and if he wants to buy me presents and chocolate, i'm not crazy, i'll take it, but you are right about overpriced flowers. i would prefer the cash and a willing shopping participant anyday.

Steve said...

You may have lost a bunch of girl readers, but will probably get lots of flowers from random strange men now, haha.

I tend to agree with you. Luckily, Kelly has always been cool with this and I couldn't even begin to guess the last time she pumped gas, took the trash out or we haven't had some flowers in the house.

Guess she has me 'trained' well, haha.

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Kory, I know you might get tired of reading this, but YOU ROCK! And I couldn't agree more.

cropstar said...

Amen sister! I don't need someone else telling me what day I should be expressing/receiving love. It should just happen everyday of the year in some simple way or another.

Sally said...

I think your tag "girls are stupid" should be changed to "other girls are stupid". :)

Salt H2O said...

Chole- I love flowers too- but at $50 a dozen- I'll wait till Feb 15th.

Heidi- If you figure out the right angle to get the cash and shopopng instead of the flowers, let me know.

Steve- Yes, you are well trained. I love not pumping gas.

Natalie- Are you kidding me? That's why I have blog. So my friends can continue to tell me how wonderful I am! You made my day.

Crop- I completely agree. This blog came after hearing 'every kiss beings with Kay' in every commercial break during the Simpsons.

Sally- Nah, I'm pretty stupid too- I just rarely blog about it.

crazy4danes said...

Love this post...and I agree! I personally hate flowers...I think they are an easy out for guys, and I've always received them in large quantities, prior to Dan, so they don't mean much to me anymore.

I have always felt that Valentine's Day was for the dating or single...NOT the married. Why would you need a holiday to show the person you chose to spend the rest of forever with? Stupid if you ask me...like you said it's the everday valentine's that I adore! And the part you said about the man jumping out of bed first when the baby cries...you couldn't be more right!!!

I fall in love with Dan again everytime he gets B in the bath for me at the end of the day because he knows I'm tired, but he is too! Or when he sends me cute little texts during the day...they always seem to come just when I'm about to pull my hair out! Or when he blows off fight night with the guys because he's been working a ton and knows I miss him....those are the true EVERDAY valentine's gifts that to me are priceless!!!!!

Not to say Dan and I don't do something special for Valentine's Day. But we haven't done the traditional valentines day stuff since the first year we were married. Like I said Valentine's Day is for the young single or dating people. Other than that it's overated and is a holiday that has made guys lazy if you ask me!....FLOWER$...what did that take a whole minute on the phone to the florist to buy and arrange delivery??? Give me a break, that's not love that's a pacifier!

Sherpa said...

I have mixed feelings about Valentines Day. I hear ya about the lameness of the day, but I've had some great valentines day experiences that had nothing to do with romantic love.

Julia said...

I don't care much for V-day just because it doesn't have much meaning for me. My lover brings me flowers randomly and I love that. I wish romance was him cleaning the bathroom once in awhile...that's not going to happen...so I'll take the flowers.

Instead I use the day to show my kids some extra special loves...and dress up in red.

Girls aren't the only ones that are stupid. Guys do this crap just to get laid. Talk about stupid....

Steve said...

Julia, we wouldn't do it (or 99% of what we do) if it didn't work in getting us laid!

Allie said...

The best time to celebrate v-day is the day after. If you want a bunch of chocolate and junk, it's really cheap.

(I love Pride and Prejudice (the real one, not the newer one))

f*bomb. said...

I love flowers. I love thoughtful acts of kindness. I love music. I love that someone would think to do something special for me.

I only WISH I had something to complain about, Kor, but I'm not lucky enough to have anyone in particular to do any of the things you listed here. Still, I must say- I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY!!!
I love the cheesy music and the pretty flowers and the hearts and the music and the love letters and the poetry and the candlelight and the music and all that Valentine's Day represents.

I will never diss on you, St. Valentine. Even if I do think Cupid is a lazy-a$$ who has long since forgotten my address.

Vanilla Vice said...

Farrah and I were once at dinner with a guy I was dating, and got into an argument over the flower debate. Clearly I HATE flowers (Kory, you are my twin), and Farrah loves them as they are a transient meaningless gift. IT means that the relationship will die with the flowers. The guy broke up with me A WEEK LATER. I definitely blame it on the fact he thought I was a militant, unromantic hag. Little does he know I'm a thoughtul perfect person that is far from "high maintenance". He's also the guy now wasting $ on a BMW motorcycle. I hope he crashes it.

Christin said...

I had never thought about it that way, love it!

Stephen said...

Gee, with the number of comments you got, you probably gained readers with this post.

Faith and Chad & the boys said...

Ok, I'm with you - Chad has detailed orders not to give me flowers or chocolate on Valentine's Day, for the price issue, yes, but also because it seems so commercial and requires no thought at all. Now I will say that any day, commercially driven or otherwise, that helps me remember how much I love him and helps him think about how much he loves me, I'm all for that. But give me a homemade card, or heck even a hand written card with some sort of sentiment and I am putty in your hands!

Ben & Kimberly McEvoy said...


I wish I could have responded sooner. I totally agree with your post. And most of the comments. do you remember my girlfriend from high school Loree Lemon (very artistic somewhat crazy). well Me and here hated Valentines day. We debated (unsuccessfully to deaf ears) that is was all a marketing scheme by hallmark.

I have been watching allot of news on tV after the kids are in bed . . .I was so sickened by the Pajama grams, and Vermont Teddy bear commercials.

You really think I want a set of Pajama's to signify you care about me.

If my husband cant come up with a 'real' gift to give me . .then dont. Because its a waste of money, and its not from your heart.
Loree and I started celebrating Single Awareness Day. Which people thought I was a hypocrite because I had a boy friend. but I wasnt tied to him and we both new it wasnt forever-duh, and Even being married I still see the importance of being a , being the best I can be. not just being the best 'we' can be.
sorry I really could rant on this for a long time. I really have a hard time with people that have to always be paired with someone (aka .K. K.). If your a not a complete you how can you be whole when your married.

And why are flowers, stuffed animals and chocolates so big. I really would rather get a movie, book, chimmichungas or heaven forbid a foot rub. Chocolates are a dime a dozen. Give me something special . . .from your heart. And not just annually.

I must say Ben does a great job. he does the dishes more then I do. And he is obsessed with washing his car. SO he will sneak in my car to. I was sick, and My baby is sick. He had the 2 older kids at the bb court running races and riding bikes. he called and asked 'what's for dinner' I mummbled in the phone I havnt gotten that far.

He arrived home with food, he made 3 stops in all, the last to my favorite thai place just for me to get a soup I absolutely cannot go with out. My sweet Valentine.

Jeri10 said...

Count your comments - you know you've got more than six readers and you haven't lost us. We're loyal fans.

Janell said...

You've gained another reader :)

Salt H2O said...

woo hoo! glad to have you Janell.