Friday, May 30, 2008

Susan Sarandon Threatens to Leave the Country

Susan Sarandon threatensto move to Canada or Italy if Barack Obama doesn't get elected.

I've got 3 words for Ms.Sarandon: Like we care.


adam said...

Good for her. I hope she has the gumption to do it. Certainly has the $. I wanted to move to Canadia in 2000 (in 04 I was just hopeless), but I could never figure out how to pull it off.

Salt H2O said...

Whatever, she threatened to do it in 2000 too. I'm sick of actors thinking that leaving this country is some huge threat.

I can just see voters at the ballot box now:

"If I vote for Barack Obama, we'll have a president with no experience, but if I don't vote for him Susan Sarandon will leave the country! I better vote for him."

That One Guy said...

To which I reply, "umm, Susan WHO??"


Now, threaten full frontal nudity in her next film..... well, that's a different story altogether.

Hilary said...

Take your pal Tim Robbins with you. Now if Barrack doesn't win, we will have two things to celebrate.

crazy4danes said...

LOL....too funny! It kills me that Hollywood thinks that they can threaten us with that...who really cares! :D

I'm Crystal. said...

Is that a threat or a promise?
I've enjoyed perusing your blog. Insightful, funny, and full of truth.

JustRandi said...

I don't find a need to even study issues anymore. I just listen to what the celebs are doing and then I vote right along with them. What they say is so important and everything. ;)

davers said...

Is there a "Help Sarandon Leave" fund? Because I'd surely contribute.

Good riddance.

Reminds me of when Barbara Streisand said she'd leave the country if Bush was elected. What kind of ego thinks that's going to swing the vote.

Incidentally, she's still here.

Democracy Lover said...

It sure is easy to complain about celebrities isn't it? Instead of this kind of reflexive "good riddance", why not consider why she would say such a thing?

Could it be that in the last 7 years we have lost much of what made America great? We are now just another country where people can be thrown in jail without trial, another country that tortures, another empire that occupies other nations against their will, another nation with a huge gap between the very rich and the very poor. If we elect someone who will continue this trend for another 4 years, what will that say about us as a people? Will this be the kind of place you want your children to grow up in?

It's worth thinking about.

Salt H2O said...
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Salt H2O said...

"why not consider why she would say such a thing?"

Because Susan Sarandon is an ACTOR. If some one I held in esteme said that they would leave the country- I might consider why. But a woman who "hates Margret Thatcher?" sorry- I won't give it a second thought.

I find it ironic that she would want to move to Italy. She'd give up leaving the US to live under Silvio Berculoni? Another piece of evidence that Susan Sarandon doesn't know what the hell she's talking about.

At least Angelina Jolie made a trip to Iraq- before voicing her opinion.

Despite the things you may consider the 'evils of America' this is still the best damn country in the world to live in.

If you haven't noticed the biggest problem this country has is not people leaving it, it's people coming into it, by the thousands.

And the whining about the divide between the rich and the poor is bull. The very poorest in this country are far better of than some of the wealthiest people in other countries.

This is the only country in the world where the 'poor' are fat.

Robin said...

Salt h2o - you are awesome. I love when the debate monster comes out of your closet. I could listen to your arguments all day.

You should be on talk radio. Really.

Democracy Lover said...

Certainly you should not consider Susan Sarandon more important than anyone else because of her occupation. You should give her the same consideration as any other American, no less no more. The only difference here is that we know what Sarandon thinks because the media amplifies her comments - hardly a reason to hold her in esteem.

I wasn't aware of the Thatcher comment (not being a fan of celebrity "news"), but one can certainly understand why anyone would hate Thatcher's policies.

Yes, we can compare America to Haiti, or Zimbabwe or Iran or Guatemala and be thankful that we are better than they (reminds me of the prayer of the Pharisee in the Bible). What we should do is compare ourselves to what we could be, and to the ideals we cherish.

Rather than congratulate ourselves because our poor are obese from eating cheap fast food while those in other countries are emaciated, we should ask ourselves why the richest nation in the history of the world even has poor people.

about jenji said...

Valid points should not be endorsed by the self-righteous, self-involved actor.

Talk about giving Bill O'reilly easy ammo...

Maybe Sarandon could carpool with Sally Field and George Clooney?

blah blah blah. purge.


