Sunday, April 13, 2008


What’s more annoying than getting mocked for wearing your favorite pair of shoes every day? Those shoes being highlighted on Oprah and becoming a national phenomenon, jumping 50% in price 5 years later.

In the 7th grade Uggs hit the scene in Southern California- in San Diego’s intense 70degree weather those feet needed to stay toasty. The dirty well worn Ugg boot was a critical part of the post-surf wardrobe in the early 1990’s. The shoe, virtually unheard of elsewhere, endured severe mocking and criticism when Southern Califonians brought those comfy fury shoes to the colder climates

This pair of Uggs I purchased in 2001 at Nordstrom in Provo Utah- when I asked for the Uggs the salesman rolled his eyes and said, “You’re from Southern California aren’t you? No one buys these shoes except for Californians” (Come to find out this shoe salesman was an Osmond- not just any Osmond but the exact same Osmond that had served an LDS mission in the same area as I had. He was the missionary who single handedly taught the entire country of Chile to sing How Great Thou Art like Vegas Lounge Singers…but I digress.)

Save it be the flip flop, there has been no greater gift to the foot than the Ugg boot. For years Utahans laughed at my choice in footwear- and I loved it. Each time laugh was evidence of their total lack of coolness.

Then disaster struck. Oprah’s favorite things list. Next thing you know Jennifer Aniston is wearing my shoes. Suddenly those shoes which I once wore with pride I started to wear with shame. What was once unique is now common place. I march to the beat of my own drummer dang it! I don’t buy things because they are trendy, but my feet said otherwise.

My favorite shoes are now officially dead. I wore these babies 80% of the year, they have a calculated cost per wear of .06 cents per wear ($120 shoes worn 1,890 days equals .06 per wear) When I went to purchase a new pair, the exact same shoes are now $60 more. Curses Oprah! But I bought a pair, namely because I'm too lazy to wear shoes with laces.

The fad cycle will come full swing. Ugg boots will slowly go out of style, along with designer cupcake bakeries. When I'm sporting these puppies in 2010, I'm sure I'll hear, “Uggs, oh those were so 5 years ago.” And that’s just fine by me.


Steve said...

Kelly wears hers all the time too, just like yours, but black. She and her family, from Alabama, have worn them for years too and introduced them to me, a cold weather Northener that has been very impressed with mine. Although, i don't understand how people can wear them above 40 degrees! My feet literally burn up! I have the leather boy ones.

Actually, I already consider these to be "so three years ago" since the hordes of teenage girls that visit my building as part of their DC pilgrimage are always wearing them with all kinds of tight pants, skirts with no leggings, and other travesties.

Cameron said...

I am severely uncool, because I still think those things are uggly.

crazy4danes said...

Just like Cameron I too and severely uncool...I have NEVER liked Uggs! Now Doc's...that's another story, I wear those babies like they are the only pair of shoes I have!!! :D

So you have your Uggs and I'll have my Doc's and we'll just say we are both cool! :D

Sherpa said...

That Elder Osmond? Wow, I haven't thought of him in forever. Yeah, he uh,definitely left a mark on the mish.

Happy The Man said...

I hate overheated feet. I fancy my Keen Newport sandals and wear them well into the cold weather days until people start commenting on my bluish feet. I just need for my little dedos de pies to breathe.

pr0le said...

Throw in another vote for Uggs being hideous. It's like you went out and bought a Paddington Bear costume but could only afford the feet.