Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Anon Commentors- Welcome..kind of

I took away the anonymous comments because it permitted spineless individuals to write incoherent, hateful things with poor grammar hiding behind a computer screen and their keyboard.

The Anon option ended when PacMan and Sicko got ahold of my blog and continued to post vulgar comments. Hitting delete became annoying so I eliminated the option. If someone wants to call me a skank- they're going to have to get a google profile to do it dang it!

I'm always welcome to criticism but my philosophy is if you're going to throw out fighting words, you need to fight like a man and post your name.

I anger many people- and I figured I should let those that are not white rappers disagree with me using real words and complete sentences. There others that have things to say that are of a sensitive nature and would prefer to remain unknown. For the two of you who would like to comment anonymously (namely my mom who forgets her log in) you're good to go.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Friendship Dilemma

You hang out with your friend of 13 years and her husband. You use to like her husband a lot. He use to be a stand-up guy, with integrity and loved his wife immensely. After hanging out with them recently you realize that this really great guy has morphed into a total tool.

He doesn't respect women, least of all his wife, he's arrogant, vulgar, has no sense of propriety. He takes Viagra, he's proud of it- it's dinner conversation. Every time he opens his mouth you cringe with embarrasement. He surrounds himself with men that suck up to him because he has lots of fun toys, and takes them on trips. His friends aren't nearly as idiodic as he his, but they endure his sexism and stupidity, and think he's pretty cool because of the almighty dollar. He buys his friends.

You see that your friend is uncomfortable with the way her husband talks and acts but she thinks that all men are like that,(I mean, after all his friends think he's the bee's knees) the problem is magnified because she thinks she married up. Her mother is constantly telling her how lucky she is to be married to such a good-looking wealthy guy that likes to travel. You would never say anything to her about her husband because she thinks he's perfect- aside from his reckless spending habits.

Your friend is a wonderful, giving kind person with a good heart who has always been there for you and is a lot of fun. She is one of your oldest friends. Unfortunately, her husband is a douche who you would be glad to see drop off the face of the planet.

Do you just not hang out with them ever again? Do you try to arrange girl nights so that you don't have to see the guy? Is there anything you CAN say? What do you do?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Flash Back Friday- Meat Loaf

If you would do anything for love but you wouldn't do 'that' - what would your "THAT" be? Do you have a 'that'?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two Years Down...Time and All Eternity to Go

When Brent and I were engaged my brother and his wife of 2 years took me out to lunch the conversation went like this:

Kyle: “Kory, just so you know- the first year of marriage is really hard.”

Kory: “I know”

Kyle: “No, I mean it’s REALLY hard. You’re going to wake up one morning and think, ‘What the hell did I do?’ And I'm not talking about 6 months after you’re married, I mean way sooner than you think”

Kory: “I get it, I expect it to be tough”

Kyle- eyes open wide, face tenses, reaches out grabs my arm and says: “Kory you don’t understand. The second year is great. I love being married but the first year is REALLY REALLY hard”

His wife sounding a bit defensive: “Kyle it wasn’t that bad.”

Kyle looks at her, says: “You’re right it wasn’t awful. It was just a tough adjustment” But then he looks to me and mouths: “It sucked”

Maybe it’s just those with really strong personalities that have lead selfish lifestyles that have a hard time with year one. I remembered my brother’s words a lot through that first year- and strangely, they comforted me.

My brother was right, year two was AWESOME, well worth suffering through year one.

Happy Anniversary Brent.

Monday, April 21, 2008

From Darwin to Hitler

A movie came out this weekend that you probably missed. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Typically when we go to the theater we go to escape reality, to be swept up away in a world of swashbuckling pirates or robots taking over planet earth. To pay $8 to see a movie about Darwinism and Intellectual Design seems silly- except this movie was made by Ben Stein, with his dry humor, suit, tie and Vans tennis shoes. (I have a crush on Ben Stein) It's entertaining and isn't so much about Darwinism as it is the silencing of ideas that do not conform to mainstream 'intellectual' thought.