Steve said...

I DID leave the country after the last Bush election, living up to my promise (albeit not the whole term)! And if McCain wins, I can't wait to get out again! McCain talks in rhetoric circles. His speeches say as little or even less than Obama's! Once again, our "great system" leaves us choosing between the least of two evils.

Melissa said...

I agree with Robin. Not only do I read your blog, but I'd listen to you on NPR. :)

Salt H2O said...

I have a hard time empathising with many of the poor as I have a number of relatives on welfare- and have purchased a Wii, and talk about ways to maximize government funding.

My husband grew up in a family of 12, that lived in a 3 bedroom house. His parents married at 16 & 17. His dad worked 3 jobs, and owned a farm. Growing up they could have considered themselves poor, would have qualified for government help but refused to do so because they were able beings and were taught to provide for themselves.

I look at my husband's sweet dad, who had nothing more than a college education and the ambition to work and he provided for a family of 12. They shopped at thrift stores, they used carpet samples for insulation on their house, all the girls slept in the same queen bed- but they lived off the land and supported themselves.

He didn't become rich acording to the world's standards, but now they always have ice cream in their freezer, which to them means they are rich.

Our system provides aid to those that have fat dimond rings, to those that bought a house they couldn't afford, you can have a bran new car and get welfare. You can be on drugs and pick up a check.

I'm not completely hearless- but America's standard of poor is out of touch. From what I've seen personally the majority of those on government aid are lazy.

There are the stories of men and women who work hard to try to make ends meet and can't do so, that are plauged by hospital bills and have been robed of their retirement (ENRON)- and by no means is our country perfect- but name one country out there that does more for the poor of the world than the US-

I'm not saying that the system is perfect- but I'm saying that there are a lot of people in this country that gripe and moan with out seeing how the rest of the world lives.

Things can always be better. I agree whole heartedly. But the solution is education and opportunities to work, not hand-outs.

Salt H2O said...

Robin and Mellisa- I don't think I could fill more than 15 minutes of talk radio- but it's nice to know my relatives would listen!

Jenji- I thought George Clooney was smart when he told Obama that he'd do what ever he could to be elected- even if that was shuting up. I can't stand O'riely. He drives me nuts. He and Hannity give conservatives a bad name.

Where've you been? A number of very conservative posts have missed your liberal point of view!

I agree. I'm not happy with any of our options. I think I may write in Ron Paul. He's crazy- but I like him. If we get Obama in office, once our taxes hit the 40% mark and captial gains taxes get increased. We're leaving the country. (We've actually been looking for jobs overseas for a while now) This is no threat- merely self-preservation!

Vanilla Vice said...

"Could it be that in the last 7 years we have lost much of what made America great? We are now just another country where people can be thrown in jail without trial, another country that tortures, another empire that occupies other nations against their will, another nation with a huge gap between the very rich and the very poor. If we elect someone who will continue this trend for another 4 years, what will that say about us as a people? Will this be the kind of place you want your children to grow up in?"
-Democracy Lover

I don't want my kids to grow up in a society run by socialists who allow gays to marry (how untolerant!), hand out welfare checks instead of promoting self sufficiency and hard work, allow illegal immigrants to flagrantly break the law and then give them benefits normal citizens can't get, believe health care is a right and not a privilege and expect me to pay for it. I know, I seem so concerned with money...only because they're trying to legally steal it from me. I teach my kids not to steal.

Our society is being run by MTV, social networking sites, You Tube, and the liberal media. McCain would at least be a balancing force in our already "evil empire".

Steve said...

Don't you read MY blog? For shame, ha. I was on vacation and then busy with some house buying stuff. Still am.

Anyways, don't think moving out of the country will change your tax conditions. True, you get to claim about $75k as foreign earned income, but your capital gains and everything else will still be subject to your annual filing requirements to the IRS. Ron Paul is seriously the best option for your tax concerns. Plus, in most of these countries you may still have to pay into THEIR social tax structure, which makes ours look cheap!

Democracy Lover said...


Certainly there are poor people who cheat the system, or at least the cheated the welfare system back when we had one. There are also plenty of wealthy people who cheat the system, and don't get me started on corporations.

