Monday, March 31, 2008

Disney Princesses Are the Root of all Evil

I know, you thought Cross-Dressing Chilean Midgets were the root of all evil, but no-it's the Disney Princess. Evil may be a little much, but as I watched a 17 year old girl, with designer sunglasess and overly highlighted hair driving her red sports car with the license plate frame that says, “It’s not easy being the princess” I started to wonder, “Why on earth does this girl from Ogden think she’s a princess?”

Let’s look at some of the more popular princesses. Ariel- what did Ariel do? She sang and was pretty. Her life was miserable with out a man. When cursed the only thing that could save her is a kiss. She ended up catching the man and getting married at the ripe age of 16 and lived happily ever after.

Another example: Sleeping Beauty. Skills: Singing to animals and looking pretty. Why a man would want her: She owns a fancy dress that changes color, and did I mention she's pretty? When cursed the only thing that could bring her happily ever after was…a KISS from her true love. Got happily ever after at the age of you guessed it- 16!

We show these movies to our daughters in their most formative years, when they are learning about life and the world around them. Children don’t distinguish between entertainment and education- the two blend together. These little girls, drawn to the pretty dresses are told that life is not complete unless they are pretty, and are kissed by prince charming. Once they meet the prince all will be well with the world, and they can expect this to happen around the age of 16.

Growing up on fairy tales is it so surprising that girls think they can fall in true love while in High School? The majority of princesses get married at sixteen, unless you’re Snow White, and she was seven. (According to the Brother’s Grimm fairy tale, in the cartoon she looks a bit older than seven- I’d say oh…sixteen)

You have little girls dressing up as princesses, and little boys dressing up as cowboys, firemen, doctors, baseball players…when was the last time you heard a little boy say, “When I grow up I want to be Prince Charming”

Which leaves us where we are today, in a world full of Princesses and no Prince Charmings. I am grateful for Shrek, who teaches a bit more about love and romance, and how the person who is going to make you the happiest isn't the person you think will. But that's a blog for another day.

We have a surplus of women that think the most important thing in the world is to look pretty. They expect a man to take care of them and bring them happiness. They expect a castle on the good side of town, to never have to work and to spend their days shopping at Nordstrom. When trying to figure out where they derived this notion one just has to look to the movies they watched as little girls and see- they were told that this is what life is about.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Holy Cross-Dressing Chilean Midgets Batman!

Found it on CNN.Com. Wish I hadn't. Now I must subject you all.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Socially Inept in Provo

My sister is 20, single and living in Provo. I love her stories of stalkers, it makes me appreciate marriage all the more. Below is an email from her.

Ok, so this guy came into my work yesterday. He was one of those guys that just wanted to talk, and I knew he wasn't going to leave, so I talked. I was friendly, and myself. He came back in later and was there for like a half hour before coming up to me and saying, with his eyes closed, looking very nervous, "are you seeing anyone...?..... do you want to hang out..??.... no pressure....?" And he was a fairly nice guy, not too attractive, kinda different but I was just friendly talking to him and there are situations when guys ask for numbers and I can easily say 'no' but this guy was nice and he looked so nervous asking me I couldn't. So today I get this 4 page text from him saying, 'Hello pretty girl! This is John from this student store- you know, the tall blond with glasses that hit on you? I hope you remember because I can't get you out of my head. It's been a long time since I have felt romantic feelings between me and a girl. I could stare at you all day, deep into you eyes, wondering what you really feel underneath the giggling and flirtiness. I hope to see you again soon- maybe we can meet on campus for lunch. Ttyl, you friend, Jake.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!??!"

It's so much funnier when it's not happening to you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Largest Impuse Buy Ever!

I did not want a single t-shirt, trinket or soon to be D.I. donation from our vacation. We spent no money in the ports on junk and we were proud. We were going to walk off that cruise ship with money in our pockets until we met...Peter Max.

Beware of Art, it sucks you in. Initially we attended art seminars and auctions on the ship because we found them vastly more entertaining than the belly flop competitions, and they promised free stuff. I'm a sucker for free stuff.

Nobody Cares What I think posted about spending ridiculous amounts of money on art. If I had 50 million dollars I would not be purchasing a rare piece of art. But have you noticed how much art and money has in common? Both are on paper, both are only worth what people are willing to trade you for it. However Money is subject to inflation, properly purchased art will increase in value. In addition, by trading in your money for art you get to enjoy it every day. Sure art isn't exactly a liquid asset, but it is an asset, and can be a shrewd investment.

At least that's what I keep telling myself. What we were going to spend on a retaining wall for our backyard is now going to hang over our fireplace. Post purchaswe I was feeling a bit of "what the heck did I just buy?". I was comforted when Brent and I went on line to see what the street value of this piece of paper is, and it has increased in value- Who needs a retaining wall anyway?

My New Ambition is to be a Beach Bum

Back from vacation, and my brain refuses to turn on. I don't blame it- I've avoided economics, politics and work for 10 days straight and realized, we're living the wrong life.

We're moving- here.

Here's my boat.