This film shows those with different opinions, dissenting thought, or even a neutral opinion presenting both sides of an argument getting squashed by the intellectual community.

It's the first time in a great while we walked out of a movie theater, feeling more intelligent than when we walked in. That was $8 well spent.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Flash Back Friday- Mitt Romney

Remember when we had a presidential candidate that had sound successful economic experience, a keen business acumen, a proven health care plan, and who's plans for pulling the US of A out of a recession didn't include raising taxes and hand-outs?

Those were the good ol' days.

In case you missed it:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fabulous Item of the Week- Internet Coupon Codes

I'm a big fan of shopping online. Yesterday while buying some t-shirts at Palmer Cash Tees I googled Palmer Cash Coupons and what do you know- I found a bunch of sites with coupon codes- and one that saved me 10% off my order.

Some of you that are more savvy have probably been doing this for years- but yesterday I realized I've missed hundreds of dollars in savings by skiping a simple google step.

I found the Palmer Cash codes at TJOOS

All you really need to do is input the store name and coupon codes in google and you'll get a variety of sites.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Parenting Tip

This was a pretty big story in Utah yesterday. I thought it was awesome.

Mother's Public Punishment of Child Sparks Debate
April 14th, 2008 @ 10:00pm
Lori Prichard reporting

If you had a 10-year-old son who had been caught stealing at seven different stores, what would you do? A Park City mother faced that situation. The way she decided to punish her child sparked heated debate.

Not everyone agreed with the mother's tactics. In fact, some passers-by were so upset they got the Park City Police, the Summit County Sheriff and the Division of Child and Family Services involved. But was the mom right? Decide for yourself.

For about three hours last Thursday on a Park City street, a woman made her fifth-grade son stand on the sidewalk with a sign that said: "I am a thief. I will steal from you. Caution!" And just in case the passer-by may not have spoken English, the same words were written in Spanish.

Nancy Sutton saw the 10-year-old holding the sign around his neck. "He looked upset," she said. "I thought, oh that poor boy. What's going on?"

In small letters printed on the bottom of the sign, you could read what was going on. It said, "I've been caught at Wal-Mart, Linens & Things, Rite Aid, Albertsons, 7-Eleven, Smith's, Nike, KB Toys and the cops won't do anything about it."

That's true. Police told us he's too young to take to jail. But Sutton, who is also a therapist, says he's also too young to be humiliated in public. "As therapists, we consider that emotionally abusive, which I'm sure the parents didn't realize," she said.

Child psychologist Dr. Doug Goldsmith, with The Children's Center, says humiliation isn't really that effective. "Even when we've seen in the news major political figures who've been humiliated, people see that. But the next week, people have seemed to have forgotten about it and I can go back to business as usual. The humiliation idea is not effective in most circles of life," he said.

Nancy says it wasn't effective in this case. By the end of the day, the boy and his sign had drawn a circle of sympathizers. "I think everybody realized this is not OK," she said. "It's not OK to sit a child out there and humiliate him in public. And apparently I heard somebody drove by and gave him money."

Everyone can agree the boy's mom is obviously at her wits end. Police tell us that the boy's been in counseling, but his mother is just fed up with him stealing. They also tell us she was nearby the whole time, and he wasn't really in danger. DCFS agreed with that assessment.

We couldn't contact the mother to get her side of the story because police aren't releasing her name

I'm with the mom. Best to employ every means possible to stop this kid from going to prison someday. What do you think?

Conspicuous Consumption

"We spend money we don't have, on things we don't need, to impress people we don't like"

-Mary Ellen Edmunds

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15th

It's an oldie but a goodie....

Two Cows an explanation of what rules the world in simple two-cow terms...

Socialism: You have two cows. You keep one and give the other to your neighbor

Communism: You have two cows. The government takes them both and provides you with milk.

Fascism: You have two cows. The government takes them and sells you the milk.

Bureaucracy: You have two cows. The government takes them both, shoots one, milks the other, pays you for the milk, and then pours it down the drain.

Capitalism: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull.

