Friday, June 27, 2008

Link Love

Thanks to Adam who informed me of Blogspot's nifty new feature of an rolling updated blog roll- it's awesome. It shows the top 10 most recently updated blogs so it's easy to see when people like my brother update their blogs- since he only does so every 2 months.

If I have happened to have over looked an exceptional blog from my link list- please don't let me and my 6 readers go unenlightened, let me know and I'll link it in.

Fabulous Item of the Week- Southwest Airlines

Surprising that in this time of airline bashing that I would choose Southwest to be a fabulous item of the week.

I know some of you find my undying loyalty to Southwest Airlines surprising and even annoying- since it's unanimously decided that they have the most inconvenient boarding method on the planet however, few frequent travelers understand the virtues of Southwest. With my absolutely ridiculous travel schedule (3 round trip flights a week at times) Southwest has helped me maintain my sanity. I can't imagine dealing with any other airline for business.


1. Consistency in Pricing
If you need to book a ticket on Southwest the day before you fly you pay the same price you would have if you booked two weeks in advance.

2. No Fees for changing your flight
My travel plans chance hourly so the ability to change my flights at will with no cost is huge. I can change my flights as often as I want and there is no fee. In addition, I can cancel my flight and they will give me credit- in the EXACT same amount as the ticket purchased.

3. No fee for checked baggage

4. Ability to hop on an earlier flight with no additional fees.
Get the airport early and there is an earlier flight? You can fly on standby to get on that flight and you will not be charged.

5. The BEST frequent flier program EVER
8 Round trips you get a free ticket to anywhere Southwest flies. Considering I fly very short distances (SLC to Reno, SLC to Vegas and SLC to Boise) it would take literally 50 flights on Delta to get one free ticket.

No miles to calculate, it's easy to use and your flight schedule won't get changed at will because you were using your free ticket. It's almost the same as cash.

In addition, fly 50 round trips in a year you get a free companion pass for the next year. So every time you fly, you can take someone with you for FREE.

6. The boarding procedure is no big deal for Frequent Fliers or if you know how to use a computer
If you're a frequent flier you're always an A, if you check in online 24 hours before your flight, you're an A. That means you don't have to wait in line, sit in your seat until they start boarding the A boarding group untilthe majority of the A's have boarded to get on and then walk on last- behind the rest of the A's and before the B's. If you're an A- you'll always get the seat you want.

I complain often about companies I don't like- so it's about time I threw some LUV one company I really do like. Even if the flight attendants do give me a dirty look when I ask for the can of soda. At least they're not charging me 2 bucks for it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strategic Star Stalking

I did successfully stalk Enrique Iglesias, and Amy J hung with Micheal Jordan- but these unknown teenage boys are my new heroes (at least for the next 3 minutes)

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Great American Con

I just spent 4 days in Las Vegas- and I’ll be back next week for work. Every time I fly into Vegas I’m amazed: not by number of 40 something women who have raided their teenager's closet (leapord leggings are never appropreate, especially if you're pushing 50) nor by the fact that they make bootie shorts and tube tops in XXL, but in that thousands of people flock to this city in 110 degree weather, ready to throw their money at an industry that gives you nothing in return.

Vegas is synonymous with gluttony. Indulge yourself in Vegas while Vegas empties your wallet. Vegas plays upon human’s basest instincts, utilizing carnal greed and desire to separate you from your retirement fund. Americans can’t get enough.

Looking at the casinos is it really that challenging to figure out who’s winning?

Vegas is the great American Con. It's convinced people to visit the middle of the desert, take their money, and leave with nothing more than an STD- and yet they keep coming back for more.

Sadly, I spend a good portion of time in this city, luckily- I’m far too greedy to gamble.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Save the Fish, Screw the Farmers

California outlawed getting water from its deltas due to an endangered fish named shad living in them. Now California is in the middle of a drought, and who is going to pay for the shad?

The hard working farmers of America and of course,You and I. Good thing those liberals 'love' the working class.

California grows 80% of the nations produce. That produces is grown by farmers, that require water. This water shortage doesn't just mean that the state will have to take shorter showers, it means that the farmers are going to pay more for their water and get rationed. Already many farmers have been dramatically affected by this water shortage. (But don't worry about the shad, they can still have water for THEIR families) This also means, higher cost of produce for us all.

The hypocrisy of politics. This party that claims to be 'fighting for the working man' continues to push polices and practices that hurts the working man the most. What's a shad good for anyhow? How come the shad is more important that the life blood of our farming community?

Right now, what is the number one issue that is putting the crunch on the working class? What's making blue collar truck drivers lose money daily? Increase the price of food? That would be gas. And not surprisingly the majority of the United States supports drilling on US land for oil. But the 'party of the working man' seems to love the condors more than the working man, as it is a democratic congress that continues to block drilling for oil on US soil.

Why aren't Americans more upset that we are SITTING on millions and millions of gallons of oil, and fields of natural gas but our congress is too busy spending our tax dollars trying to impeach a lame duck president? But I digress, the issue at hand is that you can not please the environmentalists AND claim to be a hero to the working class.

One of our presidential candidates opposes US drilling which is reason enough not to vote for him, and evidence that he doesn't care as much about the working class as he does about his image...and the birds.

If it's yellow let it mello

I have a disgusting habit I attribute to growing up in the middle of a drought. I have a hard time remembering to flush. I think it's wrong to flush our waste with water fit to drink. You'd think by now more companies would be finding a way to use grey water to flush toilets but I could only find one- in the UK.

I'm sure some resourceful Californian will design as simple system for flushing as they are now officially in a worse drought than the nineties, thanks to the shad. Californians can no longer pump water from the deltas.

Growing up in a drought gave me some good habits as well. I can shower using less than a minute's worth of water and I always wash my car on the grass (that is if it gets washed...I figure never washing it is REALLY good for the environment). So be prepared if a large number of the toilets in this world go unflushed because we're going to have an entire state living by the mantra: "If it's yellow let it mellow if it's brown flush it down."

Monday, June 2, 2008

Disagree with me DANG IT!

At the age of 7 I was challenged about my religion by kids in my carpool. They didn't criticize, but they asked me to explain. In my 7th grade English class I remember the entire class questioning me about my beliefs about abstinence from sex and alcohol. This happened frequently though out my formative years- and I give these instances of my peers challenging me credit for my strong beliefs. At a very young age I had to find out if what I believed was true or not.

Now in my 30's it seems like either my friends agree with me or don't say anything at all. My two closest friends will disagree with me- and my family will disagree, but the rest? They hold their opinions to themselves.

I was hanging out with some good friends last weekend, one of which I know had very different political opinions, but when it came to politics he got silent.

Which got me thinking- why? Why is it that co-workers grow silent when we talk of world issues? Why is it that when I'm speaking with friends about political issues that either people agree or become mute?

My political opinions have changed IMMENSELY over the past year. I'm always open to new arguments. Heck, I voted for Obama and now I'm thinking the country would be better off with Clinton! (who am I?)

Call me a flip-flopper but if someone presents new evidence I'll evaluate that evidence and change my mind. I actually really enjoy it when people disagree with me and can be civil about it.

Is this just something I experience or does this happen to everyone? Am I the only one that likes discussing politics in the company of friends? Is it normal for people not to share their political opinions? Or am I just so terribly combatitive and offensive that few want to discuss such topics with me? Or, could it be- that I really AM always right and terribly convincing that I change the opions of all those I speak with.

It's got to be the last one.