It doesn't have to be St.Lucia or Antigua- Brent and I will settle for this little US Territory-

Puerto Rico is like Mexico but WAAY nicer- and I'm no fan of Mexico. Top off these beatufiul beaches, and friendly people with no federal taxes and we're sold! Sure you can't vote in national elections, but with an election year like this-who cares?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm currently in a location that charges 55 cents a minute for internet access, very SLOW internet access at that. I've spent 5 bucks just trying to post this!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Here it is, the hottest and most exciting topic of the day- Kory's Health Care plan. I know, I know, this may be just TOO much excitement for a Thursday. In response to Steve's comment on my last post I came up with Korycare. I'm going to send Korycare to McCain so he too can have an ambiguous health care plan to put forth.

Grab a glass of milk because this post is dry. Except for point 4 where I mandate all teenage women go on birth control. That part is pretty spicy.

1- Government provided insurance isn’t provided by the government

Contract with a 3rd party provider, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, just like all the other large corporations that provide health care. Medicare is GONE.

2- Defining Poverty- and need

If you can afford to pay for health care and instead chose to buy a new truck, you won’t be covered.

States would determine different levels of poverty- you’ll submit your IRS returns to qualify for government insurance.

Three levels of qualification: The first level makes you eligible to purchase the government insurance at the discounted rate. The second would be a more severely discounted rate and the third would be free.

Those that do not qualify for insurance due to pre-existing conditions will show proof of denials from 5 different insurance carriers in order to qualify to be covered under tier one of this program.

3- Preventative Health care required qualifying for the government subsidized insurance.

You have to have your annual check ups, maintain a proper weight to qualify for the coverage. You miss an annual appointment- you’re off the plan.

To pay for preventative health care-corporate sponsorships. What better place for Subway to advertise its low cal sandwiches than in a government funded weight management clinic?

4- Self Inflicted Illnesses are Not Covered
(Teen Pregnancy, Smoking, and Fat)

Most Controversial of this program- All female teenagers on government health care will be required to be on birth control in order to retain coverage. They will also have to be on birth control to get food stamps and government housing.

At the age of 18 this stipulation is released for health care, but remains in place for government housing and food stamps. If you can't afford to feed the kids you've got- what makes you think you should have more?

It’s a basic human right to reproduce, but then is it fair for you to expect your neighbors to pay for the upbringing of your offspring? By requiring women to be responsible for their reproductive organs we’ll reduce the drain on both welfare and heath care.

In addition, no smokers will be covered or those that are overweight with out a legitimate medical reason for being so.

5- Tax Incentives for Physicians

Physicians would be able to write off surgeries, consults and patient care that they do not get paid for. Currently if a surgeon works on a patient that is an illegal immigrant- the surgeon loses 3 valuable hours of his life, and can not write off the costs.

6- Tax incentives for clinics and hospitals to invest in cutting edge technology.

Electronic Medical Records, Digital X-Ray and Practice Management software. This will cut out a great deal of waste while assisting hospitals and clinics to stomach the upfront cost.

7. Build the damn wall between US and Mexico.

By reducing the number of illegal immigrants in the United States, we reduce the number of illegal immigrants on health care- stop people from draining a system that they are not paying into. This alone could fund the entire program.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Know any surgeons that are democrats?

The big talking point of the dems is universal healthcare- which sounds great if you know nothing about healthcare. I agree some healthcare reform needs to happen, but the plans presented by both democratic candidates scare me- because what it boils down to is Medicare for all. Which is why few doctors- especially surgeons are democrats.

I work with Orthopaedic Surgeons, and I haven’t met one that is a democrat- why? These surgeons deal with Medicare day in and day out.Medicare is the WORST insurance a patient can have and surprise surprise, it’s provided by the government.

One of my surgeons recently spent 6 hours in surgery on an older man who got attacked by his Rottweiler, this surgeon is a genius, and was able to save both the man’s legs and his arm. Medicare refused to pay him because the surgery was – “too complex”. I read the letter myself. If the surgeon had amputated off both of his legs and his arm, he would have gotten paid. Medicare is designed to deny doctors for services rendered. See the diagram below.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is socialized medicine at it’s finest- where doctors are encouraged financially to give you the minimal amount of service and coverage, in order to get paid. Doctors have to fill out ridiculous amounts of forms and coding to receive payment from Medicare, and Medicare will jump on any reason not to pay a doctor for work done.

The worst part about socialized medicine- the additional taxes you will be paying, all money coming out of your pocket going to the government will largely go to government administration. We’re going to have to create another gluttonous body of regulation which will require your money to function, in order to provide us with the lowest level of service available.

Best example I have- our education system- sub par education with low paid instructors- What about that government managed retirement fund you've got? social security? Bankrupt. Now apply that to your health care.

I’m not the largest fan of John McCain, nor the party of religious bigotry, but come November I’ll vote for the guy who graduated from the bottom of his class and has no idea how to run the economy. Why? Because if it comes down to choosing to perform and intricate surgery on me, or removing my limbs- I'd like the doctor to choose surgery.