Corporate: You have two cows. You sell one; force the other to produce the milk of four cows and then act surprised when it drops dead.

Democracy: You have two cows. The government taxes you to the point that you must sell them both in order to support a man in a foreign country who has only one cow, which was a gift from your government.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


What’s more annoying than getting mocked for wearing your favorite pair of shoes every day? Those shoes being highlighted on Oprah and becoming a national phenomenon, jumping 50% in price 5 years later.

In the 7th grade Uggs hit the scene in Southern California- in San Diego’s intense 70degree weather those feet needed to stay toasty. The dirty well worn Ugg boot was a critical part of the post-surf wardrobe in the early 1990’s. The shoe, virtually unheard of elsewhere, endured severe mocking and criticism when Southern Califonians brought those comfy fury shoes to the colder climates

This pair of Uggs I purchased in 2001 at Nordstrom in Provo Utah- when I asked for the Uggs the salesman rolled his eyes and said, “You’re from Southern California aren’t you? No one buys these shoes except for Californians” (Come to find out this shoe salesman was an Osmond- not just any Osmond but the exact same Osmond that had served an LDS mission in the same area as I had. He was the missionary who single handedly taught the entire country of Chile to sing How Great Thou Art like Vegas Lounge Singers…but I digress.)

Save it be the flip flop, there has been no greater gift to the foot than the Ugg boot. For years Utahans laughed at my choice in footwear- and I loved it. Each time laugh was evidence of their total lack of coolness.

Then disaster struck. Oprah’s favorite things list. Next thing you know Jennifer Aniston is wearing my shoes. Suddenly those shoes which I once wore with pride I started to wear with shame. What was once unique is now common place. I march to the beat of my own drummer dang it! I don’t buy things because they are trendy, but my feet said otherwise.

My favorite shoes are now officially dead. I wore these babies 80% of the year, they have a calculated cost per wear of .06 cents per wear ($120 shoes worn 1,890 days equals .06 per wear) When I went to purchase a new pair, the exact same shoes are now $60 more. Curses Oprah! But I bought a pair, namely because I'm too lazy to wear shoes with laces.

The fad cycle will come full swing. Ugg boots will slowly go out of style, along with designer cupcake bakeries. When I'm sporting these puppies in 2010, I'm sure I'll hear, “Uggs, oh those were so 5 years ago.” And that’s just fine by me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are you 'trying' to get pregnant?

It's an awkward conversation when some one asks if Brent and I are 'trying' to get pregnant. Have you thought about what the word 'trying' infers? When did asking someone you barely know indirectly about their sex life become appropriate?

If it's a close friend of family member, it's not so bizarre, but when it's a mere acquaintance- their question of whether or not I'm on birth control and engaging in the act that produces children is STRANGE.

I'm in Utah. I'm 30. I don't have kids. I'm an anomaly. I get it.

Are we so depraved of conversation topics that acquaintances want to discuss whether or not Brent and I are trying to reproduce? What if our marriage is hanging on by a thread and decided not to bring children into the issue? What if I have ovarian cancer? Do you really want me to rant about how 14 year olds get pregnant every day and I can't seem to conceive? Maybe I don't want to spend my life in endless personal and financial sacrifice, dedicating my life to children that once they hit puberty are going to think I'm the devil and tell me I'm ruining their lives. There is no good answer to this question.

The same goes for asking single people about dating and getting married. Don't. If they are dating someone they'll bring it up. But people should NEVER EVER ask a single person why they aren't married yet and if they are dating anyone. Unless you want that person to hate you and never talk to you again.

When we meet some one who is childless, or single, in the name of all that is good and holy could we please be a little creative, ask them about their career, political opinions, American Idol, whatever- and not about their ability or desire to reproduce?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Flash Back Friday- The King of Kong

You're not the only one who still loves a good game of Ms.Pacman. A story of good and evil, and a bunch of men who redefine the title Nerd.

