Monday, May 12, 2008

Forget Bush- Blame Canada!

Americans give George W. Bush too much credit.

You hear people whine about the economy and they blame Bush, they whine about the war, they blame Bush, they whine about gas and again it's George Bush's fault. Are Americans so simple minded that they truly believe one man holds so much power?

The Housing Crisis-
I know George W made you buy a house you couldn't afford. He told you that you deserved a lavish lifestyle despite making a mediocre wage. He came to you with an interest only loans, shady lending practices, told you not to think about your future, forget the fine print and sign on the dotted line. This housing crisis has everything to do with good old fashioned American greed and nothing to do with George W.

The Alleged Economic Crisis-
By abolishing savings accounts and forcing Americans to use credit cards George and the government should be held accountable for your personal debt. Bush tells women that spending $30 every other week on their nails is a necessity and a flat screen tv with an x-box is a basic human right. Strangely Americans are responsible for their own economic stability- not the president.

George W. Bush does not control how you spend your money.

The War in Iraq-
George single handedly went to Iraq lived under cover, gathered the necessary intelligence and then used hypnosis on congress so they would vote for the war which has made his life so simple. Because Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush have a great relationship built on trust she implicitly believed everything he said about Iraq and was mislead by this republican who's every word she believes with out evidence.
There is more than one man who put America into Iraq- I agree this war is a colossal waste of money- but to give Bush all of the credit? You're too generous.

The Price of Gas-
George W. Bush does not sit on Congressional committees or subcommittees. He does not allocate funds. He does not determine where our fuel R&D dollars go. He does not decide who gets subsidies. But still- I'm sure diesel costing $4.50 a gallon is all his fault.

People need an scapegoat - it's easier than thinking. Blame everything on Bush rather than taking responsibility for your own actions and taking the time to research the web of politicians that are making poor economic decisions. One man is not so powerful.

Forget blaming George W. Bush for all of our issues- it makes much more sense to blame Canada.


crazy4danes said...

Great post! I totally agree with you.

Julia said...

You really should post this on the Tribune boards. You'd make a lot of people really angry...and since that is what they live for, you'd be doing them a favor. Good post.

Salt H2O said...

If I knew how to post this on the tribune boards I would. I like making people angry. :)

adam said...

Hey wait a second. I read the Tribune and your post didn't make me angry.

Della Hill said...

Ditto, Ditto, and well said.
I am so tired of people blaming George Bush. And poltical pundits (Bill Maher for example) who encourage them to, instead of recognizing the real issues and taking personal responsibility.
I do support the war though. While I recognize that it has not been handled as well as it should have been, the middle east will only get worse without our help.
I believe that peace is worth fighting for.
Love the video. I also like the Brian Boytano song.

The Hermit said...

Hum. I voted for Bush twice, but I can't say I would have done so had I had the slightest choice. I was infuriated with his "open the flood gates" approach to illegal immigration, and I'm not a big supporter of the war in Iraq because I don't think the Iraqis are worth a bent pin. However, I have a feeling after the elections in November I am going to be looking back on the Reign of George II as a golden age.

The Hermit said...

My kids both live in Canada. I sent them the u-tube link, I think they'll get a kick out of it!

adam said...

While I agree we cannot put all the blame on Bush for Iraq (even Clinton voted for that one), do you think we would be there if Gore won (for the record, I voted for Nader in 2000)? In that sense, Bush started it. : )

Salt H2O said...

Della- It's much easier and more popular for pundits to play on anger and then direct it at an escape goat. I can't see Maher taking the time to educate his audience as to who really is in controll in washington.

Hermit- When I voted for Bush it was the lesser of two evils. I can not figure out why we can't get a candidate to be excited about.

Adam- Yes, if Gore was president I think we still would be in Iraq and we would still have this fuel crisis. Look at what Bill Clinton said back when War was declared and I can't see Gore being much different. The only difference between Gore and Bush is that I'd be paying more taxes with Gore.

adam said...

So if I can't trust Democrats not to take us into foreign wars, whom should I vote for? Ron Paul? :)

Salt H2O said...

You can't trust Democrats to keep us out of foreign wars. I can't trust Republicans to cut governement spending...I guess Ron Paul really is our only hope. :)

Democracy Lover said...

Of course, Bush didn't cause all these things directly and personally.
The Housing crisis is a direct result of the deregulation of the financial and securities industries under the last 4 presidents. Ditto the larger credit crisis.

Bush did, with help from a Republican Congress (and a mixed one in the last 2 years), increase our national debt by trillions by starting a war while lowering taxes on the wealthy. That would probably not have happened to such an extent without him.

He and his administration are largely responsible for the illegal and unjustifiable invasion and occupation of Iraq. They lied to the Congress and the people, infiltrated the media with propagandists, and pushed for the war with all their ability. Yes, the Congress again abdicated their duty and they are also responsible, but they would not have done it alone.

