Friday, June 20, 2008

The Great American Con

I just spent 4 days in Las Vegas- and I’ll be back next week for work. Every time I fly into Vegas I’m amazed: not by number of 40 something women who have raided their teenager's closet (leapord leggings are never appropreate, especially if you're pushing 50) nor by the fact that they make bootie shorts and tube tops in XXL, but in that thousands of people flock to this city in 110 degree weather, ready to throw their money at an industry that gives you nothing in return.

Vegas is synonymous with gluttony. Indulge yourself in Vegas while Vegas empties your wallet. Vegas plays upon human’s basest instincts, utilizing carnal greed and desire to separate you from your retirement fund. Americans can’t get enough.

Looking at the casinos is it really that challenging to figure out who’s winning?

Vegas is the great American Con. It's convinced people to visit the middle of the desert, take their money, and leave with nothing more than an STD- and yet they keep coming back for more.

Sadly, I spend a good portion of time in this city, luckily- I’m far too greedy to gamble.


Launchpad said...
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Launchpad said...

The irony of Vegas is impressive. It is located in the desert and sells a mirage of economic and carnal lust. And like a mirage, after you have consumed all of what Vegas has to offer, you realize you’ve been eating sand.

Unless you go to Blue Man Group—that show rocks!!!

f*bomb. said...

It's not gambling if you know how to WIN.
Duh, Kory.

Hill Family said...

I stumbled across your blog and loved reading all the posts so much that my husband actually went to bed BEFORE I did! I hope you don’t mind if I continue to peek in?
As for Vegas… I was raised in and am now raising my 4 kiddies in Sin City and I very much appreciate all the contributors to our pitiful schools! We need all the help we can get! Nevada is ranked 50th in the nation for education. Yes, last. So, don’t think of it as wasting hard earned money, think of it as a fun way to be of service and keep dropping that money- SOMEONE’S bound to get a payout, right? :)

Holly said...

The first part of your post made me laugh with the XXL tube tops! Why would you do that to yourself???

Salt H2O said...

Every time in townn I swear there is a shooting at a school. I don't think I could raise my kids there- you must be one tough cookie. However not paying state income tax is a great perk to living in Satan's Headquarters on the American continent.

I've got six loyal blog readers- I'm very happy to have you as a seventh :)

Seriously, why on earth would the makers of tube tops even make an XXL? It's a diservice to society. If the government wants to lay down some heavier regulations on private business for the greater good of society- I think they should start there.

crazy4danes said...

Great post! And the XXL comment...HILARIOUS! To me it seems like they are actually wearing a normal sized shirt that when worn by someone of their size becomes the oh so sexy tube top! :D

Britt said...

Brock hates flying there and I refuse to go anymore. I agree the Blue man group show rocks....I took Rian for his 16th birthday but the whole way from the airport I had to blind fold him.(ok I just wanted to).
People watching (which I like to do) is NOT enjoyable there.....because of those scary xxl tube tops. And even walking the streets you fear you are going to catch something.
Vegas will not ever get my money. I am sure there are some great people that live there but I will not support sin city.

Cameron said...

I had to spend 5 days there a couple of months ago. I hate it too. Las Vegas is a screaming fireball from Heaven waiting to happen.

Ben & Kimberly McEvoy said...

Amen to this post. Lived there for 6 months and felt like there were some great people. The mormons are honestly the only reason why this place hasn't burned to the ground already. Knew some great people. But saw so many people who were suckered into the lifestyle and had become a slave to some vice. The blind don't seem to be able to see the emptiness to the illusion that you and I see.


Steve said...

Ha, based on the comments on here, it doesn't sound any worse than any other city! haha.

Vegas doesn't have anything more than most cities do, it's just all concentrated (instead of one casino, there are hundreds!). As for gambling, f*bomb is right, it's only 'gambling' if you don't win. I've dabbled, not with a hope to 'get rich', just as something fun to do for an hour or so. It's kind of easy entertainment, but it's like a strip club, after an hour, it all starts to look the same. ;-)

Della Hill said...

I figured out one way to get back at the swamp of evil that is the LV strip.
You know those people who stand on the corner snapping together pictures of supposedly voluptuous and disease free girls and handing them to unprepared (or desperate) passersby?
[(snap, snap) "girls, girls, free pitures and phone numbers", (snap, snap)]
Next time I go, I'm gonna stand next to them with my own stack of cards.
It's gonna sound like this:
(snap, snap) "Free Book of Mormon" (snap, snap) "Call this number for a free video about family happiness" (snap, snap).
Whatcha think?