BTW- Love the soundtrack, excellent selections. Put it in your Netflix que. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

If There Was an Economic Crisis, I'd Get Better Customer Service

I'm calling BS on the economic crisis and unemployment doomsayers. It's a crock. Brent and I have been plagued with incompetence at every turn from companies that we have chosen to patron. From which I can conclude, they don't care about getting our money.

I’m surprised that employees have little to no interest in job security. They could give a flying leap whether or not they have happy customers. The girl who was cranky at Einstein's Bagels, ok, no big deal. (When I'm shelling out $7 for a sandwich could I at least get the order right without a side of attitude?) But when you ask me for 5 grand you better act like you want it.

If there truly was an economic crisis corporations would be stepping up to the plate trying to differentiate their product and service. If unemployment was a real threat, there would be an added level of excellence due to the driving forces of competition in the employment market.

I’m using blog for a very self serving purpose. I’m ticked off, I'm sick of writing strongly worded letters, asking for managers, and then the manager's managers. Strangely blogging about crappy service is therapeutic, and by doing so I release my anger. Here's some additional companies that suck:

Delta Airlines-

Not really the surprise of the century. We booked our tickets to Puerto Rico in October. In January I went on line to check the status. They had moved the first leg of our flight back two days and kept the second leg on the same date. I had received no notification of this flight change, and anyone with half a brain would have noticed the severe error. 45 minutes later, I had our flight back.

Not to mention we flew first class (used the sky miles) and when you fly first class from Puerto Rico to New York, a 5 and a half our flight- first class gets served a satisfying meal of peanuts. Seriously, peanuts.

La Concha Resort (a Marriott Property) in Puerto Rico-

After spending over 50 nights in Marriotts in the past year, I bear my Gold card with pride. Marriott hotels do a great job of making me feel ridiculously important for that status, knowing well that it's the Gold members that keep their business running. However, La Concha- a resort that was deemed to be ‘new’ must have missed the Marriott memo on customer service. From a girl at the front desk who was too good to check us in, changing rooms 3 times until we found one that was palatable (the hotel wasn't new, it was an old hotel that got a Mary Kay make over), a toilet that clogged up and took 4 phone calls, a stop by the front desk and 6 hours to get taken care of, and to top it all off the air conditioning went out. All would have been ok if the management had cared about the quality of the experience- but as a customer I have never felt less important. This is a company I've given $10,000 last year by choosing to stay in their hotel chains.

Wright Brothers Carpet Cleaning (Provo, Salt Lake, Davis County)-

The carpet cleaner flooded the carpet in my office- the technician was outside taking a break, water ran directly onto the carpet and soaked it. I naively assumed that he would take care of the excess water- 4 days later when the carpet was still wet and smelling of mold I called the cleaners- this was a Friday night- they wanted to wait until Monday to fix the mess. My house smelled, I told them that they could go ahead and pay for the carpet to be replaced. So instead they decided to come up Saturday morning. Saturday morning they did not show. It took some angry words, but we got some one up to clean the carpet Saturday night. We were told they would refund what we paid to get the carpet cleaned. Refund has not been issued.

Wells Fargo Bank:
Same bank 13 years. 13 years of loyalty and you'd think you'd matter as a customer but oh no, they keep trying to sneak fees into my savings account. Today I noticed they were charging me $10 a month for savings. So I'm paying them $120 a year to let them hold my money. This is the fourth time it's happened. I've stayed with them for convenience- now I'm out, we're breaking up.

HVAC Installation:

We purchased a new furnace and AC. What was suppose to be a one day install by a man who spoke English has turned into a 3 day install by men who do not speak English and apathetic as to the 1- speed and 2- competence of their work. The banged up our door, they tried to leave us with out heat for two days (with a snow storm pending) Much yelling and gnashing of teeth has ensued.

Is it just me? Is there an epidemic of terrible service? Am I overly picky? Do you complain? What happens to the people who don’t complain? Most people must not complain when they get sub-par service, because if they did the sub-par would cease to exist.

I had hoped Equity Evil was a one time experience. Now it looks like terrible service has become the standard. Once the quality of service goes up, then I'll start worrying about an economic crisis.