Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Largest Impuse Buy Ever!

I did not want a single t-shirt, trinket or soon to be D.I. donation from our vacation. We spent no money in the ports on junk and we were proud. We were going to walk off that cruise ship with money in our pockets until we met...Peter Max.

Beware of Art, it sucks you in. Initially we attended art seminars and auctions on the ship because we found them vastly more entertaining than the belly flop competitions, and they promised free stuff. I'm a sucker for free stuff.

Nobody Cares What I think posted about spending ridiculous amounts of money on art. If I had 50 million dollars I would not be purchasing a rare piece of art. But have you noticed how much art and money has in common? Both are on paper, both are only worth what people are willing to trade you for it. However Money is subject to inflation, properly purchased art will increase in value. In addition, by trading in your money for art you get to enjoy it every day. Sure art isn't exactly a liquid asset, but it is an asset, and can be a shrewd investment.

At least that's what I keep telling myself. What we were going to spend on a retaining wall for our backyard is now going to hang over our fireplace. Post purchaswe I was feeling a bit of "what the heck did I just buy?". I was comforted when Brent and I went on line to see what the street value of this piece of paper is, and it has increased in value- Who needs a retaining wall anyway?


Vanilla Vice said...

The key is to buy good art.

I myself have bought art and it has gone up in value. YES! Now it is worth over $2,000!

Afraid your money is worthless? Start buying yuan. The Chinese are going to be rich!

Sally said...

! You bought a Peter Max? That is AWESOME!! Wow. Awesome. I think this is the coolest thing and I'm impressed. Way to go, cuz.

Salt H2O said...

Vanilla- I think you're right, time to start buying foreign currency!

Sally- That makes me feel a bit better about the purchase. I have to continually reassure myself that this was a good thing.

Steve said...

Which one did you buy? Was he on your boat selling paintings?

We got this pretty nice painting as a wedding gift from a friend of K's parents. He's a Ukranian painter (not going to try to job my memory on the name right now), but it turned out to be by far the most valuable thing, like you said on paper, we received.

Salt H2O said...


What a great wedding present!

I wish Peter Max was on the boat. That would have been AWESOME. No, he's far too famous to be caught on a Royal Carribean cruise. We purchased it through Park West, they hold a number of art auctions on cruise ships.

We purchased one of his renditions of the american flag. We really wanted the man with the umbrella- but that was way out of our price range.

crazy4danes said...

The man with the umbrella was beautiful! I do like the american flag though too! Art is a great investment...although I still have yet to do it myself...just nervous I's a lot of money! But hey, when Peter Max dies you will be holding a priceless gem!!! :D

Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

I love the American Flag painting! Did you buy all of those or just one?

Robin said...

I like Peter Max. I would love to see that in your house.

Roland and I were like new parents the first time we bought something that wasn't from the "poster store". It was a series of 3 landscapes. We would sit on the couch in front of them and look for hidden meaning. We did research on the artist. We spent an outrageous amount of college cash framing them.

They now hang in the master bedroom at the cabin and I love them still. They are beautiful and very meaningful to me. They may or may not be worth a thing - but I don't care - I love them.

Salt H2O said...

Crazy- I'm still nervous!

Kristen- We got just the flag.

Robin- You're right on the framing- who'd have thought a bit of glass and wood would be so expensive?!

Jeri10 said...

We bought a painting at a garage sale 20 years ago for $24 (I figured the frame was worth more than that - but I really didn't care for the painting. It was a desert landscape - but Alan loved it, so I let him hang it in our bedroom). Last year I looked up the artist to see what the current value is.....$15,000! Turns out I LOVE desert landscapes. I moved it from our bedroom to the livingroom.

Salt H2O said...

That reminds me of the guy who bought a picture at a flea market for the frame, pulled the old picture out and underneath was one of the orginal declarations of independence.

Time to start buying more art at garage sales!

Jeri and Amy said...

Kory, stop stressing about your purchase! Look at it this way: you have a beautiful piece of art to decorate your home and, one day when you have your four adopted Vietnamese babies and find it virtually impossible to travel, it will remind you of a "fun" experience from your early, carefree years. The way I figure it, an enduring piece of art (valuable or no)is a much better souvenir than a novelty t-shirt, shot glass, or thimble.

Jeri and Amy said...

P.S. The flag was an excellent choice and will be especially meaningful when you are living abroad in Singapore! Perhaps looking at it will inspire some nostalgia and coerce you to return to the States... even if Hilary is Pres.