Friday, February 29, 2008

Flashback Friday- Charles in Charge

For my 20 year old sister, who doesn't know who Charles is or why he's in charge.

Buddy, with his fabulous head of hair and keen fashion sense, that man never got enought play. Us wacky sidekicks rarely do.

Reliant K has a very nice version of Charles in Charge- availble for your listening pleasure on itunes. It's almost as good as Ted's Band.

We can all use a little Friday on a Wednesday.


chloe elizabeth said...

Oh...dreamy Scott Baio, before he was creepy. I'm just sad I can't watch the videos since the YouTube is not accessible at work.

Jared said...

Don't forget about Nicole Eggert! Hubba hubba! By the age of 10 I had pretty much found my dream girl! However, I couldnt seem to choose between her and Alyssa Milano from "Who's the Boss." No wonder that I am destined to be 45 and single like Scott Baio himself. :O

Steve said...

jared, you can always get a reality tv show like him and get married and the baby, haha.

Funny thing is that Scott tapped both of those girls and pretty much every other female guest star on that show. In charge, indeed!

Sherpa said...

Whenever I think of Charles in Charge now, I can't help but think of Ted's Band.

Salt H2O said...

Chloe- Scott Baio is a shining example to all 30 something men that what was cool when you were 20something and single is creepy old guy when you're 45 and single.

Jared- I think Eggart peaked on Charles in Charge, and you're missing the creepy factor to be like Baio.

Steve- I could have lived my whole life and not known that...and been just fine. Yuck.

Sherpa- I think I need to add "The Blanks" in my profile under favorite music. I love Ted's band.

crazy4danes said...

LOL...good post....loved Charles in Charge...right up there with the Facts of Life! :D