Monday, April 21, 2008

From Darwin to Hitler

A movie came out this weekend that you probably missed. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Typically when we go to the theater we go to escape reality, to be swept up away in a world of swashbuckling pirates or robots taking over planet earth. To pay $8 to see a movie about Darwinism and Intellectual Design seems silly- except this movie was made by Ben Stein, with his dry humor, suit, tie and Vans tennis shoes. (I have a crush on Ben Stein) It's entertaining and isn't so much about Darwinism as it is the silencing of ideas that do not conform to mainstream 'intellectual' thought.

This film shows those with different opinions, dissenting thought, or even a neutral opinion presenting both sides of an argument getting squashed by the intellectual community.

It's the first time in a great while we walked out of a movie theater, feeling more intelligent than when we walked in. That was $8 well spent.


Silvs said...

I am pumped to see this movie. I'm glad it's living up to expectations. Can't do much better than Ben Stein. I'll be seeing it this week fo' sho'.

Rudie can't fail said...

When I was in high school, I thought Ben Stein was just some dopey actor. I still remember when I found out who he was: "Wait, you're saying the 'Bueller, Bueller' guy was a speech writer for Nixon?" Kind of blew my mind.

Linda said...

Thanks! We discussed going to see this because although we are Ben Stein fans and "Down with Junk Science" Advocates, we are really a Netflix "English for the hearing Impaired" family. Was the theatre full? Is it still showing?

Salt H2O said...

There were about 14 people in the theater, it was pretty empty- which didn't really surprise me in the politicaly apathetic Murray Utah.

It came out on Friday, I hope it's still in theaters, I'd be sad if it was already gone.

Della Hill said...

It sounds fascinating. I hadn't even heard of it till this.
Go Ben Stein!

Chanelle said...

Thanks for the recommendation! It looks very interesting and I'd never heard of it before. Thanks again!


Tom Quinn. said...

It was no "The Replacements"

davers said...

We'll definitely see this. What I find most fascinating in the whole topic of intelligent design is the rampant hypocrisy in the science industry. How did these guys, as irrational as they are, rise to power and take over the National Academy of Sciences?

It's all very fascinating. You've motivated me to do a blog entry on this topic myself - thanks! When I get the time (yeah right).