Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My New Ambition is to be a Beach Bum

Back from vacation, and my brain refuses to turn on. I don't blame it- I've avoided economics, politics and work for 10 days straight and realized, we're living the wrong life.

We're moving- here.

Here's my boat.

It doesn't have to be St.Lucia or Antigua- Brent and I will settle for this little US Territory-

Puerto Rico is like Mexico but WAAY nicer- and I'm no fan of Mexico. Top off these beatufiul beaches, and friendly people with no federal taxes and we're sold! Sure you can't vote in national elections, but with an election year like this-who cares?


Ben & Kimberly McEvoy said...

I so Love Puerto Rico.
Love it. Did you hike into the rain forest, I think it is called el yunca? ? visit the fort, el torro, have the shave ice in a coconut shell?

We stayed with some friends there and woke up to a foot long frog on our car. so many great memories of P.R.
glad you liked it

Hilary said...

Welcome Back! Love the pictures - want to hear fun trip details. I am very jealous!

Salt H2O said...

Kim- We did go to el yunka but we made the mistake of taking the tour instead of renting a car..big mistake. we didn't get to see any foot long frogs- but we did get a tour driver that filled us with useless information- she got really excited when she told us that Puerto Rico has the largest JC Penny in the world! Next time, we're renting a car.

Hil- It was great. I'm done with cruises though. I'd rather stay a week on an island and get to know the culture and the people. You've seen one beautiful beach you've seen them all.

crazy4danes said...

I totally agree about cruises....huge waste of time! I too would rather just fly to the island and stay...I hate the feeling of "when do we have to be back on the ship?" "How long do we have?" Yeah...that sucks! I've never been to Puerto Rico though, but it looks gorgeous!

And I love your idea of being a beach bum! I've dreamed of that! We had a friend that moved to Cozumel...does her work via the internet and spends her days diving! Hello! I could totally handle that! Actually I wouldn't want to work at I need to become independently wealthy first! :D

Glad you guys had fun! cousin Hilary Grant says "HI!"

Jolly said...

Kory, that is great news! I'm glad to hear it, because we are moving in next door! And we have the same boat, only ours is a lighter shade of blue. It'll be great--we'll get together with the kids and your dog--I'll pack a lunch for the beach. We'll wear matching swim suits. Can't wait!

Daisy Paige said...

Oh, these pictures make me so jealous. I can't wait until winter is over!

Jared said...

People that move to Islands and play on the beaches are lame! Oh yeah....ALOHA!

The UnMighty said...

This roommate you speak of? Would that roommate happen to be you? And would Brent be one of those many callers?

drew said...

Did you go to St. Lucia? I am going there in May for the honeymoon. How is it/do you have pics?

Salt H2O said...

Crazy- Working on that independently wealthy thing! Your cousin is such a crack up. Tell her I say hi back!

Jolly- it'll be just like the good old days at the BYU but with a beach!

Daisy- I'm so ready for summer.

Jared- You're right- totally lame! (will you ever leave Hawaii? is so...why?)

Unmighty- You're funny. No- I met Brent the old fashioned way, on the internet.

We did go to St. Lucia! Loved it. The first two pics are from St.Lucia. Are you staying at the Sandals? Are you certified in Scuba? That would be my one piece of advice- get certified in scuba and don't see the volcano- it's not worth the tour, it looks like a big pile of ashes.

Steve said...

How far south did your cruise go? We are thinking of heading to St. Kitts next month!

jiners said...

I want to move with you too! I will fish and you can speak Spanish! I love Puerto Rico, best vacation ever!

Salt H2O said...


We didn't make it to St. Kitts- but I heard good things about it- heaven knows it couldn't be bad!

Jiners- Fabulous! We'll all move to Puerto Rico! Why not? we could have bi-lingual babies, live on the beach, and I'm positive there's an MLM there you could work for!

Vanilla Vice said...

Oh my gosh - I was just in and I ARE twins. We were in the US territories OPPOSITE of each the EXACT SAME TIME. I'm kind of freaked out right now. We're like mirror images of each other. You're the brunette image of me, and married. Weird.

Salt H2O said...


I wish I was your mirror image! I would love to have your ripped stomach. One I lose 20 lbs, I'll qualify. :)

Yeah, it's weird. How did we not know each other in the HB?

Robin said...

We are coming to visit you for Christmas. You do have a guest room right? The kids can sleep on the beach.

I'll do all the cooking for free housing.

Anonymous said...

Mexico is WAY NICER! You cant compare an island with a big country!