As for the price of gas, that is a simple matter of supply and demand. Bush destroyed the nation with the 2nd largest oil reserves and made sure that no regulation would inhibit the oil companies from closing refineries - just restricting supply at a time when everyone knew demand was increasing.

We can't blame Bush for the mess we're in -- frankly he's just not intelligent enough to have made this large a mess. This mess is a result of nearly 30 years of conservative economic policy and 70 years of an interventionist foreign policy promoted by both parties.

Anonymous said...

No country has taxed themselves into prosperity.

Democracy Lover said...

No country has improved the lot of its people without taxation.

EBS said...


Democracy Lover has it most right of all the comments here. And you, California Girl, are taking far too simple a view. You simply state the obvious when you say to us that George W. Bush does not dictate our spending. What has happened here is that many long years of Republican Party policy has finally crashed our economy.

The biggest effect of this is the crash of the dollar. Democracy Lover was only partially right about the price of gas being driven by supply and demand.

Remember that Republican policies have caused the US Dollar to lose half its value in the last few years. So, at the end of Clinton's second term a barrel of oil was about $33. Market forces such as demand from the nations of the world combined with turmoil introduced by more Republican Party policies (the war), have caused the price of oil to rise to more than twice that. So (in 2000 dollars) the price of oil is now $65 a barrel. Which in 2008 dollars (after the George W. Bush currency crash) is now $130 a barrel.

This is causing rampant inflation in everything from gasoline to milk. We are in the weak position of paying with devalued US Dollars.


Salt H2O said...

Glad to have you on the soapbox.

Yes I state the obvious- which many tend to miss when they blame Bush for their current economic situation.

My argument in this post is simply that one man is not accountable for America's problems. What is overly simple is blaming Bush for every economic and social issue this country is dealing with.

This post was not issued because I love George W.. I'm sick of people thinking that by getting rid of Bush the world will suddenly be sunshine and lollypops.

What's overly simple is blaming one man and one party for the price of oil- for the housing crisis- and for inflation.

Which is why I'm blaming Canada. It's about as logical as blaming Bush.

Wouldn't it be lovely if instead of trying to pin the blame on someone else we each took responsibilty for ourselves- who we vote for, where and what we drive, what we invest in and how we live our lives?

This country has turned into a bunch of whiners.

theriddle said...

I received an anonymous note in the mail last week telling me that I should take the $30 I spend on nails every two weeks and invested it in my credit card debt. The note was signed:



Now after reading your blog I realize it was from the president!

Just kidding. I'm a friend of theunmighty and he said you are a great blogger so I thought I'd check it. Great post. I remember a few years ago when president Bush pulled a Moses and commanded the ocean waters to rise up and cover the iniquitous city of New Orleans. He really made allot of people mad when he did that.

Launchpad said...

See... This is why blogging sucks Kory. You have readers that don’t think beyond the first step and just reiterate talking points from political hacks that are paid to entertain.

“This mess is a result of nearly 30 years of conservative economic policy”
“Remember that Republican policies have caused the US Dollar to lose half its value in the last few years”

What the heck are you talking about? Remember what policy? I think republican bureaucrats stink just as much as the democrats and both have their fair share of bad policy. But don’t just make and unfounded statement like that expect it to hold. Especially on my sister’s blog!

Let’s not forget that since Regan the US economy has been the envy of the world. In the last 30 years we have seen unprecedented growth in our economy. You don’t know what will happen to the economy over the next 10 years so you can’t begin to critique conservative fiscal policy on historical information. We don’t know the future and based on the billions that are investing in the market; they think the future is not so bad.

The NASDAQ over the last twelve months is down what 7%?! Would I trade that for thirty years of annualized growth of 10.7%...Yes! Everyone talks about how bad the economy is. Yes it is bad, but lets be rational. Don’t just sit and make vague references and expect to be taken seriously.

At worst we are about to enter a period of “stagflation” (low economic growth with high inflation). Why will this happen? Not because of Bush. Not because of democrats. Not because of conservative principles (which are almost never executed). It’s because the world is flat! We are no longer the smartest, strongest, richest kids in the room. The US is not a growth story any more.

‘Democracy Lover’ if you actually think Bush is a major factor oil cost I want to introduce you to the largest monopoly in the world OPEC. They SET oil production. Don’t try and argue that breaking up a monopoly is causing higher prices.

I think Bush and the Republican Party stink, but what stinks worse is the poor arguments that presented against them. Bush has provided enough material for legitimate arguments to be made.

Democracy Lover said...

You are right, Salty One, there are no easy answers, no quick fixes, no magic bullets.

Given that this is still (allegedly) a democracy, we are to blame. We keep electing politicians because they sound good on TV, or because they agree with us on one or two "culture" issues. We keep believing the information we get from the mainstream media and keep spending more time and energy following our favorite sports teams than in saving our Republic.

Tom Quinn. said...

Last week some one broke into my car and stole my car stereo... that George W. Bush is a real thieving bastard.