Again, the issue is not whether American poor people are poorer than those in the 3rd world, nor whether some people try to put things over on the system, regardless of their economic status. The issue is whether the world's richest nation should make the elimination of homelessness, hunger, and inadequate health care a priority over corporate welfare, unnecessary military spending, and tax cuts for the wealthy. I believe it should.

Vanilla, you are sadly misinformed about the objectives of the left wing of American politics - which is not socialist, by the way. If you think our society is ruled by MTV and YouTube, you are again sadly mistaken, as when you refer to the "liberal media", which is a fiction.

Salt H2O said...


I thought we could have a rational conversation until I read the line
'the "liberal media", which is a fiction'

That's like saying that talk radio isn't dominated by conservatives.

There is so much evidence of the obvious and tangible bias of the media that I'm not even going to attempt to bring it forth. If one can't be unbiased enough notice the painfulslant of the majority of media outlets- it's going to be difficult proving any ideas.

The liberal media is a fact- not a myth. As a registered democrat who contributed to Romney, voted for Obama that wished she voted for Clinton...a person who listens to NPR,watches CNN, Headline News, Local News and MSN... it's something that bugs the hell out of me.

But that's a thread for another day.

Democracy Lover said...

If you were a liberal, you would think it has a conservative bias. It's in the eye (or ear) of the beholder. There are groups (like FAIR) that have actually done studies analyzing the political bent of the pundits used by the networks and in virtually every case they are center-right to far right.

Admittedly there are a few liberal shows on the air: Bill Moyers, Now, Countdown with K.Olberman, etc., but most are either worthless or right-wing or both.

Of course, if you are talking about cultural issues, there is a bit more of a liberal viewpoint, but when it comes to the economy, war, taxes, social programs, etc., you would be hard-pressed to find a liberal show other than the ones I mentioned.

Salt H2O said...

To no surprise, I disagree. There is so much evidence to the contrary, but I'm weary of politics for this week. You have given me an idea for another post.

To sum up the conversation about the poor in the US versus the poor elsewhere (and not just in 3rd world countries) that's actually what this whole post was about. A foolish actor thinking that living in another country would be better than living in the United States.

That's where the comparables began.

Democracy Lover said...

The average working person or middle class family would be better off in most of Western Europe and Canada, so there's really nothing foolish about that.

Salt H2O said...

Prove it.

Democracy Lover said...

Of course, Salty One, it all depends on what we mean by "better off". There was that great 60 Minutes piece on Denmark and how they are the happiest nation and why. I have a blog entry on it from several months back.

By the way, here's an article you should read about the "liberal" media.

Salt H2O said...

I saw that same 60 minutes piece. What it boiled down to is the nation is homogenious with no ambition and extremely high taxes which pays for everything from healthcare to college.

Kind of the antithesis of principles this nation was founded on.

I have a feeling you and I have a far different opinion of 'better off'. My definition of 'better off' is the opportunity one has to improve their life- fiscally, educationally, spirtually, socially.

Interesting article- by no means does it negate what I've seen first hand, but it does put the war in an interesting light. Now, that the war is so terribly unpopular, why haven't we heard more about it? You'd think that during this election year with the Golden Boy running for president the Iraq war would be in the headlines daily. (When I found out this would be President has only been to the country we have been fighting a war in only ONCE for two days, has never met with our General- it wreaked of arrogance.) But people aren't talking about the war, they are mostly talking about gas.

Which is ironic, because the democrats that are so 'intent' on helping the poor aren't willing to give the middle class a break on gas because they want to save the owls. Oh yes, we love the middle class but we're not going to drill in the US for oil or natural gas while pursuing alternative energies because, well, oil is evil and we should buy it from other countries but not drill it ourselves. I think democrats like the environmentalists a bit more than the middle class.

And what about Kunich! Oh for the love of pete. We've got a lame duck president, it's a presidential year, we're in the middle of an oil crisis and you decide to waste congresses COSTLY time with an impeachment request that the majority leaders have already deemed not worth pursuing.

And California delcaring it an official drought- worse than 1991 due to not being able to get h2o from the deltas because some random fish that no one uses, or has heard of gets stuck in the filters and dies. So the fish is more important than the humans- so Californians can pay more for water. Save the fishes, screw the middle class.

I think that's it for my political rants today.

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