Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Anon Commentors- Welcome..kind of

I took away the anonymous comments because it permitted spineless individuals to write incoherent, hateful things with poor grammar hiding behind a computer screen and their keyboard.

The Anon option ended when PacMan and Sicko got ahold of my blog and continued to post vulgar comments. Hitting delete became annoying so I eliminated the option. If someone wants to call me a skank- they're going to have to get a google profile to do it dang it!

I'm always welcome to criticism but my philosophy is if you're going to throw out fighting words, you need to fight like a man and post your name.

I anger many people- and I figured I should let those that are not white rappers disagree with me using real words and complete sentences. There others that have things to say that are of a sensitive nature and would prefer to remain unknown. For the two of you who would like to comment anonymously (namely my mom who forgets her log in) you're good to go.


crazy4danes said...

Hehehe.....very nice! I want to throw punches, be a man and put your name on them! :)

cropstar said...

yer a skank!

just kidding. you rock.

email said...

What's a skank?


Anonymous said...

Oh Good! I'm not your mom, but I can't remember my google info for the life of me.


The UnMighty said...

Listen you skanky ho. I've decided we need to redefine our relationship because I'm embarrassed to have you as a daughter. You are officially uninvited to all future Sunday night dinners. Please do not attempt to contact me, your father, or any of your siblings.


PS. I'd like to apologize to The UnMighty because I had to hi-jack his blogger account to leave this comment. But this is definately NOT The UnMighty. I don't even know him despite the fact that I have read every one of his posts and find him refreshing, down-to-earth, and hilarious. In fact, I wish he was my offspring instead of my ex daughter.

Robin said...

Your mom has some real technical savvy if she can hijack a blog account. Wow!

Are you guys going to join us for the 4th of july?