Friday, April 4, 2008

Flash Back Friday- The King of Kong

You're not the only one who still loves a good game of Ms.Pacman. A story of good and evil, and a bunch of men who redefine the title Nerd.

BTW- Love the soundtrack, excellent selections. Put it in your Netflix que. You'll be pleasantly surprised.


Steve said...

I've had this in my queue forever now; if I could just get through those damn Oscar nominees faster. :( Did anyone else not like Atonement?

Hilary said...

Here is a flashback Friday for you...I just saw The New Kids on the BLock on the today show - screaming fans and everything. Apparenlty Donny, Danny, Jordan, Joey, and ? are reuniting for the first time in 19 years. Is that "THe Right Stuff?" or what. Go NKOTB.

Salt H2O said...

Steve- I don't trust the academy- it's full of pompus egomaniacs that are out of touch with reality and the general public, which is why their ratings tank each year. Atonment looks miserable.

Hil- Dude I'm so going to NKOTB!

Sherpa said...

I read Atonement, now I don't really feel like watching the movie.

The King of Kong rocks. We thought it was a mockumentary at first. Billy is one of the greatest documentary villains ever.

crazy4danes said...

Just like to say that no Steve, you are not the only one who didn't like waste of my time.

Love your King of Kong post! Flash back Fridays RULE! :D

Rudie can't fail said...

No need to wait for "King of Kong" in your Netflix is available via the "Watch it now" option.

I saw it a few weeks ago, then like a total dork, went to the Twin Galaxies home page to see what was new. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone who has not seen it, but it appears that the battle has continued on, even after the end of the movie.

Steve said...

Rudy: Yeah, I know that, but sitting in front of my pc for another 2 hours after 40+ a week doesn't seem 'relaxing' to me unless I had absolutely nothing else to do and stuck in a hotel somewhere.

Re the Oscars: I'm glad Juno won though, it was honestly the most enjoyable movie of year; although I'm ashamed to say I had almost as much fun watching Transformers, haha.

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Ah, that video hits close to home...I just quit my job as a recruiter for a video-gaming company and I can attest people like this really do exist out there!

Salt H2O said...

Sherpa- Agreed, I thought the same thing too- I can't believe Billy really exists.

Crazy- I'm glad you like the flashback Fridays. They're the easiest posts to come up with.

Rudie- Nice to know that you can watch it now on Netflix. Dude, of course Billy isn't going to let it die. He's the best man! And to be the best it requires sacrifice.

Steve- Juno was cute but I didn't think it was the most enjoyable movie I saw last year. I liked Live Free or Die Hard much better. Stupid Oscars.

Kristen- You HAVE to watch this movie! Go to YouTube and look for "Captain Awesome King of Kong" you won't believe this guy. He's a nut.

The UnMighty said...

Hey, everybody should be good at something.

Unless video games are that something. Then you should through yourself off a building.

Della Hill said...

Okay, I'm totally a World of Warcraft nut.
Is that me in 20 years?
Do I need to reevaluate?
No! No! The Alliance must stand!
I mean, um, yeah, some people take video games way too far.

Tom Quinn. said...

I laughed a lot....out loud.....then silently....then out loud again.

f*bomb. said...

Now I understand.
I'm saving myself for Bill and Steve.

Robin said...

thanks for recommending this. We watched it and really liked it.