Friday, June 27, 2008

Fabulous Item of the Week- Southwest Airlines

Surprising that in this time of airline bashing that I would choose Southwest to be a fabulous item of the week.

I know some of you find my undying loyalty to Southwest Airlines surprising and even annoying- since it's unanimously decided that they have the most inconvenient boarding method on the planet however, few frequent travelers understand the virtues of Southwest. With my absolutely ridiculous travel schedule (3 round trip flights a week at times) Southwest has helped me maintain my sanity. I can't imagine dealing with any other airline for business.


1. Consistency in Pricing
If you need to book a ticket on Southwest the day before you fly you pay the same price you would have if you booked two weeks in advance.

2. No Fees for changing your flight
My travel plans chance hourly so the ability to change my flights at will with no cost is huge. I can change my flights as often as I want and there is no fee. In addition, I can cancel my flight and they will give me credit- in the EXACT same amount as the ticket purchased.

3. No fee for checked baggage

4. Ability to hop on an earlier flight with no additional fees.
Get the airport early and there is an earlier flight? You can fly on standby to get on that flight and you will not be charged.

5. The BEST frequent flier program EVER
8 Round trips you get a free ticket to anywhere Southwest flies. Considering I fly very short distances (SLC to Reno, SLC to Vegas and SLC to Boise) it would take literally 50 flights on Delta to get one free ticket.

No miles to calculate, it's easy to use and your flight schedule won't get changed at will because you were using your free ticket. It's almost the same as cash.

In addition, fly 50 round trips in a year you get a free companion pass for the next year. So every time you fly, you can take someone with you for FREE.

6. The boarding procedure is no big deal for Frequent Fliers or if you know how to use a computer
If you're a frequent flier you're always an A, if you check in online 24 hours before your flight, you're an A. That means you don't have to wait in line, sit in your seat until they start boarding the A boarding group untilthe majority of the A's have boarded to get on and then walk on last- behind the rest of the A's and before the B's. If you're an A- you'll always get the seat you want.

I complain often about companies I don't like- so it's about time I threw some LUV one company I really do like. Even if the flight attendants do give me a dirty look when I ask for the can of soda. At least they're not charging me 2 bucks for it.


adam said...

I don't fly nearly as much, but I love Southwest as well. Especially after JetBlue tanked it.

I have to ask you though, with so many flights, do they repeat the same jokes when the plane lands? I just wonder if they really are that funny and extemporaneous, or are they reading those things off a preset list? :)

Salt H2O said...

Yes, everytime I fly into Las Vegas they call it Lost Wages. And nobody loves you or your money more than Southwest.

The singing flight attendants are the worst.

Sally said...

Ditto this. We love Southwest. Jason has had a companion pass for about 4 years, and SW makes traveling with 3 kids totally affordable.

When we move to LA Jason will almost completely stop traveling and we'll lose our companion pass & all the free tickets. Waaaaah.

I do think that for people who fly long distances, Southwest is not the ideal airline either for quality of flight nor quality of frequent flyer program. but for those of us who fly a lot, but not far, SW is the best!

Salt H2O said...

I totally agree. I have to fly from SLC to Nashville in two weeks on Southwest and I'm not looking forward to it- but the ticket was free so it's really hard to complain.

If I did more long distance travel I'd probably fly a more prestigeous airline for the First Class perks.

That's awesome that you had the companion pass..only if Southwest flew internationally!

JustRandi said...

I love Southwest, too! I was so happy when they finally started flights to Denver!

Britt said...

Yeah everyone keep flying kids need to eat. My husband is one of those pilots that you can never understand over the PA system but gets you safely to your destination. Thanks Kory for the plug.